Interview with PWO’s own “Embodiment of Evil” Krimson

A while back, those of you who read this may recall when I wrote an article about PWO’s own Krimson.  An interview was recently conducted with PWO’s “Embodiment of Evil” and I was fortunate enough to ask questions of my own.   Here is how it went down:

THE SHARK: We’ve seen you as two different characters in your career, CK3 and Krimson. What would you say is more challenging for you to do as a wrestler?

KRIMSON: Krimson by far. I’m still trying to sink my teeth into the character. I was trained in a very European style. For 10 yrs I worked using alot of chain and suplexs, a much flashier offense. The transition was very difficult. At first I used alot of the same offense as I did as CK3, but it occurred to me that Krimson isn’t about popping a crowd with fancy moves. Krimson is more about brutal story telling. If you look at my offense now as opposed to then, I mainly use a variety of strikes.

THE SHARK: There have been a few familiar names that have appeared in PWO such as Rhino, Kevin Nash and Raven, whom you actually got the chance to work with. What was it like working with Raven?

KRIMSON: Raven has a brilliant mind for the business in my opinion. Unfortunately he knows it, and doesn’t like to be challenged on his ideas. Suffice it to say, we did not get along well. His reputation precedes him.

THE SHARK: How much creative freedom do they give you to do what you do in the ring and in your promos as Krimson?

KRIMSON: All they’ve really ever asked me to do was stay away from religion & no swearing. They basically just throw me an idea and say go. They’ve been great to me in allowing me creative freedom. Even in the Wrestlution match as well.

THE SHARK: Not too long ago we saw you in a world title match with Jason Bane which was NO DQ and featured many hardcore elements such as broken glass and thumbtacks. Is there more creative freedom in doing hardcore matches/street fights as opposed to ordinary wrestling matches?

KRIMSON: I don’t really do alot of hardcore stuff usually. But the match needed to be violent and yet still have a point to it. Yeah, I would say you can get away with a little more in those matches.

THE SHARK: How did you come up with the name “Dead Wrestling Society” and why the selections of Eric Ryan and Jason Gory as members of the Dead Wrestling Society?

KRIMSON: Actually, The Dead Wrestling Society was originally supposed to be myself and Johnny Devine. The idea was we were both going to alter our characters gradually. I was gonna be Krimson Kennedy & he was gonna be Johnny Havoc. We tagged for D’Amore a few times but never really got it off the ground. Eric & Gory are both tremendous talents and young guys who compliment me well. Outside of the ring, I get along with Eric as well as I could with anybody. I get along well with Gory too, and he LOVES being part of the group and I’m glad to have him. The cool thing about DWS is that you are only talking about the PWO chapter. I also currently tag with Chance Prophet, as DWS. Other members include Johnny Devine, Joe Doering, and Kyioshi, to name a few.

THE SHARK: The promos you deliver as Krimson are some of the most dark, cryptic and creepy promos to be done since the days of Raven in ECW and thanks to the Krimson character, it delivers everytime. Do you feel that character development in wrestling today has improved, stayed the same or gotten worse (not enough effort is put into making a character) and why?

KRIMSON: The problem I see with wrestling today is there are not enough characters. Everybody seems so cookie cutter. That’s why I feel Punk is as hot as he is. He stands out. There are so many chemical monsters with giant back tatts roaming the rings today, who probably couldnt call a match if there life depended on it, yet they are gonna get a look way before me cause I don’t have a chiseled physique, or I’m considered “old” by wrestling standards. The wrestling I grew up watching is dead…They won’t even call it wrestling anymore in some places.

THE SHARK: There have been many people talking about how in TNA right now, Sting has a joker-like gimmick that some say is a rip-off of Krimson, albeit they already have one guy copying your name. How do you deal with guys in wrestling who are trying to mimic or steal your character/name?

KRIMSON: Yeah, that’s wrestling for ya. Some make the argument that Sting is ripping off the Joker not me & I ripped off the Joker too so what’s it matter? Well, yes, Sting is ripping off the Joker and poorly I might add. The goth Stinger of old is gone, Enter “Doink-Sting.” It’s particularly tough to watch, cause I loved Sting as a kid. I wish him the best. As far as my ripping off the Joker? YEP! But look at my promos, they are all original & all mine. Initially Krimson was waaaay too Joker, but now I’ve kinda made it my own. Just as Sting did when he stole the crow’s look, he made it his own. It really bothered me at first, but I’ve had multiple former employees of theirs tell me I’m better off in the indys than with TNA. I do feel I could be an asset to TNA, if not on camera, then creatively if nothing else. It’s obvious they like my ideas.

A big thank you to Krimson for answering my questions and an even bigger thank you to Jason McDowell and the crew at for making this possible


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