AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels: A Rivalry Rekindled (Thank God)

So Christopher Daniels has turned heel and it seems that him and AJ Styles are picking up where they were years ago when they were fighting over the X-Division title.  So here’s another move that TNA is actually doing right is having one of the premiere rivalries of the X-Division take place once again.  So that’s two moves that TNA has actually done right and they were both involving the X-Division.  That and it’s about damn time TNA started investing some time in these two.

There are a lot of reasons why I like this taking place and one of them involves Christopher Daniels as a heel.  He works better as one and you recall the time where he was the X-Division champion and he was the top heel of the division, it was perfect because it worked.  He was cocky and arrogant and acted like he was the big shot of the whole division.  The only guy you had that was able to match up to him and that he could never seem to truly beat was AJ Styles.  Those two in their feud had two of the best Ironman Matches to take place in wrestling. If you need further evidence, look at the times where they main evented in the Triple Threat matches between AJ, Daniels and Samoa Joe.  You had the 3 best that the X-Division had to offer going at it, so there is no way that you couldn’t have a good match with those 3 guys butting heads.

You also have the perfect backing for having a new feud between Styles and Daniels. That being a hidden jealousy of Daniels for the fact that no matter what he did in the ring, Styles always seemed to be one step ahead of him.  You can top that off with a desire to prove that he’s the better of the two.  It works because if you look at it, how many times has AJ Styles been the world heavyweight champion in  TNA? Including both the NWA and TNA eras, that’s 4 times.  Daniels has never once held the TNA World Heavyweight Title.  He’s held the X-Division and the Tag Team titles, but AJ Styles was able to be a step ahead of him by winning the world title and even being the only Triple-Crown and Grand Slam Champion in the history of TNA.  There’s plenty of backing for Daniels to turn against AJ.

Christopher Daniels has held all the other belts in TNA with the exception of the Global/TV/Legends title (if that even counts as a belt anymore).  Even when he went back to Ring of Honor, Daniels failed to win the World Title there as well.  That alone stands as the biggest black eye is the fact that no matter how many belts Daniels held, AJ Styles was able to get the big one in TNA.   As far as the whole “What about Fortune” question, do people even recognize Fortune as a stable anymore?  It seems that for the most part, people forgot about that group, so it shouldn’t be a problem to have Styles and Daniels collide.

Now, would adding those two back in the X-Division be a good thing? It would help the division for sure, but it shouldn’t happen because AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, much like Samoa Joe, have evolved past the X-Division.  If you’re going to have these guys fighting each other over a belt, why not let it be the world title?  And if you’re gonna say that Daniels isn’t ready to main event, says who? If AJ Styles has held the world title on more than one occasion, there is no reason that Christopher Daniels shouldn’t be in that picture. Besides, TNA should be more focused on moving up the younger guys anyway. I mean the fact that they’re pushing Bobby Roode is a start, but you need to make sure all the younger guys get a shot at it.

Having AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels fighting in the main event and even for the world title is a money match.  Neither of these guys when they’re in the ring together know how to put on a bad match.  I’m glad that this rivalry is starting up again because it was one of the few forms of good pro wrestling that TNA still has right now.  I just hope they don’t find a way to screw this one up like they have so many other things over the last 2 years.


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