Come Correct When You Cross This Shark.

When I started writing on here, I said you can either agree or you can disagree with what I say. I don’t care which it is and even I knew I would get a couple of haters along the way.  Mike Killam is one, Madden I dislike greatly and then today I came across THIS little gem of stupidity regarding my bashing of Hulk Hogan in TNA.  A goofy little number named Shannon who actually said this to me regarding it: 
I don’t know a lot of people that are true wrestling fan’s that hate wrestling to the point they bitch about TNA and if it’s not TNA it’s WWE. If you think either show is boring you should’ve been around for Stampede wrestling “NOW” that was boring. Chance’s are let me guess Shawn Williams is probably 20 to 27 and hasn’t seen any bad wrestling promotion in his life prior to Raw is War and WCW Nitro period. If you hate TNA why watch it? If you hate WWE why watch it? Quit being lazy and change the channel. If you or anyone else could do a better job why not apply to TNA or WWE get a job in writing storylines cause frankly this one sucks.
First off, honey,  if you’re gonna put caps and quotations around part of a sentence, make sure you get the right one.  Second, I watched USWF,  AWA, NWA and Stampede and yes, I found them boring but it was a different time in wrestling.  Third, why do I watch if I hate it? It’s called being a critic, dumbass!!! Maybe you’ve heard of them, it’s the same people that review movies, books, TV shows, etc.  Also, if you’re gonna rag on my ass, try actually spelling my name right, jackass.  Oh, and as far as why not apply for TNA or WWE and saying quit being lazy and changing the channel, really?  Is THAT really what you’re going to throw at me, bimbo? You want to go hater on me, that’s your call but if you’re gonna talk smack to me, you better do a lot better than that or just waste somebody else’s time, sweetheart.  Cause I’m not going anywhere and if WWE or TNA or ROH or any other form of wrestling has something happen, I’m gonna write about it whether you like or not.  The only thing worse than a hater is a stupid hater.  Sweet dreams, sweetheart.  NEXT!!!!!!

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