Krimson: There’s Not Enough Heels like This

I rarely write any stories that talk about the Indies in wrestling.  The closest one I talk about is Ring of Honor and the occasions where I take a shot or two at Marion Fontaine of PWO.  My years as a wrestling fan, I’ve always found the mysterious, dark, cryptic kind of heels to be the best ones because they more times than not can cut the best promos.  For a long time, I haven’t seen a heel do that since Raven in his ECW days during his feuds with The Sandman and with Tommy Dreamer.  There hasn’t been a good one like that since then in my opinion……..until now.  And it hasn’t come from WWE, TNA or even ROH.  It’s come from PWO and it’s the man known as “The Embodiment of Evil” that is Krimson.

The backstory on the guy is that he was for years known as Conrad Kennedy III or CK3.  He wrestled for years with that name and that during those years, seeing friends and others moving on to bigger things while he stayed exactly where he was, anger started to build up inside of him. An anger and a bitterness towards pro wrestling itself because after 10 years in the business, he had gotten nothing for it.  The anger and bitter jealousy drove him to insanity and the madness consumed him, claiming that CK3 was dead and that all that was left was Krimson.  Not even caring about winning titles, he only wanted to inflict pain and suffering to everybody else in wrestling, wanting everyone to feel his wrath, his pain and make it their own pain.

And much like Raven had the Flock, Krimson has his own group in the Dead Wrestlers Society in Gory and Kirst.  This past weekend, he sought to win the world title from current champion Jason Bane, not for the glory of being champion but to take away the goal that many sought in the company: The desire to be at the top.  And all of his promos, he ends it with “Krimson, like the mask.” It’s dark, cryptic and downright creepy and I love every single bit of it.

One of the best promos I saw Raven do during his days in ECW was where he was talking in a classroom where he was all by himself and then it zoomed out showing the chalkboards with the words “I Hate Dreamer” written all over them. To me, Krimson is a mix of Raven and Vampiro with promos filmed in black and white lighting and made for the sole intention to make the viewer’s blood run so cold that it turns to ice. The goal of the character and the promos is to leave the viewer looking at the guy and thinking any and all things that could be summed up as “This guy is out of his fucking mind” or “This guy is a psycho.”

WWE has never really capitalized on having characters like that and when they do, they fizzle out quickly or the character goes through some kind of change.   Characters like Papa Shango, Mankind (early years), Kane, and even The Undertaker has had multiple changes in his character.  When WWE had Raven, they never fully capitalized on him and what he could do, much like WCW did and TNA loosely had something with Raven but the problem is that unlike ECW, those companies are too timid to have characters like that, heel or face.  That is the thing that even though I don’t talk about the Indy leagues with the exception of Ring of Honor as much as I’d like to, I admire that they’re not afraid of trying things that the other companies are too shy and timid to try.

There have been a lot of comparisons with Krimson to Sting’s current direction in TNA right now or saying how both are just ripoffs of the Joker. I see that with Sting because while trying to be mysterious, there is still some comedic elements in Sting’s current persona at the moment.  Krimson has very little to no comedic elements in his character (Mostly none) and delivers more of a sinister appeal than to be this laughing comedic character.  Bottom line is that a character like Krimson, is a type of wrestling character that doesn’t come around often enough and that really shouldn’t be the case.  I don’t deny that characters like this aren’t without risk, but maybe that’s part of the problem with the business today is that the bigger name companies are too scared to take risks and be a little creative.  Cause all the while that the big dogs are being shy and timid, wrestlers like this in Krimson are being passed over. My advice to this guy: Keep doing what you’re doing because what he’s got with this character is golden.


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