Hulk Hogan: The End of the Road? (Possible Spoiler)

(Possible Spoiler, just a head’s up)

So, at the Impact Tapings, Hulk Hogan did this long speech for the fans and saying how it’s the end of the road for him and that September 29 was the last we’ll see Hulk Hogan in the TNA ring.  Following this, there’s been word going around that Hulk Hogan AND the IWC’s favorite bastard Eric Bischoff’s contracts are coming to a close in October.  Now is this a work or is there actual merit to this and Hogan & Bischoff are really on their way out? Don’t know on the first one but as for the latter, GOD I HOPE SO!!!!!

I’ll get into Hogan in a little bit, but first as far as Bischoff goes, the guy wouldn’t have even been hired by TNA if he wasn’t tagging along with Hulk Hogan like he always does.  The guy’s made the last decade or two of his legacy by riding on the coattails of Hogan. I’ve even said this on several occasions that if Hulk Hogan wasn’t coming to TNA, than TNA wouldn’t have even done so much as raise an eyebrow towards Eric Bischoff. This is one half of the duo that took WCW from barely mediocre and sent it straight down to rock bottom.   This guy has spent the last couple years milking the fact that he came up with the idea of the NWO and riding on that for as long as he could to the point where the damn thing was broken down. You came up with the idea, Eric.  We get it, we know already.  And yet, the guy is so busy bragging about an idea that he came up with years ago, he hasn’t come up with anything original since then.  As for his promos and his on-air character, we’ve seen it before and frankly it’s tired, annoying and stale.  It’s much like the last few days of the NWO.  In short, if Eric Bischoff is gone from TNA and from wrestling, I’ve got two words for the guy: STAY GONE!  The fans don’t like you. They don’t want you anywhere near a wrestling company. They barely want you anywhere near a microphone because promos are just the same tired bullshit we’ve heard from you for the last 20 years.  It’s almost as bad as your skills as an announcer.  So once again for Eric Bischoff, leave TNA and when you’re gone, stay gone not just from TNA or WWE but stay away from wrestling altogether for the love of God!

Now, as far as Hulk Hogan goes, yes this would unfortunately mean that Sting vs. Hogan will not happen at Bound for Glory, not that any of us were really wanting that to happen anyway. Reports are saying that doctors are saying that there is absolutely no way that Hogan can take any sort of fall that would be required to be in a wrestling ring.  After as many back surgeries as Hulk Hogan has had, hell just this year alone, the guy can barely walk to the ring, much less wrestle in one.  The guy shouldn’t be wrestling anymore if he’s had so many back surgeries just to have trouble walking to the ring.   Yeah, I’ve said that TNA has only gotten worse since Hogan and Bischoff showed up. Yes, I’ve said that he changed things that didn’t need to be changed in the first place. Yes, I’ve said he tries too hard to be like Vince McMahon when the problem is that he’s NOT Vince McMahon, he’s Hulk Hogan.  Yeah I’ve said those things and I’ve gone riot act on Hogan anytime he opened his mouth and said something stupid.  However, if Hogan is in fact calling it a career and that is certainly what it seems is going to happen, I’m not piling on the guy for it.

In fact, I actually feel sort of bad for the guy.  I want to believe that a part of him was not ready to let go, that he still had one more good match left in him.  And I think he really wanted to see if Sting and himself could have one more match and make it memorable. But I can also imagine that after so many procedures, operations and surgeries done to his back and to have those same doctors tell you “Sorry, it’s not gonna happen” or something along those lines, it’s gotta be the most heartbreaking thing to hear.  Look, say what you want about Hulk Hogan and believe me, I’ve said plenty about the guy on here and not backtracking or taking back the things I’ve said either.  But you can’t deny what he’s done for the business by putting it on the map in the first place and having some of the most legendary matches in wrestling that are still talked about today. He’s done so much and established quite the legacy for himself, but nothing lasts forever and sadly neither do careers.  Every guy has to walk away at some point and there have been some that walk away on their terms and majority of those that have to walk away because it’s out of their hands. Names like Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Steve Austin, Edge, all had to walk away because of injury.  I’m sure many of us wish that Hulk Hogan could go out on his terms and have one more match, but sometimes you’re stuck with the cards you’re dealt.

Hogan has done a lot for the business and he’s set quite the foundation for it back then.  But for all the veteran wrestlers, sometimes you have to step aside and let the new generation take over.  Sorry to say that Hulk Hogan is no different from those veterans that have to step aside.  You had a great career Hulk and a lot of people are always gonna remember what you did for the business.  But every story has and end and this is that time for you Hulk because the business has kept on going without you in the spotlight. But just because you’re not in the spotlight, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna be remembered.  Its time to let that chapter of pro wrestling that is your legacy to come to an end and to let a new chapter for pro wrestling to begin.


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