Bobby Roode: It’s Now or Never.

By now, we all know that at Bound for Glory, it’s going to be Kurt Angle putting up the TNA World Title against the BFG Series winner and one half of Beer Money, a one Mr. Bobby Roode. There’s been talk for a LONG time about Bobby Roode as a singles wrestler and over the years slowly but surely, we’ve witnessed what this guy could actually do.  However, he’s been in tag team wrestling as part of Beer Money for a long time and is just finally getting into singles wrestling not that long after losing the tag team titles and is getting a world title shot.

I’m conflicted about this because of the reason stated above, but at the same time, there’s a big part of me that is hoping that this can actually work provided Bobby Roode actually beats Kurt Angle. Therein lies the worst case scenario is that you have Bobby Roode go into that match and Angle beats him.  You then are left with another example of a veteran guy going over the younger talent instead of the other way around and thus, wasted everybody’s time with the BFG series, not that hasn’t happened to a degree already. However, you let Roode win the belt, you’re actually doing something new and something fresh, which is something TNA hasn’t done for almost a year now.

When you look at it, there have been 4 guys to hold the title this year.  Jeff Hardy walked into 2011 with the belt and lost it to Mr Anderson and then won it back from Anderson a month later. Then he loses the belt to Sting. Anderson wins it from Sting only to lose it a month later and then Sting loses to Kurt Angle.  So Sting and Anderson both held the belt twice this year. Given, the fresh face to hold the belt was Mr Anderson, but he didn’t hold the belt long enough for the fans to soak it in that he was the champion.

The one drawback is that nobody has seen enough of Roode in singles action.  That and if you try to advertise the main event, majority of people who aren’t familiar enough with Bobby Roode are going to think either “Who is this guy” or “Why the hell is he getting a title shot” or other things along those lines. Now, I’m not against pushing Bobby Roode or any new younger talent in TNA or in any wrestling that I think has been overlooked. I just think that there hasn’t been near enough done to build up Bobby Roode.  However, at the same time I can’t help but think that this is now or never for Bobby Roode rising up to main event status.  There’s a chance that it could end up being a bust entirely. I hope that’s not the case but it can end up that way.

I look at this World Title Match not only as a “now or never” moment for Bobby Roode, but also to see if TNA can still do something that is a breakthrough in wrestling and can still shock and awe its audience or if too much damage has been done to TNA’s product.  In short, we’ll all find out if Bound for Glory is really bound for glory or for failure.



  1. I really do hope he wins the belt and holds it for a year honestly. That belt needs work after being dropped 3x in a month or two. Roode is the best guy to have it right now. He cuts fiery promos and he hasn’t been trampled on like AJ or looked on as a kid like AJ (even though he’s a father of 3). Plus Roode opens up a ton of fresh matches. I really also wish that the BFG series meant more like it wasn’t riddled with stupidity like Joe taking people out or some guys having 10 matches and others having 20.

    I remember what Roode was in singles action… bland. He really needed a tag partner and so they did it. Maybe a lot has changed since then.

    If he becomes TNA champ, I expect TNA to pepper him with shit. Suddenly he’ll have a wife. He’ll get stalked, his tag partner will hate him, he’ll join Immortal, Hulk Hogan will work a match with him, and he’ll lose matches to build into main event PPVs. Unfortunately that’s what TNA has shown me for the past year…

  2. I think the Bound for Glory thing was a failure with Crimson being taken out and just random BS like some guys having 10 matches others having 20. Bobby could have just as easily gone in and won a 4 man tournament for the shot at the belt… without a 3 month series.

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