Alberto Del Rio: Money in the Bank winner, WWE Champion, and not buying into him at all.

Okay so Alberto Del Rio was brought in and has been with the company for almost a year.  He won the Royal Rumble and came up short of winning the belt at Mania.  He was denied again when he lost to Christian at Extreme Rules.  He won Money in the Bank and cashed in at Summerslam and is now the WWE Champion.  You buying this guy as a legit champion? No?  Good because neither am I.

Ever since John Bradshaw Layfield was pushed in singles after his APA days were over, he was pushed all the way past the mid-card and to the world title picture,  I’ve never understood what jackass in management thinks doing this is a good idea.  I remember with JBL beating Eddie Guerrero for the belt, all I could think was “I knew Eddie would lose the belt some time, but it had to be this guy that did it?” And yeah I know Del Rio won Money in the Bank and any guy that’s gotten their hands on that case has cashed in and won the belt. But not all of them were exactly gems and if you need an example, I got two words for you: Jack Swagger.

Seriously, when Swagger was the world champ, it was boring as hell and when he cashed in, all anyone could think was “They let Edge lose to Jericho at Mania so that this jackass could win the belt?”  You had to have this guy try and still look like a credible champ against Rey Mysterio and Big Show and it just didn’t work. When he finally lost the belt, you could just tell that WWE Creative was thinking “What the hell were we thinking?” They probably had to get the belt off of him thinking that if they didn’t, Vinny Mac was gonna have their legs broken.

In other examples, you had CM Punk’s first cashing in which wasn’t a bad deal, but the problem is he never lost the belt. He had to “give it up” because Randy Orton and Legacy laid his ass out.  And then in the case of The Miz, problem there is that yeah he won the belt and it helped elevate the guy but you didn’t see him beat guys on his own or at least credible ones.  And of course there was when Ken Anderson/Kennedy won it but because of injury, never got to cash it in and Edge took it from him.

The thing that I don’t get is that everybody seems to call Del Rio some kind of mat technician.  Last I saw, this guy was nowhere close to the caliber of guys like Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle.  Yeah, he has a cross armbar submission, so what? You get a guy like Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson and I guarantee that the guy could do that hold with his eyes closed. Then there’s his “Personal Ring Announcer” and that is something that has never caught my eye or made me interested in a wrestler. I always thought any guy or guys that did that was just plain stupid.  All it is really is nothing more than a living prop and nothing more.

Then you have tonight and the alleged “Raw Super Show” which leaves the question that if they’re doing this, then why have a brand extension anymore but that’s a topic for another time. This was the first of the Raw Super Shows and yet, the champ was nowhere to be found. I already read what it said in that he was renewing his work visa. You know if you got the guy with the belt, you’d think you would have him do it a lot sooner than tonight. I mean you had Smackdown’s world champ on the show, you might as well have the other one. All it’s doing is leaving you to wonder if the WWE really has any faith in this guy as champ or if they just see him the same way that we see Alberto Del Rio: A transitional champion.

In short, Alberto Del Rio only has a couple moves in him, has the gimmick of being a cocky, rich guy complete with promos that we’ve all seen one too many times. In terms of his ring skills, all that I’ve seen is a cross armbar and enziguri and nothing else. I wouldn’t be surprised if John Cena walks out with the belt at Night of Champions and neither should anybody else because at this rate, I see Alberto Del Rio’s reign as WWE Champion being less memorable than Jack Swagger’s as World Champion……But you already knew that.


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  1. Still dont get why they took the belt out of the Cena vs Punk feud, to give it to him. Makes no sense, and he’s doing the title no favours, he really isnt believable as a world champion.

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