Interview with Omega Aaron Draven

Over the last month, I’ve been privileged to take part with the rest of the staff that run the pro wrestling section at Ultimate Sports Talk.  This time was no different as I got to submit my questions for an interview with a 2 time PWO World TV Champ and who came off of a big victory at Wrestleution 4 in his match with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash against Marion Fontaine and Brodie Lee. I’m speaking of course of Omega Aaron Draven. Here’s how it went down.

THE SHARK:  In sports just as in pro wrestling, some would say that no championship can ever stand out more than the first. You were the first ever PWO World TV Champ not once but twice. Top that off with ending the two year unbeaten streak of Benjamin Boone. What is it like holding records like that in pro wrestling?

AARON DRAVEN: It’s hard to put into words. I guess the best way to put it is accomplishment. Now in wrestling it’s not exactly the same as pro sports, because you win that 100% on you’re own by being the best that day. In wrestling winning a title shows that the office has faith in you and sees potential for bigger and better things. Being the first TV Champ was a big honor to me. Especially being chosen over Boone, my good friend Virus, and a guy as respected as Super Hentia.

THE SHARK: For a long while, you were gone from PWO due to your personal life and injuries and following losing the TV title. Now that you’re back, among your goals, are you looking to get back your belt, now held by Jason Gory of the Dead Wrestling Society?

AARON DRAVEN: Goals change as you learn and grow in this business. When I first got into PWO I just wanted to disprove some rumors out there about my work. But now as I’ve worked my way up, becoming the top wrestler in the promotion doesn’t seem unattainable. I want to work hard and show everyone that all the issues are cleared up and I’m ready to rock.

THE SHARK: Having seen you as the TV Champion in PWO on two occasions, are you also looking to hold the world title in PWO? Whether it be against Jason Bane or whoever is holding the belt at the time?

AARON DRAVEN: I don’t want to say that the TV Title isn’t important, because it is. But now that I’ve been there and had success with some of the younger wrestlers, I want to really push myself and see if I can hang with the top guys in the whole company. I’ve wrestled Matt Cross, Johnny Gargano, and Jason Bane in other promotions. Now it’s time to show that I can hang with them and the likes of Josh Prohibition and Krimson here, in PWO. The PWO Title is every guy’s goal in PWO, and I’m no different.

THE SHARK: At Wrestlelution 4, it was the first internet PPV for PWO and you got to not only wrestle in the main event on it, but team with Kevin Nash.  What was it like working with a name synonymous with pro wrestling like Kevin Nash and what was the feeling like to be part of a moment as historic as the first iPPV for PWO?

AARON DRAVEN: I’ve worked with and been on tons of shows with plenty of big name stars before. But none were at this level. I was a huge Diesel fan as a kid too. Truth be told I went dressed as him for Halloween in 4th grade. To go from that, a kid looking up to an idol, to be a man standing next to that idol being given the chance to be seen at the same level as he is was amazing. And I’m very proud of the fact that PWO management had enough faith in that match to let it main event their first iPPV.

THE SHARK: You and Nash were victorious over Brodie Lee and Marion Fontaine.  Prior to that match, you made a vow that you would make Fontaine respect the main event position when you take it from him. Do you feel the victory at Wrestlelution 4 settled the score or is the Omega One far from finished with this matter?

AARON DRAVEN: Ya know… I guess you just gotta keep watching the show to find out. And that lies on Fointaine more than myself. I think I accomplished my mission there. The ball is in his court now. He can either accept it like a man… or more than likely… pretend it never happened and move on. The fifth season of PWO TV is going to be better than any before it.

THE SHARK: Over the years, no matter the company, we’ve seen the landscape and the game change for pro wrestling.  From what you’ve seen both as a fan of wrestling and as an in-ring competitor, how has the business changed in your eyes?

AARON DRAVEN: That’s tough to answer. WWE is what people think of when they think of wrestling in America. And you can’t deny the success of their formula. It draws in millions of people and millions of dollars. The biggest negative is lately they are less character driven. A lot of the guys don’t have defined characters. Most have bland names. But I see PWO and I see well done episodic wrestling tv with great characters and great stories. And’s what wrestling is all about.

THE SHARK: There are many who don’t get to witness pro wrestling on the independent circuit and believe that the ones that they see on TV are the only pro wrestling. How do you feel that the independent circuit differs from the mainstream wrestling?

AARON DRAVEN: Again tough to answer. I think WWE guys get in a routine with so many shows and stuff. They’re all there at the big dance. So the hunger for a lot of them is gone. Independent wrestling is all guys going out and doing their best to get noticed. No one is in a routine, no one has lost their hunger. It makes for a more exciting atmosphere.

THE SHARK: You’ve wrestled many names that are synonymous with pro wrestling in guys such as Jay Lethal, Necro Butcher and Homicide.  Is there a dream opponent that you would love to have a match against?

AARON DRAVEN: I think about this one often. I’ve been lucky enough to be put in the ring with some huge names. Kevin Nash and  Too Cold Scorpio, who are two out of my top five all time favorite workers, among others. My all time favorite and dream opponent is Shawn Michaels. The best wrestler of all time. Rounding out my top five Sean Waltman (who I am fortunate enough to get to work this month for IWA East Coast) and finally Jushin Thunder Lyger. An odd top five for sure, but the ones I looked up to most while watching wrestling as a kid.

Big thank you to Omega Aaron Draven for taking the time to answer my questions and tremendous props and thanks to Jason McDowell and the rest of the crew at who I’m truly proud to be a part of that group.


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  1. Draven is a douche and plays backstage politics. He can’t get out of the lower indies because he sucks

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