Undefeated vs Unstoppable

Okay, so let’s face facts that we’ve all seen at some point or another a guy go with an undefeated streak.  One of the biggest of course in all of wrestling is somebody who will probably have an unbeaten record that will never be broken.   Of course, I’m talking about this guy:

For those that don’t recall, Wrestlemania 3 advertised the main event of Hogan vs Andre as “WWF Heavyweight Champion vs Undefeated for 15 years.” Today in wrestling, there is no way in hell you’d get anybody to be undefeated longer than a year.  Samoa Joe was undefeated for a year in TNA and Goldberg was defeated for over a year in WCW.  What made those work when they were unbeaten is one simple word: Dominance.  Andre was a Giant, plain and simple and there was nobody in wrestling that could overpower the big guy. Goldberg in WCW plowed through everybody that got in the ring with him.  Samoa Joe held onto the ROH World Title for a year and in TNA, dominated everybody in the X-Division and was even able to take on the best in it in AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.   All three of these guys made their presence known when it came to being undefeated in showing not only that they were unbeaten but also unstoppable. That leads me to TNA’s latest attempt in Crimson.

So, Crimson was brought in as Amazing Red’s brother.  He debuted during Jeff Jarrett’s stupid MMA crap that he did for a while.  Then he was supposedly a messenger of what was to be a reunion of the Main Event Mafia that never came to fruition.  Currently, he hasn’t lost a match and has or at least was in the Bound for Glory series and was at the top of the list.  The problem with this is how TNA makes a big deal about him undefeated, when the fact remains that when it comes to being in the ring, he seems to get his ass handed to him for the majority of the match.  There’s no dominating presence in Crimson and let us not confuse the term “undefeated” with the fact that he just hasn’t lost yet.  At least with guys like Andre, Goldberg or Samoa Joe, you never once thought of them losing because at the time, nobody thought it could be done. While with Crimson on the other hand, he simply looks beatable.   He shouldn’t have been at the top of that Bound For Glory series and it just showed even more how much of a joke that was to begin with, considering that you had guys who looked like they could be worthy of a title shot like Rob Van Dam or AJ Styles but having them end up at the bottom of the barrel while you have guys like Crimson at the top.

During the time of the other guys mentioned when it came down to a title shot, you instantly felt: “he’s ready” with whoever was unbeaten at the time. Crimson by no means is ready for a title shot, much less the world title in TNA. When Samoa Joe attacked him and laid him out and causing him to forfeit his spot in the series, I was thankful that Joe did that. Crimson is not Goldberg, Andre or Joe for that matter and TNA needs to understand that if a guy is undefeated, there’s a gotta be a reason behind that and just not losing a match is not enough of one.  If TNA wants us to believe in Crimson’s so-called undefeated streak, show us why he is undefeated. Show us that he can be dominate and that he can stand toe to toe with the best and give those guys a run for the money. Because at this rate, set aside all the talking he does,  I can’t help but think that if you put him in a match with either Samoa Joe or Kurt Angle, they’ll eat him alive.




  1. I like the Crimson character to a degree, but TNA just havent shown us why they are pushing him so much really. Undefeated is one thing, but they need to give us an idea of why that is.

    • I agree here with Alex. Goldberg clearly dominated opponents and was rarely challenged. Warrior was the same thing. Crimson isn’t dominant. He’s got a great look, but he’s very basic in the ring. He just had a great introduction against Jeff Jarrett.

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