Follow-Up on the Kevin Steen interview

If there is anything that I can take in my interview with Kevin Steen, it’s that the title of “Mr Wrestling” that he carries has a whole new meaning in my eyes and it’s not just about his skills and what he can do in the ring. It represents a lot more than just in ring skill and represents a mentality and will that isn’t seen enough in most pro wrestlers these days.

In regards to him saying how he has no desire to go to TNA or WWE and that he’s happy with where he is right now, I admire and respect that a great deal.  A while back I wrote an article talking about the strive to make it to the “Big Leagues’ or making it to the big time.   In his answer about how he’s fine with not getting offers from TNA or WWE and is fine with where he is, it shows that for a man such as Kevin Steen, being able to wrestle in front of crowds, do what he does for the sake of the profession that he carries a passion for in pro wrestling, THAT is making it to the big time. There’s no glitz, glamour, titantrons, pyrotechnics, or guys trying to tell you to call yourself a “Superstar” or an “Entertainer” as opposed to a wrestler.  Kevin Steen is a wrestler plain and simple and it’s what he does and he clearly doesn’t want to label himself as anything else other than what his profession is.  WWE may be trying to hide what they are and/or forget what they are, but Steen is somebody who hasn’t forgotten that he’s a wrestler, nor will he regardless of whatever is offered by either of the two companies.

To me, the name of “Mr Wrestling” represents more than just in ring skill.  It represents somebody whose skills in the ring are only matched by the passion he has for the sport of pro wrestling.  The honor, the discipline, the respect and the very art form of pro wrestling is what he represents when he goes out into the ring to perform in front of people and he does it because he loves the business.  While others have chosen the road most taken and gone to the bigger companies, he stays because he chooses to be himself and to never compromise or sacrifice that.  When looking back at the career of Kevin Steen, he will go down as one of those that neither of the “big league” companies could acquire and from what I’ve seen in my years of watching wrestling, those types of wrestlers always go down as the kind of greatness, of legends.


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  1. This was great, however, I believe if he gets an offer though he will take it. He sounds like a lot of superstars that say that they are not worried about the big leagues, but let the WWE call him, he will be on the first plane smoking!

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