R-Truth & The Miz vs Air Boom: Really? Really?

You ever see in the NFL where one team wins a Super Bowl and it goes years and years and years before they ever win another one again?  Or what about those teams that win once and then they never win again?  Why do I bring that up?  Simple, because as of this moment, that is exactly what The Miz has now become in teaming with R-Truth AND going after the tag team titles.  He was a WWE Champion and in the main event at Mania, but all that is now looking like nothing but a distant memory.

I mean whose dumb idea was it to put these guys as a tag team in the first place.  Was there really nothing better for these guys to do?  Was R-Truth’s heel character really not working well on his own?  Could WWE Creative not think of anything better for The Miz to do than to go for a title he’s already held? We’ve seen the Miz team up with John Morrison and were tag team champs. We’ve seen him team up with Big Show and they were tag champs.  I’m all for revitalizing the tag team division, but this is not the solution to doing it.  You don’t need to take a guy who hit the peak as a heel and one guy trying to get himself over as a heel and put them together to go after a championship that is still in a revitalizing process.  Having these two go after the tag team titles is a step down for both guys.

Look, I get that having a rival for the newly formed “Air Boom” is important. I get that, but at the same time, you can’t have that team lose the belts so quickly and I’m scared that it’s exactly what the WWE might be planning for Miz and Truth.  I mean are they trying to say that Truth needed to get “A” title and not “THE” title or that the Miz will settle for anything so long as he gets some kind of gold?  The same of kind gold that is just starting, but hasn’t gotten there yet, to get some credibility back.

You could’ve had Truth fight somebody else in singles or have Miz jump ship and go after Randy Orton’s belt. Either of those would’ve been better than putting Truth and Miz as a team. Regarding the last one, it would’ve been so much easier to do that instead of giving us Christian vs Orton millions and millions of times.  Given, R-Truth is not ready for a world title run and Vince is apparently behind the Miz and loves the guy. Well if he love him so much and thinks he’s part of the WWE’s future, than why are Miz and Truth on the backburner and going for championships that until 2 weeks weren’t worth a damn?


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  1. They’ve got nobody left on that brand. They need to start using low end guys to make tag teams. In 3 months they could have a tag division instead of what they have now. WWE doesn’t want to use anyone who is not a star. Plus the peeve I have is R-Truth and Miz will probably win the belts… only to job to Cena and whoever (Punk or someone). Short sightedness on the WWE’s part…

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