Giving Eric Bischoff the Spotlight Only Shines on the Fact that he’s a Moron.

I’m amazed at the fact that I’m even writing so much about TNA this week, considering I’m one of those that has completely thrown in the towel with it.  But after watching off of the TNA website out of morbid curiosity, only to find that they actually closed their show with the IWC’s favorite bastard Eric Bischoff and his son Garrett confronting each other. The show ended with Ric Flair, or the crypt keeper, it’s hard to tell the difference these days, beating down Garrett and the show ending with the closing spot on Ric Flair and Eric Dicksmoke.

So, let me see if I have this correct: Your final segment of the show features the oldest relic on the TNA roster who doesn’t seem to know when to quit or what he’s even in TNA for to begin with (which is funny since none of us know what his role in TNA is either), and a pro wrestling plague who already company and having them standing in the spotlight with a guy who is just barely getting started in the business.  Top that off with the fact that you’re having that over what was the actual main event in Samoa Joe v. Bobby Roode because somehow, the Internet hater that is Bischoff still somehow believes that the hotter commodities in TNA are the ones that are pushing 50 and above. Did I leave out anything?

WCW had a lot of names to its reputation that lead to a lot of criticism and ridicule towards the end. One of them was being considered the retirement home of TNA because you had guys like Hogan and Flair who were past their prime still hogging the spotlight.   At least when he was in WCW, Flair knew what his role was as opposed to TNA where I’m not sure even Flair knows what his role is anymore because I don’t think he or anybody else knows what he’s supposed to be anymore.  It’s like he’s gone from being a wrestler to a manager to semi-retired wrestler to just being a decrepit old fart who screams into a microphone until his voice gives out on him and his voice sounds so raspy, you’d almost confuse him for Johnny Ace.  So, in all that consists of Eric Bischoff’s delusional mind, somehow he thinks people want still see Ric Flair in a ring? Or for that matter while we’re on the subject of Bischoff’s delusions, he thinks people actually want to see him?  Nobody gave a rat’s ass about him when he was WCW, nor did anyone give a damn about him when he was the “General Manager” of Raw and went from facing off with Vince McMahon to kissing his ass and calling it ice cream to Vinny Mac’s face.

Let me breakdown how Eric Bischoff thinks:

“Oh forget the fact that TNA has young talent.  Forget guys like AJ Styles who has done the main event picture before or Samoa Joe who for whatever reason we keep seeming to bury. Forget about guys like Christopher Daniels, James Storm or Bobby Roode who are just aching for the right chance to be at the top. Nevermind all that when we have guys like Ric Flair, I mean  he’s in his 60’s and sounds like he’s gasping for air on the microphone but who cares? And what about Hulk Hogan? Yeah I know he can’t walk but come on, it’s the Hulkster.  Yeah I made mistakes in WCW but give me a break. I created the NWO and saved WCW.  Yeah it still went under and I’m working for Vince Russo again, but just because I’m doing the same things that caused WCW to go under doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. Now I gotta go start a fight with the IWC and call them 10-percenters some more.”

Instead of making a rising wrestling product, Bischoff seems to have a hard-on over the thought of making TNA wrestling’s newest retirement home.  Don’t believe me on this one? Well, tell me why Bobby Roode wasn’t given a proper main event match as opposed to one that wasn’t even 10 minutes? Why has Samoa Joe gone from being the wrecking machine that dominated the X-Division to barely relevant anymore?  Why hasn’t AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels for that matter tasted gold in TNA in a long time?  WCW full circle is all I can say, and yes it sounds like a broken record, but it doesn’t make it less true.


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