The PPV System in Wrestling is Outdated

Okay, I know that we’ve been doing the whole monthly PPV’s thing for a long time.  TNA and WWE both do it nowadays, but it doesn’t mean for a second that it’s the right thing to do.  The way that the booking for both companies work, it makes it out like the landscape has changed for pro wrestling, and it’s changed to the point where it’s far ahead of what seems like an out of date PPV system.

Back in the old WWF/WWE days, it was perfect as it was because you had Royal Rumble first and then 2 months to prep for Wrestlemania.  Then you had 2-3 months before King of the Ring and even before that PPV, you had 5-6 to prep for Summerslam and then 2-months for Survivor Series.  Then you had a month and half to two months before the next Royal Rumble.  There’s plenty of reasons why this worked and why it should be done now instead of the current system. You do this, you’re trading in a couple of weeks to prep and getting a couple of months to prep between PPVs.  It leaves plenty of time to build storylines and let them simmer so that when it comes time for the PPV, you leave more people stoked for PPV instead of looking at the stories and thinking that this was all rushed together.   Besides, you go with this system and you don’t have another catastrophe like you did with Over the Limit because in the case of that PPV, there was only 3 weeks to build up for it following Extreme Rules.  Seriously, 3 weeks to get the next PPV set up and look how that one ended up.  The second lowest buyrate for a WWE PPV since December To Dismember and could end up going down as the lowest selling PPV of 2011.

The biggest problem with the way the PPV system is that you run the risk of overkill.  Why? Because you have the stories that both WWE and TNA use and after the PPV is over, it should be something new or something continued but still with something to keep the angle fresh.  We haven’t gotten that from either one. Why do you think we got Cole vs Lawler for 3 straight months and it never got any better? Another example is Randy Orton vs Christian and how those guys have wrestled for months and it ended up totaling 6 times.  By the time it got to the last match, we all realized that we were watching the same damn match and that not even a steel cage was gonna change that.  You run the risk of burning something out because the guys are so busy trying to rush something together as fast as they can, they don’t have the time to come up with something new.  And I can promise you that if either of the two did this, you’d significantly improve the quality of the PPVs.

Not to mention, if you only have a few PPVs a month, it’ll definitely save on the costs that would be lost with the crappy ones.  Because nowadays, people only want to get the PPV that they think will somehow mean a damn.  The one that anyone can see are deemed smaller are often ignored. Going back to the quarterly PPVs will help in making each PPV mean something because you’ll have more than enough time to hype the holy hell out of them.  Who knows? Maybe it will actually help WWE and TNA become more character driven again.  Hell, can’t possibly be any worse than how things are now.




  1. There are too many PPVs, but as long as people keep paying for them, there will always be too many PPVs. Even bottom of the barrel WWE PPVs get 100,000 buys. That is still $4,000,000 per PPV. I’d like to see any company give that money up. Even TNA 10,000 buy PPVs mean $300,000 for the company. Who knows what the PPV providers get, maybe 60/40 for TNA and 80/20 for WWE.

    The big problem is illegal streaming.

    Character driven… like gimmicky characters such as hockey players?

    • Ha ha funny but no. I’m talking about characters that aren’t so transparent. Alberto Del Rio is so transparent with his character you can almost see JBL inside him. Im talking about characters with substance and most definitely no more rushed storylines that are just half-assed at best

  2. … Alberto Del Who? Everyone was really high on him, but then he failed to freshen up his promo after 18 months. Thank god he can stop talking about his destiny and move on with life. And yes he is just JBL… but it works… until JBL comes back. IF he does… instant feud with JBL as the face.

    As for characters with depth… unfortunately fans really seem to want one dimensionalism. Heel face. If not people wonder who to cheer for when you should cheer for whoever you want (like UFC) :-). Kind of like everyone is their own man in real life, instead of wrestling or politics… it is pick a side.

    And yes… rushed storylines are evident. Especially in the WWE. But I guess since they’ve oversaturated us with “FIRST TIME EVERS” that people want fresh matches… which they blow on free TV like Punk vs Miz or Punk vs R-Truth.

    But whatever… people watch out of habbit now a days. I think that’s why some people buy PPVs too. Habbit.

    • That much we can agree on. At least in the days with the WCW vs WWE war, it was competitive. Now it’s like UFC is now the WWE when it was dominant and WWE is slowly becoming WCW. But personally I feel JBL did better promos than Del Rio. And I think WWE is notorious for rushed AND recycled storylines and yeah I think Punk vs Miz should’ve been a PPV caliber match.

      • Del Rio doesn’t do promos… he says the same thing week after week (until he won a title). *yawn*

        Chances are recycled storylines are all that’s left. You can only do so many things with a ring, the trick is twisting it in a new way. Kind of like there are no new cowboy movies… so they made one with aliens or there are no new monster movies… so they set one in the 80s.

        … here’s a story for you about the WWE & UFC …

        I saw something amusing last night at Walmart an 8-10 year old kid with his dad (and another kid). The dad told his 8 year old to pick out the WWE DVD he wanted. 8 year old says he doesn’t like WWE anymore he wants a UFC DVD. The dad asked him why he didn’t like WWE anymore. 8 year old replies, “Its for babies… UFC is real dad.”

      • Well, that just goes to show you where WWE is heading. And yes, you’re probably right about recycled stories being all that is left. And yes the trick is twisting them to make it still come off fresh. But the WWE doesn’t even give an effort anymore

  3. I can see the logic in WWE aiming for kids, because kids don’t look at spoilers. Plus everything is fresh to them, they haven’t seen everything already. Oh and also because like a McDonnald’s Happy Meal it raises kids to grow up to be lifelong fans. Plus if kids like it then all those parents who were fans in the Monday Night Wars come back… well not come back, but they can watch it with their kids, take their kids to events and buy them merchandise.

    Personally, I’d rather push 2 guys to look strong going into a PPV match by having them win matches and have them get heat on the match itself. That way if there are 2 strong guys going into a match, it makes people wonder who will win… since they’re too strong. WWE’s way of making guys look strong is putting stipulations where they can’t lose like HHH putting up the company… TNA’s way of gaining interest is having both guys lose due to interference heading into their match.

    Or I’d play up more of a realistic way of presenting questions… such as lets say CM Punk vs HHH… Can CM Punk give Hunter a GTS??? HHH hasn’t wrestled in 6+ months, will that give Punk an upper hand? Both men use their knees a lot. Punk has never been kneed in the face before, can he take as well as he gives? If Punk can’t do a GTS to Hunter, will we see an anaconda vice instead? Will one of Punk’s knees just knock out HHH at any point in the match… but I guess saying that would make HHH sound weak if he could get KOed at any time.

    Maybe my ideas are lame.

  4. Those questions get people talking about a match… because everyone will have an answer. Just like UFC… well this match is a tossup because this guy has a good standup game, but that guy has a great ground game, but this guy has poor cardio… but there’s always a puncher’s chance.

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