Come Correct When You Cross This Shark.

When I started writing on here, I said you can either agree or you can disagree with what I say. I don’t care which it is and even I knew I would get a couple of haters along the way.  Mike Killam is one, Madden I dislike greatly and then today I came across THIS little gem of stupidity regarding my bashing of Hulk Hogan in TNA.  A goofy little number named Shannon who actually said this to me regarding it: 
I don’t know a lot of people that are true wrestling fan’s that hate wrestling to the point they bitch about TNA and if it’s not TNA it’s WWE. If you think either show is boring you should’ve been around for Stampede wrestling “NOW” that was boring. Chance’s are let me guess Shawn Williams is probably 20 to 27 and hasn’t seen any bad wrestling promotion in his life prior to Raw is War and WCW Nitro period. If you hate TNA why watch it? If you hate WWE why watch it? Quit being lazy and change the channel. If you or anyone else could do a better job why not apply to TNA or WWE get a job in writing storylines cause frankly this one sucks.
First off, honey,  if you’re gonna put caps and quotations around part of a sentence, make sure you get the right one.  Second, I watched USWF,  AWA, NWA and Stampede and yes, I found them boring but it was a different time in wrestling.  Third, why do I watch if I hate it? It’s called being a critic, dumbass!!! Maybe you’ve heard of them, it’s the same people that review movies, books, TV shows, etc.  Also, if you’re gonna rag on my ass, try actually spelling my name right, jackass.  Oh, and as far as why not apply for TNA or WWE and saying quit being lazy and changing the channel, really?  Is THAT really what you’re going to throw at me, bimbo? You want to go hater on me, that’s your call but if you’re gonna talk smack to me, you better do a lot better than that or just waste somebody else’s time, sweetheart.  Cause I’m not going anywhere and if WWE or TNA or ROH or any other form of wrestling has something happen, I’m gonna write about it whether you like or not.  The only thing worse than a hater is a stupid hater.  Sweet dreams, sweetheart.  NEXT!!!!!!

Jimmy Uso Arrested for a DUI

Jimmy Uso, one half of the WWE’s Uso Brothers, was arrested for a DUI charge. According to reports, Uso whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, was arrested at 3 am this morning after police saw him driving on the wrong side of the road. In addition to that, reported that Uso’s blood alcohol level was .180, double the legal limit of .08 in the state of Florida.

Am I the only one getting sick of things like this happening? How many stories linked to alcohol or some kind of substance problem have we seen this year alone? Whether it be guys like Alex Riley, Kurt Angle or the Hardys, we’ve seen some story like this take place. Of course in the case of guys like Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy, little to nothing happens due to their main event status on the roster.  For somebody like Uso, this leaves no room for error because in most situations, the higher ups would have no problem in dropping a low level guy from the roster altogether for something like this.

Now does this mean I put Jimmy Uso in the same category as either Matt or Jeff Hardy? Not even close.  If anything, it’s just sad and disappointing that this had to happen.  Primarily because I happen to like the Usos as a tag team and with the WWE starting to give some attention back to the tag team division again, I figured that this was going to lead to a possible tag team title run for the Jimmy and Jey Uso.  But of course, that was all before this happened so right now, good luck trying to get that to happen.

With all these incidents taking place, we need to see something done within wrestling companies like WWE and TNA.  Well, probably more of a chance of that with WWE than with TNA.  The words TNA and Discipline go together just as well as the words “wrestling matters.” The big question though is what is the WWE gonna do about this?  Do they suspend Uso since it was a first offense or do they go past that?  For both Jimmy and Jey Uso, I’m hoping that it’s just the suspension because if not and Jimmy gets fired, then the Usos will be nothing more than a team that got split up and fell apart before they could become something big.

Austin Aries, X-Division Champion: The Only Thing TNA has Done Right in Months.

The X-Division is not what it used to be and I can promise you that you won’t find a whole lot of people that would disagree.  Over the last few months, TNA has given a little more focus on the division than what we’ve seen in the last year or two which included bringing in a lot of stars, despite minimal to no effort in signing others that they should’ve signed (Low-Ki, Jack Evans, etc.) but luckily they got it right by picking up Austin Aries.  Then they had Aries defeat Brian Kendrick and become the X-Division Champion.

Aries as the champ of that division is the right call.  You don’t have enough characters in that division.  The last time the X-Division was in prominence, it was when you had a perfect triangle as the focal point in AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe.  Prior to Aries and Kendrick, you had Abyss as the champ as if TNA really expected the crowd to like this move and before that, aside from Kazarian, you had a guy that looks like Jersey Shore reject hold the belt at one point. Those things being pointed out, how can anybody really say that having Aries with the belt is worse?  It’s not worse, why? Because worse was when you put it on Abyss.  Worse is having Brian Kendrick with a gimmick that makes sense to nobody and gets confusion from the crowd as opposed to cheers.  Aries with the belt makes him the top heel in the X-Division and leaves the crowd hungry to see somebody take the belt off of him.

I’m honestly hoping that Aries gets a lengthy title reign as the champ.  Before him, two lengthy X-Division Championship reigns that come to mind were Christopher Daniels and Petey Williams.  Daniels held the belt for 6 months, breaking the 5 month record that Petey Williams had.  Both were great because at the time Daniels was a heel and Petey when he had the belt was a heel and part of the despised stable Team Canada.  We haven’t seen anybody that shined as a top heel in the X-Division in some time.  After those two, you had Samoa Joe for the fact that he tore through everybody because he was that good and felt nobody could match him in the X-Division.  They tried to make Sonjay Dutt one with his stupid Guru gimmick, that didn’t work.  Robbie E., well, did anyone really take that character seriously because I didn’t.  The crowd booed him all right, but only because they thought this was the stupidest thing TNA had done with the division since that stupid Jackass parody with Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.  You’d have figured TNA would have learned not to try and copy something out of MTV after that one, but no because that’s how we got stuck with Robbie E. and Cookie.

Aries knows how to be the cocky, arrogant, hotshot kind of heel as he got a lot of practice during his tenure in ROH and being the only 2 time world champion.  I happen to like the amount of ego he puts into the character and always referring to himself as A-Double.  It works and adds some flair to the X-Division, something it’s been lacking for quite a long time. Now that the division has a top heel in Aries, all you need is to establish a top face for the Division.  You had that once with AJ Styles, but he’s gone way above and evolved past the X-Division, same goes for Joe and Daniels.  So now it leaves TNA having to create a new face for the division. Kendrick could be it if you actually give him a good gimmick. You need to do something with Alex Shelley since Chris Sabin is hurt, give the guy something to do before we see a reunion of the Motor City Machine Guns.  Right call by making Aries the champ, but now TNA has to find a way to capitalize on it.

Hell in a Cell is this Sunday. Let Me Know When it’s Survivor Series

I’ve already tackled this topic once before, but with Hell in a Cell looming around the corner and taking place this Sunday, I feel I should take another swing at it.  We just got through with Night of Champions and while it wasn’t a terrible PPV, it wasn’t a great one either.  There was no shock value, the booking was terrible to the point where there were a lot of parts that seemed like a mess.  So what’s the WWE’s solution?  Have another PPV take place 2 weeks after NOC.  Is there anything more half-assed or anything stupider than a PPV that takes place two weeks after we just had one?

One problem I have with the PPV is the WWE Title match between Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and CM Punk.  Look, I was one of those that hated Del Rio as champion so much that I was begging for Cena to win at NOC.  However, if you were just gonna have another title match two weeks later, why even bother having Del Rio drop the belt? Yeah, I’m perfectly aware of what I’m saying here, but seriously, if Del Rio was gonna drop the belt anyway, than what’s another two weeks? Hell, if anything, it might’ve actually made Del Rio as champion seem somewhat interesting by throwing in Punk in the mix.  It couldn’t possibly make it any worse.

As for Mark Henry winning the world title from Randy Orton, it had to happen but now you’re left with a bigger problem. If Orton beat Henry at NOC, it’d damage the cred to Mark Henry’s character and all the momentum put into it for the last couple months.  However, you’re still running that risk if you have it that Henry wins at NOC but drops the belt two weeks later to Orton at Hell in a Cell.  Even if Randy Orton loses, he can rebound from it.  Right now, Smackdown has finally established a good heel character in Mark Henry to be at the top spot, something that it needed after the overuse that the WWE Universe has gotten in Randy Orton vs Christian for the belt.

The biggest problem with this PPV other than rushing storylines together is the fact that it defeats the purpose of why you had the last PPV in the first place.  As mentioned earlier, why bother having Del Rio drop the belt when he and Cena were gonna wrestle again in some fashion two weeks later? If you want this to work, you have to have the PPV stand out on its own and not look like just a continuation of what NOC was to begin with.  The wiser move would be to just leave October as a free month and prep up for Survivor Series, but that’s too much of a logical move for the WWE to actually do and thus they won’t do it.  The best that we can hope for is that Hell in a Cell doesn’t end up being a catastrophe like Over The Limit was earlier this year.

Jerry Lawler Injured on Raw. Are You Happy, Vince?

By now, everybody knows about Jerry Lawler being hurt following taking a World’s Strongest Slam by Mark Henry.  Top that off with the fact that it wasn’t so much the slam that hurt him, but the fact that the gimmicked table that should’ve given way wasn’t gimmicked prior to this.  I’m starting to think that the only thing that’s more risky than working in a WWE ring is working for Vince McMahon himself.  For years, Sting refused to ever take an offer from the WWE and Vince McMahon. Looking at all the track records of incidents that have happened in the WWE, is it any wonder why he won’t?

Back on the subject at hand, Mark Henry was reportedly pissed about this and I don’t blame him.  Like him or hate him, this guy is in the top spot and he’s worked his ass off to get there. The last thing he wants is to jeopardize it and I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it if he knew that the table wasn’t rigged like it was supposed to be.  Especially in the case of a guy like Mark Henry who has worked as hard as he has to shake the image of being “injury prone” both to himself and guys around him.  When he was partly responsible for getting Batista hurt, that was a huge black eye for him, one he’s tried to shake off.  I’m sure that injuring a 61 year old man is not something he wants to be known for either.

As for whoever was supposed to set that table up and didn’t do it, I got two words of my own for you: Pink Slip!  Why? Because that’s exactly what this numb-nuts deserves to get is unemployment.  But, for all we know, this is how Vinny Mac gets his rocks off is humiliating those that work for him. Just ask Jim Ross on that one.  Is there anything that Vinny Mac HASN’T done to Jim Ross and the guy is pushing his late 50’s to early 60’s, but then again so is Jerry Lawler.

Vince has done everything to Jim Ross from making him kiss Vince’s ass to having to kiss Michael Cole’s foot to getting whipped with a leather trap to putting him in a match where he busted his hand because some douche bag seemed to forget that Jim Ross isn’t a wrestler.  So why this backlash on JR and King? My guess is plain and simple: Because as announcers and as a team,  people remember JR and King but barely remember the days where Vince himself was a play by play man with Jesse Ventura.   In other words, he can’t stand somebody being better than him.  Why else would you put guys that are pushing their 60’s at risk in the ring, where they shouldn’t be in the first place?  Well, other than Vince nowadays looks at whoever is in or around the ring as cattle being lead to slaughter and that any that get hurt or die along the way are just none of his damn concern, but it ought to be.  Than again, what do you expect from a guy who let a PPV continue after a man fell to his death? How does a guy like Vince McMahon sleep at night? Without a heart and/or a soul is my guess, I’m sure he keeps them stashed away along with morality, compassion and a sense of right & wrong.

All I can say about how Jerry Lawler has an injured back because of this fuck-up is this: Are you happy now, Vinny Mac?  Yeah, Lawler made a mistake years ago and left with a woman that kicked him the curb, leaving you high and dry.  There’s your payback for it. Are you satisfied or is that gonna take having either Jerry Lawler or Jim Ross on life support and/or in traction? Does he want Jerry Lawler to come out in a wheelchair and still do his job?  Hell, why don’t you have Mark Henry come out and finish the job and put him on a stretcher this time or have Khali come out and snap JR like a twig so it can be a matched set? Well, maybe not the last part because that would imply that Khali can actually do something in the ring.  Bottom line, with incidents like this and a laundry list of others that I could run down including the Owen Hart incident, I’m starting to think that the thing that is the most hazardous to a WWE Employee’s health is Vince McMahon.


Follow-Up on the interviews with Marion Fontaine and Aaron Draven

Look, as I said before. I’m one of those that piled on Fontaine the second that this whole thing between him and LaBar started.  My first impression was that the guy was overreacting and didn’t take criticism very well.  I’ve even gone as far as to mock his mustache and physical build (Or lack thereof) and tattoos. In his answers to my questions and seeing the man behind the Megastar, I’m one to admit that my opinion on him has changed somewhat.

In the talks that I’ve been privileged to be part of with guys such as Kevin Steen, Prince Nana, Krimson, Aaron Draven and Marion Fontaine,  I’ve definitely learned that just because the guys in the world of indy wrestling don’t get as much mainstream exposure as those in WWE or TNA, doesn’t mean they don’t work just as hard as guys in the mainstream.  In many cases, these guys work even harder.  The phrase of “bigger doesn’t mean better” comes to mind especially in the cases of guys like Aaron Draven or Marion Fontaine.  Maybe they’re not the tallest or the most built physically, but they still demonstrate as much heart as anybody else.

It goes without saying that there’s always that desire in pro wrestling to be at the top, to get the spotlight and to be the main attraction.  Any of the big companies would probably never give such pushes to guys like Fontaine or Draven due to physical limitations. The fact remains that in giving pushes like Fontaine had with the world title in PWO or like Draven did in PWO with the TV title, they’re given those opportunities because the guys in charge see something in them.  They see something that perhaps a lot of us don’t see whether it’s Draven’s skills in the ring or Fontaine’s ability to get the crowd to hate him.  Whatever attributes these guys have, they make it work.

Yes, I was one of those piling on him when the angle with LaBar started up, but now I realize he got the job done in getting heat for it. In short he was getting the job done in getting himself over as a heel for the story and building up to what was a historic moment for PWO.  It just shows that you don’t have to be biggest or the most physically built to have all the talent needed to get your character over in wrestling.  Here’s to hoping that a world title reign ( and in the case of Fontaine, a 2nd one) is in the future in PWO for both men.

Interview with PWO’s “Megastar” Marion Fontaine

Okay, those of you that have read my work on here know that I’m not afraid to tear into somebody. Marion Fontaine happened to be one of them because I felt his reaction to one guy’s criticism was something I didn’t like. Mostly because I believe that if you can’t take criticism in wrestling, maybe the business isn’t for you.  Regardless, thanks to Jason McDowell and the crew of Ultimate Sports Talk, I got to ask some questions of my own for the Megastar.  Is my opinion on him the same after it? That’ll be a topic for later. In the meantime, here’s how it went down:

THE SHARK: This question gets asked a lot in interviews, but how did you get into the wrestling business and what was the feeling for you when you walked out in front of the crowd for your very first match?

MARION FONTAINE: I’ve always been a wrestling fan, since as long as I can remember actually. One of the first toys I remember growing up was a jake roberts action figure. I’ve always loved professional wrestling and even from a young age I wanted to be performing in front of people in that capacity. I know it hasn’t been that long in relative terms, but the first time I performed in front of a crowd was almost 9 years ago. I’m sure I was anxious and nervous, but at the same time it was an accomplishment that I had been looking forward to since my childhood. At every show and every match, I always tell myself that I’m living my childhood dream and its very rewarding.

THE SHARK: There are certain types of characters in wrestling that are getting to the point to where fans often say “we’ve seen it before.” In your delivery of being the cocky, arrogant heel like you’ve done on PWO, what do you attribute to keeping the character unique?

MARION FONTAINE: I’d like to think the character is just a small extension of who I am on a daily basis. Obviously, I’ve got a longer leash when I’m in front of the camera and people, but to me it’s acting natural; I just turn the dial up to show more emotion and get that reaction from the fans. Out of the gate, I don’t look like a typical professional wrestler. I don’t come out to heavy music, I don’t have a large frame, and I like to think I’m a little diverse when it comes to my ring work. All these elements add up to give Marion Fontaine a unique look and feel when you’re watching PWO. That being said, most of the topics I’ve brought up and touched on about PWO are in fact true and how I really feel. The most interesting stories are usually the ones that are based on true life and legitimate feelings.

THE SHARK: You got to not only wrestle in the first iPPV for PWO, but you also were in the main event and to top it off, going against a big name in wrestling like Kevin Nash.  What was it like to stand opposite side of the ring from him?

MARION FONTAINE: In all honestly it seemed like it went by so fast, that I couldn’t even soak it in. I don’t know if it’s soaked in yet. Not only was it a great accomplishment to be in the main event of PWO’s biggest show, but to also main event on their iPPV debut, and against one of the biggest names in wrestling history, say it was surreal is an understatement. In the past, there have been other highly creditable names that I’ve faced off against, but when I look back on that day, it will always be a career highlight. Growing up, I watched Nash. I idolized wrestlers like him when I was falling in love with pro wrestling. And now to say I had the pleasure wrestling him, is an amazing feeling. Another great accomplishment and another perfect reason why I’m performing in the crazy world of professional wrestling.

THE SHARK: Regarding the angle leading up to the PPV in which you were butting heads with Justin LaBar, how did the idea for the angle come to be? Whose idea was it?

MARION FONTAINE: I think it was less of an idea, and rather an extension of another real life situation. There’s a lot I could say about him and his opinions on myself and PWO, but that’s like beating a dead horse. I’ve noted multiple times on what I think of him and his “journalist credibility.” With the advent of the internet and a constant flow of media, there’s millions of people who think their voice matters just because the outlet to be outspoken is available to them. It doesn’t make them credible or a reliable source, it just means they’re making statements to get attention or gain more followers who are easy to associate with. If you think about it, I’m sure there’s a countless amount of wrestlers who’d love to have words with the internet reporters. What made our situation different is that PWO decided to give us air time after things were made public. Like I said before, the best wrestling stories told are sometimes the ones that harness the real life emotions and feelings of both parties, and because of that it made for some good television content. Which, PWO couldn’t deny so they had to take the ball and keep running with it.

THE SHARK: Aside from your work as a professional wrestler, you are also a designer as well as a printer and photographer.  How long have you been doing that for and how would you say your inspirations for designing differ from your inspirations as the character you perform as in pro wrestling?

MARION FONTAINE: Another love of mine since a young age was art. At times art and wrestling did cross paths, but I generally like to keep them separate (unless I’m working on new mustache gear for all those Fontaine fanatics). Outside of pro wrestling, I’m focused on my career as a designer and artist. As far as inspiration goes, I look to historical figures, trends, movements, and any underground culture to gain a better knowledge for not only my art, but wrestling as well. There are multiple legends in wrestling that inspire me, as well as famous artists I look up to. They both have left behind a legacy that I’m able to research and gain admiration for. One night I may be watching videos of Rick Rude and Ring of Honor, then later I’d be reading up on design trends for apparel and looking through Alphabet Arm’s portfolio site. In both art and wrestling, I’m trying to create something new, continuing that unique feeling, while at the same time developing and employing my own style.

THE SHARK: How much of the other wrestling companies do you watch such as TNA or WWE or ROH and if anyone, who is somebody you’d love to have a match with?

MARION FONTAINE: It’s funny, because I’m not able to watch much of current wrestling. I can’t remember the last time I had cable, so most wrestling is out because of that. I do tend to go to Youtube for recaps on WWE on occasion, as well as watching a PPV from time to time. I know ROH use to put up their show on youtube, and I’d watch that when I had a chance. I know there’s a large list of names I’d love to work with, and just going off the top of my head I’d say guys like El Generico, The Amazing Red, Chuck Taylor (previously wrestled, but I’d love a one-on-one setting), there’s definitely more, but that’s just a quick list to hold you over.

THE SHARK: With regards to the other companies and those that believe that regarding the three, wrestling isn’t where it should be, where do you see as the most critical element to delivering a great wrestling product?

MARION FONTAINE: I don’t know if there is one critical element to delivering a great wrestling product. I mean there’s so many factors that are present in some amazing promotions, but I don’t think great is always associated with profitable. A company can have some great assets, but at the same time be missing out on one or more elements that doesn’t allow them to be successful in terms of an actual business. Not only do you need amazing talent, quality video production, a strong fan following within an area (especially regional promotions), and smart interesting booking, you also need to look at making your promotion profitable for not only yourself, but for your locker room, your fans, and all the people that are supporting the promotion. Maybe it’s a case of having your cake and eating it too, but I don’t know how many of the small independent promotions in the country actually put forth a business model in addition to using the ‘normal’ methods of running a wrestling promotion. Maybe the most critical element is the person steering the ship. The person with a vision and a means to make a wrestling promotion successful.

THE SHARK: You won the world title earlier in the year for PWO.  What is that feeling like when they tell you that you’ve been picked to win the title and represent the company as the World Heavyweight Champion?

MARION FONTAINE: It’s an amazing feeling, especially after knowing where I came from when the company began and how they initially used me. It was a long road to reach that point, but it was worth all the torment and tribulations of my past in PWO. Anytime a promotion decides to put you in that position it’s because they believe in your character, they believe in your talents and that you having the title will give a positive, and hopefully profitable effect to the promotion’s future.

THE SHARK: Regarding your reign as the PWO Champion, you lost the belt to Jason Bane.  Can we expect to see you reclaiming the belt in the near future?

MARION FONTAINE: Definitely! Even though stepping inside the ring with Jason Bane isn’t my first choice because he’s an incredibly dominating figure, I’ll bite the bullet any day to get a chance to win back that title.

My thanks to Jason McDowell and the crew at Ultimate Sports Talk as well as Marion Fontaine for taking the time in answering these questions.