WWE: The Good, The Bad, and the Monkey

Those of you that have read my work know how I feel about the WWE and their use of Michael Cole’s heel character. I think it’s over the top, overexposed, irritating and a distraction to anything and everything going on in the ring.  I think that the guy can’t act worth a damn and he damn sure can’t sell a move.  Hell we already know that the shaved ape can’t even remember the names of moves.  I think his character has run its course and the fact that the WWE keeps shoving it into the faces of fans who are sick to death of him is just stupid as hell.

That being said, here we go with this past Mondays’ Raw and Cole’s whole tirade where he yet again gets up on the announcer’s table to further make an ass out of himself. The monkey issues a challenge to Jim Ross calling it the “Michael Cole Challenge” or as I like to call it, the WWE’s sure fire way to get people to mute the TV or change the channel. The only thing people could actually care about is the stipulation which states that if Cole loses, Jim Ross gets his spot back at the announcer’s table and Cole will quit the WWE.

My thoughts on this are pretty limited other than Jim Ross has to win this because this crap has to end.  I’m fed up with Cole ruining both Raw and Smackdown and this crap has been going on for almost 2 years. It needs to end and it needs to end now and not even the WWE can be stupid enough to not realize that the fans want him back.  Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler mesh well together as a team and the three man announce team has not been working for any of the shows.  Cole has outlived his usefulness with his character, especially at the announcer’s table because he’s only proven that when he’s being his waste of space of a character, he can’t call matches to save his own life.

So, Cole losing this match and JR getting his rightful spot back is the good, here’s the bad of it even though it is only a possible outcome.  What if this is the WWE’s way of getting the monkey off of the announcer’s table and making him the new Raw GM? Yeah, I know it’s scary thought as the WWE has made this guy into a character that the WWE Universe hates worse than Vickie Guerrero and that’s saying a lot.  The right move would be to take this guy off of TV, especially when it gets closer to Wrestlemania because if you recall at the press conference for Mania when he hosted it, he got booed so much and so loud that they had trouble getting through it.  I’m sure that the WWE doesn’t want that happening again, no should they because the good heels are able to generate heat, but not to the point where they can’t do their job.

Top off that possibility of JR getting his spot back with the announcement of the first Downloadable Content for WWE 12.  Some names that are supposed to be featured are Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Shawn Michaels, and the shrieking monkey himself Michael Cole.  So in other words, people that play this game will now have the chance to make the sniveling little prick pay for the last two years that he’s ruined the broadcast team for the WWE.  I can promise you that there are plenty of people who will be playing this game and will want to smack the crap out of the bastard.  I know because I will be one of those people and I’m oh so looking forward to that with the only disappointment being that I won’t be able to smack him around in real life.  But I’ll take what I can get as I imagine that game and think that if Michael Cole wants to act like a sniveling, whining, crying, shrieking, squeaky voiced, bad haircut sporting, cheap suit wearing, looking something a Pee-Wee Herman doll spit up, annoying little bitch, than come WWE 12 he’s gonna beaten around like one, something that I’m sure a ton of people feel that getting the crap kicked out of him is EXACTLY what he deserves.  Hell, he deserves that and to be off of WWE TV as much as John Laryngitis deserves a WWE Pink Slip.


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