The Bound For Glory series: Bound for Failure.

TNA has been conducting this little Bound For Glory series to determine a number one contender for the world title.  At first glance, I thought this may be an idea that could work, but then I remembered that this was TNA that I was talking about. They always seem to find a way to screw things up whether it’s trying to execute a storyline without making sure you had everything in order to do it or God knows what.  Looking at their currents stats for this thing, not much has changed.

Currently, these are the stats for the series following Hardcore Justice this past Sunday:

1. Crimson – 43 points

2. James Storm – 33 points

3. Devon – 30 points

4. Gunner – 28 points
    Bully Ray
    Bobby Roode

5. Rob Van Dam 25 points

6. Matt Morgan – 24 points, but out of the tournament due to injury

7. AJ Styles – 21 points

8. The Pope – 17 points

9. Scott Steiner – 14 points

10. Samoa Joe is minus 10 points

So, the biggest problem with this stupid series is that there is really only a few guys in here that people would buy as a contender for the world title, and yet TNA has buried most of them.  Guys like Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe (Especially Joe).  I’m leaving Matt Morgan out because he’s hurt, but really I just don’t see him holding that world title at least not now.  The Pope could have been a world champ at one point and probably should’ve won when he was a face and battling AJ Styles, but that didn’t happen.

Do I really need to go into Scott Steiner and why him even being in this thing is stupid as hell?  Seriously why is he even in TNA? He doesn’t win matches and anytime he wrestles in a match it’s just painful to look at.  Why? Because you find yourself looking back at how he was when he was one half of the Steiner Brothers, and then look at his transition when he started juicing himself up all the way up to what he is now.  Yeah he bulked himself up, but it cost him whatever skills he had when he was actually good. As for James Storm and Bobby Roode, they’re the tag team champions right now and if you really expect to just flip the switch and have them not only go singles wrestler but also world champion, keep dreaming because it’s never that easy.  As for Crimson, yeah he’s good but at the same time, the thought of him winning the world title within his first year in TNA is too early.

Speaking of getting pushed way too early, what about Gunner? He was a TNA security guy with Murphy, has tattoos and does a crappy F-5 and does this wide eyed pissed off look a lot.  What part of that is supposed to impress me?  He wins the TV title, I’d say back when the belt meant something but the truth is that the belt has not meant anything in TNA since it was brought in.  Then you have the guys formerly known as Team 3D/The Dudley Boyz, now known on their own as jut Devon and Bully Ray.  Neither of which I’m buying as a world champion and for different reasons.  Devon currently seems to be in a rivalry (I think) with The Pope that nobody can seem to figure out.  Then you have Bully Ray who just seems to do a half-assed, kind of retarded version of his old heel days in ECW.  He swings a chain around and yells at women, so what?  Given I give both of the two credit because they are in the best shape that anybody has seen them in, but they been in singles for almost a year and while Bully Ray has more of a character than Devon, the problem is that we’ve seen this kind of character and it’s just something re-hashed and recycled, so it’s like almost everything else we see out of TNA. And as for Devon, there’s nothing I can really say about his character or gimmick. He doesn’t have one for me to talk about.

Onto the guys who should be legit contenders, RVD has been the champ before and has never really had a legit chance to regain the belt he never really lost.  AJ Styles has been lost in the mix with the whole Immortal/Fortune war, but he knows how to carry the load as the world champion. He’s done it multiple times before in TNA.  There is no way that Samoa Joe should have negative points. What does TNA have against this guy? He can wrestle and is quick for a guy of his mass. He was undefeated for over a year and dominated the X-Division and put on some of the best technical wrestling we’ve seen in his matches with Kurt Angle.  So why is this guy at the bottom of the barrel? Is it shitty booking or does somebody in TNA have a big problem with Joe? Either way, I’m sick of seeing this guy lose and what TNA is doing in not pushing him is disgraceful and further proves that TNA is not utilizing their own talent like they should.

Picking out a believable number one contender shouldn’t be this hard, just as putting your focus on the younger guys like Joe, Daniels, Styles, Kazarian and others shouldn’t be this hard.  But what do you expect? It’s TNA being run by Bischoff, Hogan, Russo and a woman who seems to like throwing away money.


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