The WWE Championship Belt: From Prestigious to Worthless

Championship belts, we’ve all seen them and we’ve always believed that they meant something.  Take a good look at what you see below:

All of them had some kind of prestige to it, even if the guys behind the scenes viewed it as nothing more than a prop. Hell even when we had the Smoking Skull belt for Stone Cold, the fans still bought into it like it still carried the same prestige to it. The last belt shown, the “undisputed title” was a welcome change and nobody had a problem with it.  Of course, that was before they slapped the belt on JBL and then everything went to hell because you had more worthy and believable wrestlers who people could buy as a champion having to put the guy over. Guys like Kurt Angle and Booker T and even the Big Show.  You don’t believe me that this was a sign of things taking a turn for the worst, take a good look at exhibit A.

Behold the monstrosity that is the WWE Spinner Belt.  A belt that was a customized title for one John Cena. The only problem was that it should’ve been worn ONLY by John Cena just as Stone Cold Steve Austin was the only one to wear the Smoking Skull belt.  But that wasn’t the case and the WWE just got lazy and decided not to make a new belt or go back to the previous one.  Take a good look at the one that Edge ended up having at one point:

All they did was change the logo, but it’s like moving dog shit from the front yard to the backyard. Yeah, the location is different but it still stinks.  We’ve had to suffer this belt for  years and had to try and stomach seeing a toy belt being held by guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H, Batista, The Miz, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk and act like there was still some prestige to it, despite the fact that goddamn thing looked like the prize you find in a box of Cracker Jacks. Even JBL tried to get the damn thing back when it was still in its spinning glory and all you could think was “What the hell for?”

Just when you thought that belt couldn’t look any cheaper than it already does, enter the main event from Hell in a Cell.  John Cena lost the belt to CM Punk at Money in the Bank and then a tournament was held to determine a new champion where Rey Mysterio won….ONLY to lose to John Cena the same night.  Punk returns leading to Summerslam and beats Cena to be the undisputed champion but only to have Del Rio cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and become champion. Then Del Rio loses at Night of Champions to John Cena and then tonight wins it back TWO WEEKS after he lost the belt.  That’s a total of 7 times that we’ve seen the belt change hands in some way or another since July.

Yeah, we get that the belt is a prop but the whole thing that made the belt look the way that it did was that the crowd never thought of it as a prop.  To the majority of wrestling fans, a championship belt holds the same value as the Stanley Cup in Hockey or a Super Bowl ring in the NFL.  It’s like a medal of honor for pro wrestling to many fans and when a guy has that belt, it means something. But right now thanks to HIAC and the constant title changes over the last 3-4 months, the WWE Title has become worthless to the point where you’re surprised that they didn’t just take a stick of Juicy Fruit and say; “THIS is the new WWE Championship belt.”  I can promise you that would be less painful.

The way the WWE is slowly killing themselves and every aspect about themselves one by one just boggles the mind.  You have recycled/tired/old stories, new and lousy character like Lauranitis and Cole, and now your main championship isn’t worth crap.  So now, the belt is viewed the same way that the guys in the back view it as:  A prop.  So now that the main belt has been cheapened into nothing but an on-screen prop, then tell me what the point is of the WWE Championship matches and what the hell these guys in those matches are even fighting for anymore.



  1. Hey hey sharky. Yeah the WWE title is pretty worthless. Changed hands 7 times in 10 weeks. The Heavyweight title is only slightly more prestiegeous… but it flipped hands a lot. WWE should put a freeze on all title changes until Wrestlemania and then at Mania only 1 should change hands even if people expect a cluster to change….

    • I think that after 6 months, that’s fine. But 7 times in 10 weeks is too much. I didn’t think it was possible to make the WWE Title look cheaper than it already does

      • I would say make it change hands every week… but they did that…

      • Yeah. They might as well change it from Raw and call it Monday Nitro.

  2. Maybe they just want HHH to look bad so we beg Vince to return… which ultimately will happen…. But uggg…. the top teir titles should be held by guys for a year. The middle titles for 6 months and the tag or low end belts 3 months. Then shuffle the newly lost champions around. But uggg… whatever companies do what they want to do with props.

    • Funny thing is that I’m one of those that’s begging for Vince McMahon to NOT return. The only thing I’m begging for is for Johnny Ace or whatever the hell he calls himself off of WWE TV

      • I have had this thing that I laugh at every once in a while… Vince took a nothing company and made it into a global empire… so he wants to destroy it so HHH & Steph can do the same thing.

  3. Crazy thing is that it could very well be true

  4. They’re fighting for our money now..WWE is now just a moving catalog.

    • Now look at their dilemma at Vengeance. Last Man Standing match with John Cena vs Del Rio again in a feud that nobody cares about because there’s no substance to it. Del Rio loses, that’s yet another quick title change that makes the belt look even cheaper AND further damages Del Rio as a legit title holder because this will make him look like the only 2 time champion with title reigns shorter than Ken Anderson. But, if they have Del Rio win, kiss the whole nostalgia of “super Cena” goodbye because it’ll be tough to pull that off with having somebody get one over on Cena.

    • Better yet WWE is another home shopping program with the wrestlers as show models.

      • If that is what WWE is, TNA has become that cheap DVDs and car merchandise you find at a 7-11

  5. Watch Wwe more Closely and tell me they don’t try to sell you stuff more then they wrestle…Tna maybe that, but I dont watch it(no cable) I watch my WWE on youtube.

  6. Dx tried to sell me WWE Allstars while I was playing Wwe Allstars.

  7. I’ll right away seize your rss as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me realize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

    • On this site is a link for my podcast. You can subscribe to that

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