Bobby Roode: Loyalty Given to TNA with TNA Offering No Loyalty in Return.

If there’s anything to take out of the main event from Bound for Glory, it’s that TNA really doesn’t have a clue on how to reward their most loyal.  Everyone in the wrestling community is wondering why exactly TNA dropped the ball and decided to let Kurt Angle go over Bobby Roode. Now word is going around that TNA is looking to give Jeff Hardy another shot at a title reign as a means of “pleasing him.”

Pleasing Jeff Hardy? What the hell for? Call me crazy but shouldn’t he be the one trying to please TNA? He is the one that screwed up and is lucky that they were either too lazy or too stupid to fire his ass in the first place.  The guy should be lucky that he still has a job and yet, TNA is actually considering to give him the top spot over a guy who has been loyal from day one and paid his dues in Bobby Roode? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Bobby Roode has taken every chance that was given to him and never once took it for granted.  He stuck with the stable of Team Canada. He let himself be paired with Traci Brooks and than after her Peyton Banks. He stewed around in an angle that went nowhere with Eric Young and then a similar feud with Booker T involving Booker’s wife. He teamed with former AMW rival James Storm to form Beer Money and later on becoming part of Fortune.  The guy made the most out of everything he was given and paid his dues.

The BFG series was a failure and it looked like there might have been a sign that it paid off when they started to push Bobby Roode. They spent weeks prepping this guy up for Bound For Glory. This was his moment to rise up and become a main eventer.  TNA wouldn’t even give him 10 stupid minutes to have what should’ve been by all rights a decent main event match between Roode and Angle.  Roode is healthy and was more than ready for this and despite that Kurt Angle was not only walking into the match injured, but also needed help after the match, you still have TNA keep the belt on Angle.

And for what reason? For who? Because Hulk Hogan flapped his senile trap again saying that the guy wasn’t ready?  Because you’d rather give the belt to a guy who showed up to a main event drugged out of his mind and got 10 days in jail for his drug charges?  You’re really gonna give Jeff Hardy the keys to the kingdom again so soon?   There is always the possibility that Roode could win on Impact or at another PPV, but it’s too late for that because the damage is done.  You made the guy look like he was all hype and that all those weeks spent to build up Bobby Roode into a main evener was all for nothing, much like his loyalty to TNA all these years has been all for nothing because despite his loyalty and paying his dues, they still chose to screw over one of their own.


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