Follow-Up on the Interview with Krimson

Looking back at the questions that Krimson answered, it just goes to show that sometimes, the best talent that  you can find in pro wrestling is not in the ones that are engulfed in the mainstream.  I’ve said it before that the promos that Krimson delivers are the best that I’ve seen since the days of guys like Raven in his ECW days or guys like Vampiro.  Some people say that his gimmick is a rip-off of the Joker in the movie “The Dark Knight” and all I can say is “So what?”

Sting’s current gimmick in TNA is clearly a rip-off of the same character from the same movie, but nobody gives a damn because its Sting. I got no problem with Sting and I still to this day respect the hell out of him. But I don’t blame it on Sting, I blame it on TNA who as we’ve seen is becoming more and more notorious with stealing crap from other people/other companies.  Don’t believe me? Look at the promo they had earlier in the year for Sting’s return which was a blatant ripoff of Undertaker’s return in WWE and ask me that.

Is there similarities in Krimson’s gimmick with that of The Joker? Yeah there is.  But the guy made it his own and even before that, I saw something different with it as opposed to Joker. The Joker character had a somewhat comedic/humorous element to him like he treated everything like it was some big joke.  In the Krimson, there is a more sinister appeal to him that is dark, mysterious and in a sense of the word: evil.  And one thing that he mentioned that sticks out is the lack of characters in wrestling today, referring to the majority of the characters as “cookie cutter.”

Some places are able to deliver the guy as they are and pull it off. Most of the guys in Ring Of Honor are able to pull that off and some guys in TNA were able to pull it off.  However, there has to be some kind of character element still in it. In the case of the WWE, their biggest problem is that in all of their attempts to try and not be a wrestling company anymore, they don’t give a full effort to actually entertain.  The majority of the characters are either too plain, too dry, or it’s just that we’ve seen it all before and we’re not getting anything new.  And even with those that we think we see a character in, it’s only on the surface and when you look beyond, there’s not enough foundation for the character.  The characters, with some exceptions, are so transparent that no matter what you see on the surface, you still see the same guy past it.   The best characters in wrestling are the ones that you see the character all the way to the core.

Do I agree to what Krimson said about the wrestling that we grew up watching is dead? Maybe not dead but I like to call it more of a lost art.   Why? Because now there’s no originality, no creativity for the most part, no attempts at keeping the product fresh and leaving the crowds screaming for more.  Instead, wrestling for the most part has become repetition after repetition after repetition.  How many recycled stories have we seen? How many times have we seen the same match or matches take place for weeks, even months? How many times have we seen face/heel turns or any kind of storyline or arc that made no sense whatsoever?

If there’s anything that I’ve taken in what I’ve seen of the independent companies, it’s that they’re not about ratings or many of the things that companies like the WWE have forgotten when they became so engulfed in the mainstream.  The indies do what they do for the art form of pro wrestling.  It’s nice to know that it still exists somewhere.


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