One Hardy down, One to Go

So, in light of Matt Hardy getting arrested for a DWI charge, TNA has dropped the hammer on Matt Hardy and fired him.  Reportedly, TNA has said that he was already under suspension from the company which explains why none of us have seen the guy in a long time.  Well, looks like leaving WWE and joining up with his brother in TNA was well worth it.  I’d say that at least Matt Hardy had accomplished a lot during his tenure in TNA, but he really didn’t. He had a match with Rob Van Dam and a tag match with “Wildcat” Chris Harris against Beer Money.

I’m not saying that this was the cause, but all I’m saying is that ever since he came to TNA, nothing good has happened in terms of anything linked to the Hardy name.  His brother was at one point the world champ and the focal point of the Immortal stable.  They bring his brother in and he comes in like he has some chip on his shoulder and even going as far as to call himself “Cold Blooded” but really his personality that went along with that gimmick was more like a cold dead fish. Plus, the addition of Matt Hardy to Immortal is one of the gripes I’ve had about the group for the last couple of months.  I was the one that said that throwing in Bully Ray and Matt Hardy and Scott Steiner into the group was as if to say any asshole could join Immortal, even the ones that are no damn good.

If you think that I’m going to give TNA any props for dropping the hammer on Matt Hardy and wasting no time in doing it, think again.  I’m not give them props for this considering the fact they’ve yet to do a damn thing with Jeff Hardy. The guy hasn’t been seen since the infamous PPV incident and yet he’s neither been suspended or fired.  So no, I will not give them props but rather I’ll call TNA gutless considering that they’ll fire one Hardy but not the other.  Than again, isn’t it Dixie Carter’s reputation that she’s too timid to fire anybody? I mean hell, Russo is still there and so is Scott Steiner, only God knows why.

The only thing I don’t want to see is Matt Hardy try to cover his tracks and say how everything is fine when clearly things are not. Prior to this, he hadn’t been on TNA Impact for months, the same can be said for his brother.  Rumor is he was claiming it was some kind of illness that was his reason for not being there and yet TNA claims that he’d been suspended.  Well, I guess suspension is one hell of an illness, isn’t it? I heard that if it’s not treated, you can catch a pink slip along with it.

It is sad that two guys that are known as one of the most recognized tag teams in the last 20 years has been reduced to this.  Jeff Hardy has been to court almost as many times as Ric Flair won the world title and it seems like ever since the infamous love triangle incident involving Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita, Matt Hardy has never been able to rebound.  We all know there is no way in hell the WWE is gonna take him back.  He burned the bridge pretty good his last go-round and the longer Jeff Hardy stays out of a wrestling ring, the more it looks like his career is done. So, it seems that Matt now joins his brother on the downward spiral.  The sadder truth is that I don’t think this tragic saga that is the career of both Hardy Boys is over.


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