“Bow Down to the Prince, Fools!” Interview with Prince Nana

What is up, People? Sean Williams, “The Shark of Wrestling” coming at you. This week I had the privilege and honor to interview a man of royalty who has managed many names including one of the most dominant up and comers in Ring Of Honor in Tomasso Ciampa. He is the leader and ruler of the Embassy and the crown prince of ROH. I’m speaking of course of Prince Nana.  Here is how it went down:

THE SHARK: First question I want to ask you refers to the new ownership and new deal for Ring of Honor with Sinclair Broadcasting.  What was your reaction when you first the news regarding ROH’s new ownership?

PRINCE NANA: I was excited. Not many times do people get to be apart of something big in history like I have. From the birth to the sale to the mega corporation Sinclair Broadcast Group.

 THE SHARK: Throughout the years in wrestling, we’ve seen many different managers in pro wrestling. Who were some of your favorites growing up prior to entering the wrestling business?

PRINCE NANA:  Bobby The Brain is defiantly one of the top guys I did enjoy. To be honest with you I wasn’t a big Manager Fan. I started out as a wrestler and eventually tried the management side of this and enjoyed it. Now here I am.

THE SHARK:  We’ve seen Ring of Honor show it believes in certain aspects that companies like TNA and WWE have forgotten such as tag team wrestling and the role of the manager.  We’ve seen a few of them in guys like yourself, Truth Martini, Shane Hagadorn and the late Larry Sweeney. How would you best describe ROH’s stance on the importance of the managerial role and showing it’s still alive and kicking?

PRINCE NANA: Just based on the longevity of Prince Nana in the wrestling business is a testament to what ROH can do for your career. All these new managers have to be grateful that I have paved the way for them to have work.

THE SHARK:  The Embassy has seen many names added to the group. Names such as Jimmy Rave, Necro Butcher, Shawn Davari, Erick Stevens, Bison Smith, all the way up to now with Princess Mia, and Tomasso Ciampa.  Who is somebody whether from Ring of Honor or anywhere else that you yourself would love to add to the Embassy and why?

PRINCE NANA: I’m a big fan of ANX (All Night Express). I would love to manage them and take them to the next level after they prove themselves just a little bit more. Other then that, they are on the money.

THE SHARK:  There have been other names that were associated with the Embassy in Dave Taylor and of course Rhino, whom you had brought out to wrestle Homicide at the “Best in the World” iPPV.  Are they members of the Embassy or were they a trial basis?

PRINCE NANA: They are affiliated and on the payroll with the Embassy on a case by case basis. But you never know, I might decide to bring them in full time in the near future. For now, the focus is my project.

THE SHARK:  You’ve seen your share of both sides in wrestling from being an in-ring competitor to being a manager.  Looking back at when you were starting in wrestling to yourself in the present, would have ever guessed back then that you’d be manager to a long list of wrestlers?  Do you prefer being a manager as opposed to wrestling in the ring or is it the other way around?

PRINCE NANA: I love wrestling. It’s like breathing to me. I wrestled for ten years before I became a manager and I feel lucky to still be able to get in there and kick butt. However, I love making other people stars, so being a manager is fulfilling as well.

THE SHARK:  Over the years, it seems like the line between Face and Heel in wrestling has become blurred. You see the guys who years ago would get heat from the crowd, now getting cheered for by the fans.  Why do you think that is that the crowd who would once boo the bad guys now root for them? Do you believe that to some extent it has become harder over the years to gather heat or that nothing has changed?

PRINCE NANA:  It’s harder now because the business has been so exposed and UFC is around. Fans want to see a fully athletic contest these days. In Pro Wrestling if you wanna be around, you must, must know how to wrestle. Back in the day it was a two way street, you either knew how to wrestle or talk. Now it’s both. But more wrestling skill is a must to be in ROH or The Embassy.

THE SHARK:  Everyone has one match that stands out the most for them or at least a few matches that stand out as an all-time favorite.  What is one match that you watched growing up that is in that category?

PRINCE NANA: You already know. Wrestlemania Eight in Indiana. What a showcase that whole show was. I still think that’s one of the best manias ever cause of Flair vs Savage.

THE SHARK:  Last question I have for you is to the premiere for Ring of Honor currently set for September 24th.  Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans, fools (including the fat one that gives you problems in the crowd) on what they can expect in the future from yourself as well as the Embassy?

PRINCE NANA:  This is gonna be one of the biggest runs in the history of my career at ROH. It’s been over 5 years since we have had a title and I’m confident the fools in the ROH office will finally sign the bigger matches that The Embassy has requested. In due time, the whole wrestling world will realize why we sing “We in da money.” Thanks you fool.

Ring of Honor wrestling will return to TV on September 24th. Check your listings to make sure you’re able to get ROH.  Big thank you to Prince Nana and looking forward to see what he, The Embassy and the rest of ROH bring to TV in September. 


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  1. Great read i must say, well done on getting these high profile names on your site for interviews.

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