Hell in a Cell is this Sunday. Let Me Know When it’s Survivor Series

I’ve already tackled this topic once before, but with Hell in a Cell looming around the corner and taking place this Sunday, I feel I should take another swing at it.  We just got through with Night of Champions and while it wasn’t a terrible PPV, it wasn’t a great one either.  There was no shock value, the booking was terrible to the point where there were a lot of parts that seemed like a mess.  So what’s the WWE’s solution?  Have another PPV take place 2 weeks after NOC.  Is there anything more half-assed or anything stupider than a PPV that takes place two weeks after we just had one?

One problem I have with the PPV is the WWE Title match between Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and CM Punk.  Look, I was one of those that hated Del Rio as champion so much that I was begging for Cena to win at NOC.  However, if you were just gonna have another title match two weeks later, why even bother having Del Rio drop the belt? Yeah, I’m perfectly aware of what I’m saying here, but seriously, if Del Rio was gonna drop the belt anyway, than what’s another two weeks? Hell, if anything, it might’ve actually made Del Rio as champion seem somewhat interesting by throwing in Punk in the mix.  It couldn’t possibly make it any worse.

As for Mark Henry winning the world title from Randy Orton, it had to happen but now you’re left with a bigger problem. If Orton beat Henry at NOC, it’d damage the cred to Mark Henry’s character and all the momentum put into it for the last couple months.  However, you’re still running that risk if you have it that Henry wins at NOC but drops the belt two weeks later to Orton at Hell in a Cell.  Even if Randy Orton loses, he can rebound from it.  Right now, Smackdown has finally established a good heel character in Mark Henry to be at the top spot, something that it needed after the overuse that the WWE Universe has gotten in Randy Orton vs Christian for the belt.

The biggest problem with this PPV other than rushing storylines together is the fact that it defeats the purpose of why you had the last PPV in the first place.  As mentioned earlier, why bother having Del Rio drop the belt when he and Cena were gonna wrestle again in some fashion two weeks later? If you want this to work, you have to have the PPV stand out on its own and not look like just a continuation of what NOC was to begin with.  The wiser move would be to just leave October as a free month and prep up for Survivor Series, but that’s too much of a logical move for the WWE to actually do and thus they won’t do it.  The best that we can hope for is that Hell in a Cell doesn’t end up being a catastrophe like Over The Limit was earlier this year.


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