Jimmy Uso Arrested for a DUI

Jimmy Uso, one half of the WWE’s Uso Brothers, was arrested for a DUI charge. According to reports, Uso whose real name is Jonathan Fatu, was arrested at 3 am this morning after police saw him driving on the wrong side of the road. In addition to that, ABCActionNews.com reported that Uso’s blood alcohol level was .180, double the legal limit of .08 in the state of Florida.

Am I the only one getting sick of things like this happening? How many stories linked to alcohol or some kind of substance problem have we seen this year alone? Whether it be guys like Alex Riley, Kurt Angle or the Hardys, we’ve seen some story like this take place. Of course in the case of guys like Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy, little to nothing happens due to their main event status on the roster.  For somebody like Uso, this leaves no room for error because in most situations, the higher ups would have no problem in dropping a low level guy from the roster altogether for something like this.

Now does this mean I put Jimmy Uso in the same category as either Matt or Jeff Hardy? Not even close.  If anything, it’s just sad and disappointing that this had to happen.  Primarily because I happen to like the Usos as a tag team and with the WWE starting to give some attention back to the tag team division again, I figured that this was going to lead to a possible tag team title run for the Jimmy and Jey Uso.  But of course, that was all before this happened so right now, good luck trying to get that to happen.

With all these incidents taking place, we need to see something done within wrestling companies like WWE and TNA.  Well, probably more of a chance of that with WWE than with TNA.  The words TNA and Discipline go together just as well as the words “wrestling matters.” The big question though is what is the WWE gonna do about this?  Do they suspend Uso since it was a first offense or do they go past that?  For both Jimmy and Jey Uso, I’m hoping that it’s just the suspension because if not and Jimmy gets fired, then the Usos will be nothing more than a team that got split up and fell apart before they could become something big.


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