Hulk Hogan’s Leaving TNA: Why Now?

With Hulk Hogan on his way out in TNA, you can’t help but wonder why he’s departing now after being in TNA for 2-3 years. Yeah at a glance it looks like it’s health issues and he can’t wrestle anymore, but is it really the only reason?  Why all of a sudden does he decide to just head for the hills? What took him this long to just pack up and run for it?


Hulk Hogan was a big name in his day, but was his reputation, name and legacy enough to elevate TNA to the big time? Looking at the PPV numbers, inconsistent ratings and horrible stories, I think that the answer is one big “Hell Fucking No!” The biggest drawback with Hulk Hogan is not a talker, not in the way that the fans then and now view him as. When people see Hulk Hogan, they remember Hulk Hogan the wrestler, not the talker.




As for Sting vs Hogan, I’ve already said that IF that match happens, it’s not gonna be any good. The damn thing wasn’t any good in 1997 at Starrcade.  Why would this one be any different?  Take a look at Hogan right now. The guy has had more back surgeries than Ric Flair has ex wives.  The Flair vs Sting match wasn’t any good on Impact but you’re not going to see Hogan take any drops off the top rope, do his signature leg drop or even get thrown into the corner.  His back is so shot to hell that it looks like walking down the ramp to the ring is excruciating for him.  I’m even going as far as to bet that patting him on the back would be the equivalent of hitting him in the back with a metal chair. There’s no way this match could headline a PPV like Bound for Glory. It wouldn’t even make it as a main event for Impact.




Of course you can’t look at the situation without thinking about what many have said about Hogan and all his backstage politics, myself included. According to Madden, he thinks there’s no way Hogan will do the job and put Sting over. Top that with “take everything you can, give nothing back” is Hogan’s legacy because he’s always been selfish and that TNA has taken a step backwards since Hogan and Bischoff came to TNA.  ITS NOT RIGHT!!!!! I agree with Mark Madden!!!! What the hell is happening in this world when I actually agree with that asshole?!!! For that alone, Hogan and Bischoff need to go! But as blood curdling as it is, he’s right. TNA didn’t get better because of Hogan. You wanna use the arrivals of Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson and Rob Van Dam as backing for Hogan improving TNA? WRONG!!!!!!  RVD got one push and then nothing. Ken Anderson can’t decide on whether to be a heel or face, just as he can’t hold onto the world title for longer than a month. And do I really need to go into Jeff Hardy and how that mess at Victory Road and how they did nothing to punish him other than send him home and thus, making TNA look stupid? I didn’t think so.




I had said that Hogan being in TNA was a last grab for the spotlight. That Dixie Carter and TNA had hoped that Hogan’s name would bring more attention to TNA. Yeah that’s worked well in the past, just look at Hogan’s celebrity championship wrestling or whatever the fuck that reality show nightmare was called. Ok bad example but he’s got the new midget wrestling show he’s involved in….okay worse example. Well Hogan did attempt to have TNA go against Raw….ok another bad example. Oh who am I kidding? Hogan’s name don’t draw shit anymore!!!!




There are a lot of people, fans and former wrestlers alike who have predicted that this would happen.  That believed that the second that TNA or Impact or whatever the hell you want to call it, failed to put Hogan’s name in lights, he’d go “abandon ship” at the blink of an eye.   WIth Spike reportedly changing the style of their network and having already dropped UFC from their programming, whose to say that they’re not thinking the same thing about TNA? As mentioned before, their ratings are inconsistent and their PPV numbers don’t draw near the quarter of what WWE draws in with their own PPVs.  You wanna talk about how they took out the six-sided ring when Hogan showed up? Yeah, they did that and the majority of fans STILL don’t like it and looked at it as a sign that Hogan was going to ruin the whole thing.  This was never about making TNA any better, but it was just one last attempt to grasp the spotlight that failed miserably because Hogan tried to be a character that he wasn’t and when it came to attracting audiences and drawing in big numbers, he just doesn’t have that appeal anymore.




I give props for what he did for the business in terms of paving the way and laying a foundation down for wrestling.  I just have a problem with what he’s tried to do the last couple years. Exactly how did he make TNA any better? He took out the six sided ring.  He made himself the center of attention every show. He tried to be like Vince McMahon, something that he isn’t.  The X-Division was nearly decimated and reduced to nothing because he was too busy shoving Abyss and the rejects that are Immortal down our throats.  He couldn’t go on Twitter or in interviews without saying something false and/or completely stupid and then backtracking on it when he did. And every single stupid promo that him or Eric Bischoff did was the same blasted thing that we’ve seen before to the point where they might as well have just said “Blah blah blah” because that’s all we were hearing.




Now, I’m not taking back what I’ve said about the guy in saying that I recognize his accomplishments.  But when it comes to TNA and his arrival there, he hasn’t done crap. If you recall with WCW, he split 7 months before that company went under. Are we looking at the same thing here with TNA? Is TNA in deeper trouble than they’re letting on? I guess we’re not going to find out that answer until September 29th where that is supposed to be the last appearance of Hulk Hogan on TNA.  All I know is that from my eyes, I won’t be missing Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff when they depart from TNA because maybe, just maybe, TNA can be brought back to what it used to be where the X-Division and Tag Team Divisions were prominent.  One can hope at least.



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  1. Well what can you say to that? The real truth of the matter is wrestling as a whole is going down the tubes fast… There will always be die hard fans but as we all know all things come to a end and wrestling is going to be one of them…

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