Sting vs Hogan is Pretty Much Official. So Now What, TNA?

Even if you didn’t watch Impact on Thursday, you had to have had a good idea that Hulk Hogan and Sting was gonna happen at Bound For Glory.  The match is supposed to be NO DQ and in a recent article, Hogan has said that he’s not going to take any bumps in the match.  Top it off with the premise of this match being that this is how Dixie Carter will regain control of TNA and thus, culminate what was a year’s worth of bad storyline that we’ve dealt with since Bound for Glory last year.  Of course, that was prior to having Hogan and Bischoff both re-sign with TNA, leaving one to wonder what this is gonna mean for the outcome of the match and if anything will change.

Sting is 52 and has been carrying on with this whole “Joker Sting” gimmick for the last couple of months.  As for why he keeps doing it, what else is he gonna do? Seriously, if you got a better idea for Sting, I’m sure he’s all ears too.  Besides, with how long he’s been with TNA and it’s still at the same spot that it was at years ago, anybody would go crazy. And as for Hulk Hogan, I’ve already said it before that he’s 58 and the guy has had more back surgeries than Ric Flair has ex-wives.  The guy can’t wrestle, can barely walk to the ring, and he can’t cut a promo for shit anymore.  The guy sucks the life out of anything the second he grabs a microphone and contrary to what a lot of people think, his name is not the big draw that it used to be.  His “Celebrity Championship Wrestling” and that micro wrestling or whatever the hell it is, should be clear evidence of that.

Back to the match itself, if Hogan can’t or won’t take any bumps during this match, then whats the point of even having it altogether?  Exactly what is he going to do in this match exactly? The only thing that would make this worse would if TNA decided to go for the gold in stupidity and actually tried to make this a main event.  That would suck in two ways and the other, apart from the obvious train wreck that is this match, is that if you make the match the main event, you kill any thunder or momentum for Bobby Roode should he win the world title from Kurt Angle.

Another big problem is that Sting wins and Dixie Carter is back in charge, what do you do with Hogan and Bischoff? They will pretty much serve no purpose whatsoever. They can’t deliver promos as both guys are boring as hell on the microphone.  So what do you do with them? What was the point of even re-signing those two in the first place if you knew that Hogan couldn’t do much of anything and that Bischoff really can’t do or create anything successful?

So TNA, the ball is in your court and we’re waiting to see what you actually do with it.  There are still some that are hoping you guys know what you’re doing, but those numbers are growing slimmer by the day.  Here’s hoping that TNA knows what they’re doing, but considering their past moves the last couple years, this is one shark who isn’t holding his breath on that one.



  1. I hope Sting vs Hogan goes on at the middle of the PPV and Roode vs Angle is on top. Hogan vs Sting will involve a million run ins, blood, bad wrestling and when its all over and done with hopefully Hogan will just be a face and be used sparingly. If anything this match should be Sting vs all of Immortal to hide Hogan.

    Like when Raven vs Saturn in WCW or Raven vs Goldberg in WCW. These matches were incredible due to all of the overbooking craziness. Weapons, runins, run aways and so on. Its what Hogan vs Sting needs to succeed when Hogan’s not able to take bumps.

    • if the rumors are true that Hogan and Bischoff re-signed for 2 more years with TNA, I’m predicting TNA will be dead within that time.

      • The only way TNA will die is if Spike pulls the plug. Then if that happens, TNA might cut all their big name talent to stay a float. Rumor has it that Spike pays for Sting, Bischoff & Hogan and other guys. But Spike won’t pull the plug because it does the best ratings… and TUF slowly slides downhill from the start of each season.

        Even if Panda Energy pulls out… Spike would buy TNA.

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