Jerry Lawler Injured on Raw. Are You Happy, Vince?

By now, everybody knows about Jerry Lawler being hurt following taking a World’s Strongest Slam by Mark Henry.  Top that off with the fact that it wasn’t so much the slam that hurt him, but the fact that the gimmicked table that should’ve given way wasn’t gimmicked prior to this.  I’m starting to think that the only thing that’s more risky than working in a WWE ring is working for Vince McMahon himself.  For years, Sting refused to ever take an offer from the WWE and Vince McMahon. Looking at all the track records of incidents that have happened in the WWE, is it any wonder why he won’t?

Back on the subject at hand, Mark Henry was reportedly pissed about this and I don’t blame him.  Like him or hate him, this guy is in the top spot and he’s worked his ass off to get there. The last thing he wants is to jeopardize it and I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it if he knew that the table wasn’t rigged like it was supposed to be.  Especially in the case of a guy like Mark Henry who has worked as hard as he has to shake the image of being “injury prone” both to himself and guys around him.  When he was partly responsible for getting Batista hurt, that was a huge black eye for him, one he’s tried to shake off.  I’m sure that injuring a 61 year old man is not something he wants to be known for either.

As for whoever was supposed to set that table up and didn’t do it, I got two words of my own for you: Pink Slip!  Why? Because that’s exactly what this numb-nuts deserves to get is unemployment.  But, for all we know, this is how Vinny Mac gets his rocks off is humiliating those that work for him. Just ask Jim Ross on that one.  Is there anything that Vinny Mac HASN’T done to Jim Ross and the guy is pushing his late 50’s to early 60’s, but then again so is Jerry Lawler.

Vince has done everything to Jim Ross from making him kiss Vince’s ass to having to kiss Michael Cole’s foot to getting whipped with a leather trap to putting him in a match where he busted his hand because some douche bag seemed to forget that Jim Ross isn’t a wrestler.  So why this backlash on JR and King? My guess is plain and simple: Because as announcers and as a team,  people remember JR and King but barely remember the days where Vince himself was a play by play man with Jesse Ventura.   In other words, he can’t stand somebody being better than him.  Why else would you put guys that are pushing their 60’s at risk in the ring, where they shouldn’t be in the first place?  Well, other than Vince nowadays looks at whoever is in or around the ring as cattle being lead to slaughter and that any that get hurt or die along the way are just none of his damn concern, but it ought to be.  Than again, what do you expect from a guy who let a PPV continue after a man fell to his death? How does a guy like Vince McMahon sleep at night? Without a heart and/or a soul is my guess, I’m sure he keeps them stashed away along with morality, compassion and a sense of right & wrong.

All I can say about how Jerry Lawler has an injured back because of this fuck-up is this: Are you happy now, Vinny Mac?  Yeah, Lawler made a mistake years ago and left with a woman that kicked him the curb, leaving you high and dry.  There’s your payback for it. Are you satisfied or is that gonna take having either Jerry Lawler or Jim Ross on life support and/or in traction? Does he want Jerry Lawler to come out in a wheelchair and still do his job?  Hell, why don’t you have Mark Henry come out and finish the job and put him on a stretcher this time or have Khali come out and snap JR like a twig so it can be a matched set? Well, maybe not the last part because that would imply that Khali can actually do something in the ring.  Bottom line, with incidents like this and a laundry list of others that I could run down including the Owen Hart incident, I’m starting to think that the thing that is the most hazardous to a WWE Employee’s health is Vince McMahon.



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  1. Booker T hired Mark to injure Lawler so Booker will be on the commentary team… mu-ah-ha-ha-ha!

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