TNA Re-Signing Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Confirms TNA Deserves to Fail

Reports are running around on the internet about Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have both re-signed with TNA.  This move has taken place before their contracts were set to expire.  All I can for TNA is that they deserve to wallow in the state that they’re in right now.  Top that off with the fact that they deserve to fail miserably and I will be pointing and laughing when that happens. Why? Because re-signing Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff is the stupidest move that they could’ve done and yet at the same time, I really shouldn’t have been shocked by this at all.  In fact, I should’ve expected nothing less from either Hogan, Bischoff or TNA.

You would think that TNA would’ve figured it out by now. Not only have they not figured it out, but it’s looking more and more likely that they will NEVER figure out how to make their product work.  And by figuring it out, I mean realizing that they have the talent and have always had the talent, but they’re obsessed with getting figures of the past and picking up whoever the WWE spit up.  Hulk Hogan is not the draw he once was and yet TNA can’t seem to realize that.  As far as Eric Bischoff goes, the guy has not come up with one good idea in over a decade and his only trump card that he has (and doesn’t work anymore) is saying; “But I created the NWO in WCW.”  Yeah, you did and that was 20 years ago and people don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.  Back to Hogan, that match with him and Sting is gonna be horrible. Hogan can’t wrestle anymore and we all know that.  So what does TNA do in knowing that the guy can’t do it in the ring anymore? Simple, they try to make the guy a talker and it turns out that he can’t even do that either.  Setting aside that nobody wants to remember Hulk Hogan as just a mouthpiece, the problem is that Hogan can’t cut a promo to save his own life.  When it comes to promos, Hogan, Bischoff and Ric Flair all sound on the microphone the same as how they look: Old.

I was heading into Bound for Glory thinking that maybe things were gonna change for the better. Bobby Roode is more than likely gonna end up with the world title, something new and fresh that many wrestling fans have seen.  But no, we’re all stuck with Hogan and Bischoff for longer and that is more than likely gonna mean the same thing with Ric Flair. And don’t tell me about Russo being demoted because it doesn’t matter what position he has because as long as he’s on the payroll for TNA, that’s a problem.  TNA is now to the point where they’re as beyond redemption in wrestling as NXT.  Not to mention that the so-called “Impact Wrestling” is as unwatchable as NXT.  The only difference is that at least networks were smart enough to not allow that piece of crap on their network.

There’s still been no confirmation that Spike is going to keep TNA on their line-up.  UFC isn’t gonna be on it anymore and TNA has inconsistent ratings so why would Spike TV want to keep it? Yeah, it’s pro wrestling but unfortunately for Spike TV, it’s godawful pro wrestling.  TNA has now become to pro wrestling what the XFL was to football, namely a disaster.  And like many fans that know what the phrase “Wrestling Matters” really means, I now look at TNA believing that TNA has no chance at redemption or success.  For years, TNA has been compared to WCW and now, it’s come full circle and TNA officially has become the second coming of WCW.  And much like with WCW, TNA’s funeral will have many guys out of work, but it will have Hogan, Bischoff, Flair and Russo all grinning like kids at Disneyland because they will be carrying in their pocket the blood money they drained from TNA Wrestling.


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