Raw Has Come Full Circle…..Back to Mediocrity

I’ve been patient with Raw in a lot of things, particularly in hoping that they’d fix all of Raw’s problems.  However, it seems like tonight’s edition of Raw was all over the place. I’m not gonna cover all of what happened on Raw but just cover the things that stood out the most for me.  Starting first with Triple H’s little addressing about Summerslam and what happened with John Cena, CM Punk and Kevin Nash.  We don’t even get a confrontation between Cena and Triple H.  That part was surprising and then you have Alberto Del Rio come out.

He comes out talking a big game and sporting the WWE Title which has no nameplate on it at the moment, talking about what kind of champion he wants to be, talking about beating up Rey Mysterio despite that we saw this feud on Smackdown already.  I remember when Mania was taking place that I was saying that Alberto Del Rio was not ready for a world title reign.  Looking back at it today, I still believe he’s not ready for it and that him having the belt right now is a mistake.  They’re pushing him all the way to the top just like they did with JBL and I didn’t like that one either.  If anything, all his promo really did was demonstrate the limitations that Del Rio seems to have.

There is so much that I could say about The Miz and his segment where he basically gave Subway a plug.  Is this really what the Miz has come down to? From headlining Wrestlemania to plugging the sponsors in an in-ring segment?  No new feud, no going after a belt or anything. He just plugs Subway and eats a sandwich right in the ring.  Is the WWE punishing the guy? Is this what Vinny Mac had in mind when he said that this guy was the future and had big plans?

As much as I love Kelly Kelly, I think Natalya and Beth Phoenix have it right about the whole “stink face” thing.  Look the only time that move mattered was with Rikishi and at least when it was done back then, it was a fresh idea and it was funny. Now, when I see the Divas doing it or Knockouts, I’m left thinking “I don’t know what the hell to say about this.” However I will say that with Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the Divas of Doom, I’m liking this. I’m liking this story and I like that Natalya and Beth are actually being used and shown as Divas that can actually wrestle.  It should be interesting to see where this one goes.

It was weird for me to see Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne not on the losing end. Don’t get me wrong because I’m thankful for it.  The Nexus’ new theme music is bullshit. It’s godawful and I don’t like it.  As for would I be for Kofi and Evan getting the tag titles? I’m all for Evan Bourne getting any of the belts at this point. He’s been there long enough and there is a lot more to both him and Kofi Kingston than what the WWE is using them for.  Give these guys their damn chance already.

In terms of Kevin Nash and CM Punk, I don’t know if I really want to see this match. I mean when Nash joined in for PWO Wrestlelution, that was different. That was to help Aaron Draven kick the crap out of an obnoxious skinny loudmouth with bad facial hair. The exchange of words between the two, seemed to me like Nash was a bit rusty and that Punk was kinda owning him in that part. Punk should have gone after Del Rio but we all know that John Cena is gonna fight him.

Speaking of John Cena, everytime you get him in a good segment, you get some killer energy on that microphone when he was delivering his promo. I was still sore about not seeing him confront Triple H, but I loved all that he was saying about Del Rio. Basically he was calling him a fluke champion who didn’t deserve the right to be called champion because he hadn’t earned it.  This is the strength of John Cena and a part of me can’t help but wonder what his character could have been in the Attitude Era and without having to please a PG audience. And before anyone says how he can’t wrestle or does only a few moves, so did Hogan, Warrior and Austin and nobody complains about them. Because they were able to deliver in other areas that counted like the microphone.

So it looks like John Cena vs Del Rio is all but official.  Personally I rather see Punk vs Del Rio but it seems the WWE is hellbent on something involving Punk and Nash. Bottom line is come on, WWE was starting to get some sparks going and it looked like things are looking up.  Please WWE, Please Vince and Please Triple H, don’t start getting lazy again and keep up the momentum.   Otherwise, it’s just gonna look like we were better off with Vince.


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