Follow-Up on the interviews with Marion Fontaine and Aaron Draven

Look, as I said before. I’m one of those that piled on Fontaine the second that this whole thing between him and LaBar started.  My first impression was that the guy was overreacting and didn’t take criticism very well.  I’ve even gone as far as to mock his mustache and physical build (Or lack thereof) and tattoos. In his answers to my questions and seeing the man behind the Megastar, I’m one to admit that my opinion on him has changed somewhat.

In the talks that I’ve been privileged to be part of with guys such as Kevin Steen, Prince Nana, Krimson, Aaron Draven and Marion Fontaine,  I’ve definitely learned that just because the guys in the world of indy wrestling don’t get as much mainstream exposure as those in WWE or TNA, doesn’t mean they don’t work just as hard as guys in the mainstream.  In many cases, these guys work even harder.  The phrase of “bigger doesn’t mean better” comes to mind especially in the cases of guys like Aaron Draven or Marion Fontaine.  Maybe they’re not the tallest or the most built physically, but they still demonstrate as much heart as anybody else.

It goes without saying that there’s always that desire in pro wrestling to be at the top, to get the spotlight and to be the main attraction.  Any of the big companies would probably never give such pushes to guys like Fontaine or Draven due to physical limitations. The fact remains that in giving pushes like Fontaine had with the world title in PWO or like Draven did in PWO with the TV title, they’re given those opportunities because the guys in charge see something in them.  They see something that perhaps a lot of us don’t see whether it’s Draven’s skills in the ring or Fontaine’s ability to get the crowd to hate him.  Whatever attributes these guys have, they make it work.

Yes, I was one of those piling on him when the angle with LaBar started up, but now I realize he got the job done in getting heat for it. In short he was getting the job done in getting himself over as a heel for the story and building up to what was a historic moment for PWO.  It just shows that you don’t have to be biggest or the most physically built to have all the talent needed to get your character over in wrestling.  Here’s to hoping that a world title reign ( and in the case of Fontaine, a 2nd one) is in the future in PWO for both men.


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