The True Colors of one Matt Hardy

My intent of writing this article is to make this count because after this article, I’m gonna strive to never write another damn thing about Matt Hardy.  By now, we all know what he did in his little stunt where he posted a video message that looked like a suicide note. The next day, he claims that it was not meant as a suicide note. He wrote it as if to say that there was no more of the “new” Matt Hardy and that the “Old” Matt Hardy is back and went on to plug about how he intends to make a difference whether in wrestling or elsewhere.  Of course, he didn’t do this without pissing off a lot of people from Jeff Hardy’s wife to Paul London calling Matt out as nothing more than an attention whore.

As for the way your’s truly looks at this, I rather just look at this as Matt Hardy showing us the real him.  Don’t worry, I’m not saying it’s a good thing by any means. Matter of fact, I’m saying that what it means is this: Matt Hardy, you are a piece of shit.  You are an unbelievable piece of shit.  A phony suicide attempt? You’re so desperate for attention that you pull this bullshit?  I’ve got one word that best describes a person that does this like Matt Hardy: Pathetic.  Seriously, I’ve done my bashing on Jeff Hardy, but I’m pretty sure that even he wouldn’t go this far.  Then again, Jeff’s just got a substance problem while Matt is addicted to getting attention, even if it is attention that he doesn’t deserve in the first place.

The fact that he pulled something like this after his arrest, firing from TNA and being rushed to the hospital, is just insane.  Frankly, I think that TNA firing Matt Hardy was probably the smartest move they’ve done in months, though it makes you wonder if they should’ve hired this guy in the first place.  On the topic of his wrestling career, he’s finished plain and simple.  TNA is NOT going to hire him back and he’s already burned the bridge down with the WWE and ROH really has no use for him and if I was that company, I wouldn’t take a chance on this guy. I can’t even imagine one independent league that would want to take a chance on this guy.

As far as him saying how he’s not suicidal, so this all some joke to him huh? He thinks its funny to make fake suicide videos? He thinks the fact that people unfortunately that get this way end up going through with it? This is some pretty low shit and any respect that I had for this guy has gone out the window. I’m to the point where I really don’t even feel bad for this guy for whatever tough breaks he got in wrestling. And in terms of him getting fired, I’m to the point where I’m feeling that he had it coming. Some people have gone as far as to call Matt the “Marty Janetty” of the Hardy Boys. Let’s not go that far because last I saw, Marty Janetty wasn’t putting up phony suicide notes/videos just to grab the attention of people and get on TMZ.

Matt Hardy, you are a piece of shit. You’re truly an asshole, a bastard, and a “sinks to any lows” son of a bitch that has proven that he will do ANYTHING to get attention from people because he knows that he sure as hell can’t do it on his own in a wrestling ring. We’ve seen shit happen in companies that lived in infamy. Hell, we saw a certain other guy keep the show going after a man fell to his death, and frankly you’re just as low as him if not lower.  I’d say that the next thing you know, Hardy will try faking his own death, but I don’t want to give this asshole any ideas.

So Matt Hardy, you’ve now lost both jobs with both WWE and TNA, not to mention the respect of a lot of people including the fans because you had to sink so low to the point where you’re now viewed as somebody who will do anything to grab attention.  In short, you’ve been labeled as a full blown attention whore. I hope it was worth it because nevermind the days of the Hardy Boys and the TLC matches, etc. Being an attention whore, THAT is the legacy of Matt Hardy.


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