Austin Aries, X-Division Champion: The Only Thing TNA has Done Right in Months.

The X-Division is not what it used to be and I can promise you that you won’t find a whole lot of people that would disagree.  Over the last few months, TNA has given a little more focus on the division than what we’ve seen in the last year or two which included bringing in a lot of stars, despite minimal to no effort in signing others that they should’ve signed (Low-Ki, Jack Evans, etc.) but luckily they got it right by picking up Austin Aries.  Then they had Aries defeat Brian Kendrick and become the X-Division Champion.

Aries as the champ of that division is the right call.  You don’t have enough characters in that division.  The last time the X-Division was in prominence, it was when you had a perfect triangle as the focal point in AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe.  Prior to Aries and Kendrick, you had Abyss as the champ as if TNA really expected the crowd to like this move and before that, aside from Kazarian, you had a guy that looks like Jersey Shore reject hold the belt at one point. Those things being pointed out, how can anybody really say that having Aries with the belt is worse?  It’s not worse, why? Because worse was when you put it on Abyss.  Worse is having Brian Kendrick with a gimmick that makes sense to nobody and gets confusion from the crowd as opposed to cheers.  Aries with the belt makes him the top heel in the X-Division and leaves the crowd hungry to see somebody take the belt off of him.

I’m honestly hoping that Aries gets a lengthy title reign as the champ.  Before him, two lengthy X-Division Championship reigns that come to mind were Christopher Daniels and Petey Williams.  Daniels held the belt for 6 months, breaking the 5 month record that Petey Williams had.  Both were great because at the time Daniels was a heel and Petey when he had the belt was a heel and part of the despised stable Team Canada.  We haven’t seen anybody that shined as a top heel in the X-Division in some time.  After those two, you had Samoa Joe for the fact that he tore through everybody because he was that good and felt nobody could match him in the X-Division.  They tried to make Sonjay Dutt one with his stupid Guru gimmick, that didn’t work.  Robbie E., well, did anyone really take that character seriously because I didn’t.  The crowd booed him all right, but only because they thought this was the stupidest thing TNA had done with the division since that stupid Jackass parody with Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.  You’d have figured TNA would have learned not to try and copy something out of MTV after that one, but no because that’s how we got stuck with Robbie E. and Cookie.

Aries knows how to be the cocky, arrogant, hotshot kind of heel as he got a lot of practice during his tenure in ROH and being the only 2 time world champion.  I happen to like the amount of ego he puts into the character and always referring to himself as A-Double.  It works and adds some flair to the X-Division, something it’s been lacking for quite a long time. Now that the division has a top heel in Aries, all you need is to establish a top face for the Division.  You had that once with AJ Styles, but he’s gone way above and evolved past the X-Division, same goes for Joe and Daniels.  So now it leaves TNA having to create a new face for the division. Kendrick could be it if you actually give him a good gimmick. You need to do something with Alex Shelley since Chris Sabin is hurt, give the guy something to do before we see a reunion of the Motor City Machine Guns.  Right call by making Aries the champ, but now TNA has to find a way to capitalize on it.



  1. Just you wati Sean… its only 2 weeks into his title reign. But yes putting the title on him was a great idea. Far better than Brian Kendrick. Wow that dude is crazy.

    • Hey I want to pray that this actually pays off, but even I’ve been wrong before, especially with TNA.

      • Its like I can’t even get excited about anything more than a week with TNA because I’m conditioned to think that whatever I’m excited about will be gone soon. I wasn’t thrilled that the football got the heat with Aries vs Jesse (Randy Orton Jr).

        Aries is a true heel and a standout character. He’s even better than Punk in my opinion, because he doesn’t need to shoot or peak behind the curtain to get over.

      • I know that feeling. That’s why it’s one of those rare cases where reading the Impact spoilers is less painful than having to watch Impact itself. You’ll get no argument from me about Austin Aries as a true heel. I happened to enjoy his last stint in ROH. But with him gone from there, it left ROH without a real big time heel, precisely why they need Kevin Steen back, but that’s another topic.

  2. There are a lot of bad spoilers… like when TNA said where wrestling matters…. they had a 30 second match. So spoilers laughed at it and said nothing changed. Turns out the reality was Joe over Crimson in a squash match. I was very happy.

    I’ve been trying to watch ROH now that they have a show (yet they don’t have TV here in Chicago where their #3 demographic is…) Everything I’ve watched has zero heat and Aries has mega heat. I’ve even watched Daniels stuff and the stuff I’ve seen of him in ROH… he doesn’t generate heat and that’s just sad. He was a totally different character on ROH and I mean that in a negative way.

    • You should be able to watch ROH on their site right now. I don’t get them since I’m in California. But yeah, neither Daniels or even Roderick Strong could generate the same heat Aries did. But Kevin Steen can do that. I can guarantee that. Apart from him the only guy I know that could generate heat in ROH is Nigel McGuinness but he’s not wrestling anymore.

      • I tried to watch a few days ago and you had to pay… which is good for them, but for someone that hasn’t seen it that’s not good. And yep… its still pay for now at least.

        So on Hulk Hogan’s Midget Wrestling this week Roderick Strong played a character… the owner of a frat house who wasn’t going to pay them. So one of the midgets beat him up. I’m not making this up.

        Roderick never generated heat in TNA… but there was a use for him as a solid wrestler.

        You’ve sold me on Stien. I’ve heard the name, but know nothing about him.

      • I weep for Roderick Strong on that one. He is most definitely a solid wrestler and I never bought into him with Truth Martini. It just didn’t work for me. But if you want proof about Kevin Steen, look up the rivalry he had last year with El Generico and if you can, look at his stuff now and stemming from the Best in the World PPV.

  3. You know what…. I hope Sting and Hogan are done after their match at Bound for Glory. I hope they take the $200,000 per year or whatever it is and buy 4 X-Division guys for $30,000 – $40,000 a piece. Then I hope they take those 4 guys and build them up over the next year by having matches. So then in 1 year… there are 4 viable moneymakers…. for $30,000 – $40,000 and shift the focus back to the X-Division…. the guys that for $30,000 a year would do 3 house shows every week. Oh and TNA still saves $280,000.

    Then have all 4 guys revolve around Austin Aries. Leave Brian Kendrick in the dog house because his on screen personality is counter productive. Kendrick is a guy that could be mega over and a strong valiant face for the company. Never say die, making great matches and stealing the show… but no he’s bat shit insane.

    Kid Kash is fantastic right now. He’s old school and that’s great. Jesse Saurunsun… nothing wrong with him, but he’s green.

    Then Daniels, KAZ and Shelley… put them in the X-Division. Make it rockin’. There’s so much they can do with that division.

    Rant over….

    • You left out one part, how bout “And For God’s Sake, make Samoa Joe the wrecking machine he used to be again.” I’m not even watching impact anymore. I can’t stomach it and believe me I’ve tried.

      • lol I was only ranting about X-Division. I don’t think Joe, AJ or RVD should be in the X-Division. The thing with Joe I think they’re burying him because of that shoot on Scott Hall years ago… yeeeeeaaaars ago. That’s when it started, but now its gone into a losing streak.

        Or maybe they put him under because the fans still try to believe in him. Just like Zack Ryder… the fans will always keep him over.

        Here’s the catch with the losing streak. Sure its fun to bury a guy you hate. But every guy has a dollar value lets say or a stock value. If a guy is worth $100 you job him out give $20 to AJ, $20 to Daniels, $20 to RVD, $20 to Pope $20 to Abyss…. So there’s $0 left right??? Here’s what TNA doesn’t realize. Since Joe (or anyone in his position) has $0… when you job him out the company makes up the negative. So people end up hating the company for it, because they pay the price when one of their guys falls that far.

        TNA is only worth something if their workers are worth something.

        Maybe I should go write Dixie Carter using that analogy…..

      • True but I’ve gotten to the point where I think Dixie Carter is such a moron that it would shock people if she could read

  4. So anyway… don’t job Joe out… just keep him off TV and that will unintentionally build money in his value…. or he could win but whatever.

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  6. I think no one gives her credit for just what an evil businesswoman she is. She bounces checks… doesn’t have medical insurance for her employees… oh and Jesse Neal is on food stamps…. She keeps bringing back Jeff Hardy even though he ruins PPV main events. Maybe she was blind when she first started, but after 7 years I’m sure she knows what’s going on….

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