Interview with “Mr Wrestling” Kevin Steen

This week I have a special treat for you guys.  In my first interview on The Shark Attack, I was privileged to have a chance to interview a man who is gunning for everybody in Ring of Honor and at the “Best in the World” PPV, made his presence known when he delivered a package piledriver to Steve Corino. I’m talking of course about Mr Wrestling himself,  Kevin Steen.

The Shark:  Your feud with El Generico has been considered the best feud of 2010.  The feud lasted nearly one year.  You proved that long rivalries can still work in wrestling, why do you think that they’re not done as often as they are?

KEVIN STEEN:  The feud actually lasted exactly a year. I think all it comes down to is lack of trust in the performers themselves. I know plenty of wrestlers who have great minds and could develop stuff like this but aren’t given the chance. I was lucky enough to work with someone (Adam Pearce) who was open to ideas and was willing to give the guys involved in the feud enough room to make this special. He trusted us.

The Shark:  The feud ended with a non-sanctioned street fight.  Was this the planned finish for the feud and do you feel this was the only way that the feud could end?

KEVIN STEEN: That was the only way, absolutely.

The Shark:  Prior to that feud, you held the tag team titles.  Was there more that you wanted to do in tag team wrestling that you didn’t get to do during that time?

KEVIN STEEN:  I wish our run could have been memorable and it sure as hell wasn’t. The night we won the belts was incredible…and then the next night we were both in singles matches. The next set of shows we didn’t defend them. We had a decent run with the Wolves based on the tag belts but I think we could have done a lot more, for sure.

The Shark:  The fans have been more than vocal in wanting to see Mr Wrestling return to ROH and even after Jim Cornette proclaimed at the Best in the World iPPV that you’re banned from ROH, the fans still remain vocal in wanting you back in ROH. How much does that mean to you?

KEVIN STEEN: It means a lot. I think it’s painfully obvious that ROH needs someone like me there and if they want to stay in denial that’s fine. I won’t be denied though. They have to suffer and I will make them.

The Shark: The piledriver has always been a classic move in wrestling that over the years has had controversy of some kind behind it.  Your variation in the package piledriver is one of the most brutal looking of them all. How did you come up with it?

KEVIN STEEN:  Just trying stuff out on poor souls at the wrestling school I was training at back in 2003. Back then I would spend 4-5 hours a day, 3 times a week in a ring, just wrestling, trying things, training.

The Shark: Over the years, a lot of guys have left ROH and gone elsewhere in guys like Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness and the Kings of Wrestling who are rumored to be heading to the WWE.  How do you deal with the temptations and offers from the other companies like TNA or WWE?

KEVIN STEEN: I have no offers and that’s perfectly fine. I was very happy in ROH. I’m even going to go as far as saying that I’m the only person in ROH that wanted to stay there forever. Don’t get me wrong, every wrestler in ROH loves it but they all want to get to WWE eventually, or go to Japan or whatever. I don’t. ROH is where I wanted to be, for however long my career was going to last. But instead of embracing that, they have tried to make me out to be a cancer to their company.

The Shark:  Of those guys mentioned above, who is somebody that you would love to have another match with?                                                                                                                  

KEVIN STEEN:  All of them really. Nigel and Tyler, I had great matches against both. Highlights for me when I look back at my career so far, and I’d love to work with them again. And Bryan, I feel I never had the chance to have a true classic like I’m sure we could have and like he’s had with so many opponents before.

The Shark:  Regarding the topic of dream matches, who is somebody either in WWE or in TNA right now that you’d love to have a match with and why?

KEVIN STEEN: I honestly can’t say I have a dream match with anybody on those rosters. But if we talk about retired wrestlers, of course, I’d love to get a chance to wrestle Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin because they, along with Steve Corino, are the guys that I idolized growing up.

The Shark:  The day comes where you return to Ring of Honor, who would be the first guy you’d want to wrestle? Do you want to settle an old score with El Generico or are you done with him?

KEVIN STEEN: If I go back there, I’m taking everyone out.

The Shark:  And last question is for all those who are voicing their opinions on Twitter, demanding your return, what would you like to say to all your supporters who are just screaming for a TV return of Kevin Steen?

KEVIN STEEN: Keep screaming. Scream louder. Disrupt the shows if you have to. They have to suffer.

A big thank you to “Mr Wrestling” Kevin Steen for taking the time for this interview.


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