WWE has gone Twitter-Happy

If there is one word that I could use to describe the raging hard-on that WWE and Vince McMahon have for Twitter as of late, that word would be “desperate.” They realize that their PPVs and the ratings are tanking right now and they’re looking for a quick-fix. Only problem is that as proven with the way they rush through stories and angles, they don’t have the patience for anything short of a quick-fix. That’s a shame because the problems that the WWE can’t be solved with a quick-fix and even if it could, the constant promotion of Twitter is not it.

Also, does anyone else notice that there seems to be more promotion for twitter than there is actual matches? With bringing in people/characters like John Laryngitis, Monkey Cole and Vickie Guerrero and now bringing in the constant promos for twitter and what’s trending, WWE seems to think what is entertaining in their eyes is what seems to pester and annoy.what other reason could there be for those people or for twitter? Boots to asses, huh? In the case of how Raw has become an infomercial for twitter, here’s a trend for you Vinny Mac. It’s something called #rawisgarbage.

So to sum up a lot of WWE but mostly Raw, they seem to enjoy hyping things up and never delivering in them like Brodus Clay. They like to shove Michael Cole and John Laryngitis down our throats and think “so what if they hate them? At least it’s a reaction.” it’s a problem because that your crush on twitter seems to be killing the ratings. And no it’s not because your product is not getting enough awareness. People are aware of your product and just not giving a damn about it. They like a lot of people that the WWE ignores are fed up with WWE going borderline infomercial with twitter, hyping up things only to never have them happen, crappy stories and everything else that consists of the WWE as of late.

Eric Bischoff is a parasite and hates the hell out of the IWC, but at least he’s upfront about it. WWE has taken shots of their own against the Internet, but yet the way they’re kissing ass to twitter is like they’re in their hands and knees in front of the IWC begging and pleading, saying; “Please watch us. Please!!! I always said that they need us a lot worse than we need them. Right now, all the praise and ass-kissing for twitter is proving it right. Vinny Mac should listen carefully because if he does, he will be able to hear everybody else pointing and laughing at the WWE and at him.


CM Punk is the new WWE Champion: The Good and The Bad

There are few people that you’re going to find that watch wrestling that don’t favor the current character for CM Punk, especially with a lot of what he says when he gets the microphone is what many of us have been thinking with wrestling, especially the WWE for the last couple of years.  I happen to be one of those that are in favor of Punk and I’m happy that he is the champion. I happen to think that CM Punk getting the strap is the 2nd thing that the WWE has done right next to giving the WHC to Mark Henry.  I’m still skeptic about Punk having the belt for a few reasons.

The biggest reason being that while having Punk at the top is a good move, you also take whatever you’ve put into Alberto Del Rio and made the two times that he has held the belt be nothing short of a complete waste of time.  Given, I’m one of those that doesn’t get the hype surrounding Alberto Del Rio and anytime that I’ve watched the guy wrestle, I’m just not impressed at all.  Then again, I was never impressed with JBL during his WWE Title reign that lasted a year but that was because I was fed up of seeing guys like Undertaker, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Booker T having to put the guy over. Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of Del Rio’s gimmick, personal ring announcer, promos or his cross arm-bar finisher that doesn’t strike me as anywhere near the caliber of most submission moves.  It’s like trying to make the sleeper hold look like a legitimate hold again (setting aside Dolph Ziggler).

So, in short, WWE has now made Alberto Del Rio’s “Money in the Bank” win more forgettable than when Jack Swagger won it.  Both of Del Rio’s title runs were so brief that I’m surprised that this wasn’t TNA and he wasn’t Ken Anderson.  Not to mention when he actually does wrestle, you rarely see him actually win without interference of some kind.  That’s the biggest problem with when they put a heel as a champion is that with the exception of Mark Henry (setting aside Survivor Series), the WWE seems to be afraid to actually have a heel champion win on his own.  That was the biggest problem when they gave the belt to The Miz and they did the exact same thing with Del Rio because he couldn’t seem to go one match without Ricardo “GOAL!!!” Rodriguez sticking himself in the match somehow.

Back to the subject of CM Punk, one other problem is that the only way for this to work is to let CM Punk actually be CM Punk. Just let him be the pipe bomb and let him do the very thing that got him over in the first place. Because what he does and what he says on the microphone works and you know something else, I want my damn WWE ice cream bar too! But the big question is whether or not the WWE will actually LET CM Punk do his own thing when he gets a microphone.  He can sell it on the microphone, we all know that he can and it’s why he is in the position that he’s at right now.  Unfortunately, the WWE doesn’t like to give full control to anybody, especially with a wrestler who wants full control over his character and how it comes off on TV. It comes down to whether or not Vince has the stones to actually bite the bullet and just let somebody do it their way because it’s the only way that you’re going to have CM Punk keep going up with his character and prove to those that still doubt him that he can be in the main event picture.

Breaking Down Survivor Series

Another Survivor Series has come and gone, but I can promise you that a lot of the previous versions had more effort in building up for the PPV than this one did.  Following this past Monday’s edition of Raw, there was very little to expect as those 3 unwatchable hours set the bar pretty low. Nevertheless, it’s November, the PPV has already taken place, so now it’s my turn to give my own two cents on Survivor Series.

-John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler: Was there anybody that DID think that Morrison was gonna win this? Seriously, was there?  I love both these guys and think that they have great skill and a big future if given the right push. But with rumors going around about Morrison being on his way out and that he doesn’t want to re-sign and WWE doesn’t want to re-sign him, this match was only going to help in elevating Ziggler and nothing more.  You had the event in New York, it would have been a better move to give Zack Ryder the shot at the belt.  Yeah I know Ryder came out and laid out Ziggler, but you still could’ve used him a lot better than that.  You’re just delaying the inevitable, WWE. Ryder is over with the crowd and right now, your best option is to give him a mid-card belt and see what he can really do.

-Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres:  Once again, nobody thought Beth was going to lose this one. And making the match a lumber jill match only showed how much the WWE has reduced the Divas division.  I half expected the only ones to be out there to be Natalya and Kelly Kelly with the way that division has shrunk.  Eve has moves and some talent, nobody’s questioning that. The problem is that there’s no build-up and no story here.  And honestly, the obsession that Beth and Natalya have for trying to get either Kelly or Eve or who knows what over Diva to cry, it’s just cheap heat.  Seriously, we go from bimbos with Lay-Cool to bitches with Natalya and Beth.

-Team Barrett vs Team Orton:  I get that the WWE is trying to push Wade Barrett once again after the Corre and the Nexus tanked. I just don’t buy into the guy, I really don’t.  I think his move “Wasteland” is a lame ass finisher. But nevertheless, the reason Team Orton losing is not a bad thing is because Randy Orton has nothing to lose from this.  The guy is not going to lose any momentum simply because he’s the freaking Viper.  All he needs to do is RKO somebody and his momentum is back. Barrett had more to lose from this because if his team lost, it’d be back to square one for Wade Barrett.  I get the reasons why he needed the win, I just don’t get the push.

-Mark Henry vs Big Show: You know, I’m not a fan of the cheap shot DQ victories. You had little to work with considering this was just another normal title match between the two with no stipulations added.  They had to do something that would leave Big Show on top but not necessarily with the title on his shoulder.  This does set up for one last battle between the two, but it has to be something to give closure to it because I can’t see this feud lasting longer than one more month.

-John Cena & The Rock vs The Awesome Truth:  I’ll get to the WWE Title match soon but first I have to talk about this one.  I look at this as a way to shake the rust off of The Rock and in some way having him ready come Wrestlemania.  The biggest drawback with this match is that it makes Miz and R-Truth look weak.  They looked like a threat around Hell in a Cell.  But not anymore, they haven’t looked like one since then.   I think it’s safe to say that “The Awesome Truth” has proven to be an Awesome Disaster.

-Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk:  Look this match in my opinion had lose/lose all over it. Nothing against Punk, in fact he’s one of the few guys I still like in the WWE right now.  If you had ADR win, it makes Punk look weak. However if you have Punk win, you boost your top merchandise seller to the top and can build him up as a heavy fan favorite (not that he doesn’t have a following already) but at the same time, you make Alberto Del Rio look like a complete waste that they ever gave him the belt in the first place. The other drawback is that you have yet ANOTHER title change with the WWE title amongst the several they’ve had over the last couple months since July.  Of the two scenarios, Punk winning was the least bad of the two.

Then there’s Triple H vs Kevin Nash, oh wait that’s right. It didn’t happen because there was nothing built in time for it and for this feud to have some merit, it had to happen at one of the big PPVs and not the gimmick PPV’s.  They could probably have it take place at the Royal Rumble but that’s a long shot. By then, the feud will have been fizzled out and dead if it isn’t already. Survivor Series is basically a sneak peek at what can be expected over the next couple months heading into Wrestlemania.  This PPV was no different, but the end result is about the same as if somebody said in the back “We have some SERIOUS work to do before Mania.”

Shark Lingo: Volume 2

Welcome boys and girls to yet another edition of Shark Lingo 101.  Very little has changed and it seems like some things in wrestling haven’t gotten much better. So I bring to you some new definitions according to yours truly The Shark of Wrestling, some new and some are additions. In any case, here’s some words to live by when you’re swimming with this shark:

-Michael Cole: Johnny Ace’s little Princess. The Bitch

-John Lauranitis: John Laryngitis, corporate scum-bucket, Michael Cole’s sugar daddy.  The Butch. Looks as uncomfortable being on camera as Michael Cole does when he talks to a woman (before giving his credit card number out.)

-Hunico: WWE’s equivalent of Homicide.

-Sin Cara: Ultimo Botch-master.

-Garrett Bischoff: Erik Watts 2.0

-Alberto Del Rio: Too transparent to even be a transitional champion.

-Natalya: For a girl that calls herself a “Diva of Doom,” she sure does lose a lot.

-Mark Henry: The only thing that the WWE is doing right.

-Jack Swagger: Kurt Angle without the wins, the title reigns, gold metals, technical skills, and…..okay so what does he have exactly?

-Ricard Rodriguez: Soccer announcer who gets his ass kicked a lot and who I’m still waiting to hear him say “GOAL!!!!!”

-Alicia Fox: Face turn that nobody really noticed.

-Karen Jarrett: The most useless female presence in pro wrestling since Vickie Guerrero.

-Mexican America: STILL not LAX and Anarchia is STILL not Homicide.

-“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero: He’s still employed?

-Gregory Iron: Heart of a champion

-Christopher Daniels: Stuck with a screwdriver as a prop that nobody likes or believes.

-Kevin Steen: One reason alone to watch Ring of Honor and will soon be World Champ there.

-The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli).: Just debut already.

-The WWE Tag Titles: The prize you find in a Cracker Jack box.

-Crimson’s undefeated streak: Something to point and laugh at.

-Crimson: You mix Goldberg, Gillberg and Amazing Red into one person, you get him with a side of a joke of an unbeaten streak.

-Samoa Joe: Why did he re-sign with TNA?

-Eric Bischoff: Doesn’t have a clue what he’s supposed to do.

-Ric Flair: Surefire way to get him to go back to retirement: Tell him it’s bingo night.

-Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Velvet Sky: 3 People TNA has screwed over in some shape or form and it only took them 1 month to do it.

-Matt Morgan: The Big Show of TNA. Take that one however you want to.

-John Cena’s dad: 3 Words for You “Torrie Wilson’s dad.”

-3 Hour Raw: Four words that wrestling fans think when watching this “What else is on?”

-CM Punk: Speaking the truth that we’ve all been thinking for the last 10+ years.

-Immortal: Bleeding itself out in a slow death.

-Gunner: STILL overrated.

-Jeff Hardy: The Delta House of TNA (though it’s kind of insulting to the Delta House)

That’s it for now. Class Dismissed.

My Breaking Point with the WWE

Okay. We all know that tonight was the big 3 Hour Raw that WWE has tried their best to hype it up.   There was once a time where a 3 hour Raw used to mean something.  You used to get 2 hours of Raw that were always good back then and then you added one more hour to it.  That used to be something special, but keep in mind that I said used to.  Tonight started off with the stupid “Michael Cole Challenge” that they delayed for weeks.  This should’ve been a sign that Jim Ross was finally going to be back on commentary.  Instead, we’re subjected to arm wrestling in which Monkey Cole gets beat in 1 second. A dance off (shudders) where JR again wins and then a stupid weight challenge.  So yet again, the WWE teases the fans with something only to screw them over.  The only redeeming point was seeing CM Punk, whose become my new hero, tear up Cole and even put him in the Anaconda Vice and seeing Cole scream, tap and hold his shoulder in pain. All that was needed was to see Cole blubbering like a little bitch and it’d be perfect.

So at least for one match, we get JR and King back on commentary for a tag match with Air-Boom minus the air and Cody Rhodes seeming to be going through a gimmick change and Hunico trying his best to look like a ripoff of Homicide.  Then we have Vickie Guerrero announce Dolph Ziggler on Wade Barrett’s team and we have Monkey Cole in a sling show up with his sugar daddy Johnny Laryngitis.  I’m sure Cole was in the back crying about what Punk did to Laryngitis saying “Daddy, he hurt my arm!”  and then Johnny Boy in his raspy voice saying “It’s okay, Princess. I’ll make it all better.”  I never thought I’d see two people that I would hate more than hearing Vickie Guerrero shriek the words “Excuse Me” at the top of her lungs. I swear to God I couldn’t have changed the channel any faster than I did and it took all the strength I had not to throw my remote into the TV.

I know that a lot of you are going to say that WWE is about entertainment now more than it is about wrestling. Somebody tell me what is so entertaining about what they’re doing.   Having Mick Foley recycle an angle he did almost 20 years ago for John Cena? Two announcers in a stupid circus act of a competition and having JR weigh himself in public? Hyping up a debut to delay it for another week for fear of the guy being overshadowed? You’re on a 3 hour show, you stupid ass!  So far, all I’ve seen of the Johnny Ace regime is hype, delays, and no payoff. In short, consistent screwing of the fans week in and week out.  It looks like a 3 hour Raw, and sometimes a 2 hour one, seem reminiscent of what Monday Nitro turned into during its dying run.

This Raw was to be the last chance that I was giving the WWE.  I was ready to see Jim Ross return to his old spot and for things to FINALLY start to return to normal again.  I was screwed out of that tonight and that is the last time I’m going to let myself as a fan have that feeling of frustration from it.  CM Punk has it right with everything that he says when he drops the pipe bomb.  Raw isn’t fun anymore and every time you think that there is a sign of hope, it just sinks lower and lower and making the goal of having Raw rebound again seem unreachable, even with a guy that speaks what we’re all thinking like CM Punk.  It’s not that I’m not his side because believe I am on his side and believe every single word he says.  I’m just scared that his voice will be treated much like the fans of the WWE who have been screaming for change for the last decade: Ignored.

I will read the results and have friends keep me posted with what is going on with Raw and hearing their thoughts and opinions. The same can be applied for Smackdown but as far as watching either of the two regardless of the guys that are there that I still find to be good wrestlers, I’m done with the WWE just as I am with TNA.  I get that the WWE is all about the entertainment more than it is about the wrestling, but the fact is that nowadays, the WWE is not producing either wrestling or entertainment.  And if you listen carefully enough, you can hear the ratings skydive to the bottom.  I rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. And if the ratings is the key to that, than they’re not getting any help in that department from me.

The Heart of Indy Wrestling

According to Wrestlezone, indy wrestler Gregory Iron, a wrestler who has been featured on PWO Wrestling, is petitioning to get a spot in this year’s Royal Rumble from the WWE. Iron is a pro wrestler who also has cerebral palsy.  With my style of how I write, I’m sure a lot of you would be expecting me to take a shot or two at the guy or saying that he’s wasting his time considering that it’s the WWE that we’re talking about here.  But….I’m not going to do that.  Why? Because I don’t believe that he is.

I admire and respect Iron for what he does in the ring in spite of his condition.  You normally don’t question the heart of a guy that goes out there week in and week out and plays hurt majority of the time.  There’s no way in hell that you can question the heart of one Gregory Iron.  This guy has tremendous heart and a will of iron (so to speak) and keep in mind that the guy is not asking for a spot in Wrestlemania on a silver platter, but he’s asking for a shot at the Royal Rumble.  One spot in that battle royal and probably doesn’t care how long they give him in that ring.  Whether he’s got a belt on waist/shoulder or not, the guy without question has the heart of a champion.

A guy like Iron is one of the things that I’ve come to respect with the indy leagues.  Why? Because most of the time, it’s in places like that where you see guys get a shot simply because they have the heart and the will to do what they believe in.  Iron goes out there and wrestles, even does chops with his limp arm, and not for one second does he let whatever limitation he has stop him in the ring.  Zack Gowen had one freaking leg and yet he did a dropkick and a moonsault that was just as good on one leg as most guys do with two legs.

Problem is that the WWE landscape is easily biased towards certain attributes that they feel define a wrestler.  The sad truth is that because of his condition, there’s no way in hell they’d give a shot to Iron. Hell, Gowen was luck he got the shot that he did when he was there.  Is it right? The hell it is.  Of course it’s not right.  If the WWE was still concerned about what a wrestler could be, they’d have more concern with skill and less with marketable look. It’s why guys like Samoa Joe or AJ Styles or others wouldn’t get much of a shot in the WWE. It’s because in their eyes, you won’t make it if you’re not tall enough or have a muscular physique the likes of Dave Batista, Ezekiel Jackson or Bobby Lashley.

At least in the indy leagues, you find guys that get a chance to prove themselves just like everybody else regardless of height, weight or handicap.  They believe in the fact that if you can go out there and put on a show in the ring, than that is all you’re gonna need.  And you know what, the indy leagues is where we see guys like Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, Gregory Iron, Jason Bane, Matt Cross, Krimson, Aaron Draven and others. It’s not about TV ratings because the only thing close to “ratings” that these guys are focused on is the ones that pay money for their tickets to sit down and watch a good showing of pro wrestling.  Most of the guys swim around in the indy leagues hoping to be discovered. Some get discovered and some don’t.  However, occasionally you find some that are content with that because in their eyes, they look at the mainstream wrestling and see what it’s become and how it differs from the pro wrestling that they believe in.

I give Gregory Iron all the credit in the world for doing what he does and how handicap or not, he still does what he does and goes out there every night to prove that he can wrestle just as well as the rest of them regardless of his limitations.  I hope he does get a spot in the Royal Rumble and I can promise you that should that happen, this is one fan who will be on his feet applauding for getting the very thing that he asked for:  An opportunity.

The Next ROH World Champ?

Davey Richards has held onto the belt since June of this year.  It’s looking like we’ll soon see a rematch between Davey Richards and his former partner “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.  It will be a great match for sure but the question remains as to who will be the next champ? Who will be the one that actually takes the belt from Richards?

Will it be Eddie Edwards? Well he has held the belt before and he did beat Richards once before.  Whose to say that he couldn’t do it again? Edwards isn’t the only guy who could do it though.  There’s Roderick Strong, El Generico, Mike Bennett, and others. However, there is one guy that I think not only can beat Davey Richards, but that I would also love to see win the world title in Ring of Honor. And that would be…… THIS GUY:

Yeah, that’s right. “Mr Wrestling” himself Kevin Steen.  Ever since I had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Steen, my respect for the guy has reached new heights.  The guy is without question  a wrestler and he truly believes in the art of it.  Whether it’s the Package Piledriver, the Sharpshooter, the Swanton Bomb, a Superkick or a Powerbomb, there is really nothing this guy can’t do in the ring.  And that’s just his ringwork, his promos ever since he turned heel have intensity and emotion that is seldom seen in most companies these days.

Steen in my opinion is one of those guys that personify what Ring of Honor wrestling is all about.  You talk about guys that paved the way such as Nigel McGuinness, Homicide, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson as well as others.  Kevin Steen fits the bill on the list of great talent on that roster along with guys like Roderick Strong, El Generico, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.  Some of the best wrestlers are the ones that are able to personify intensity, power, and agility all in one perfect balance.

Though his character falls under the category of heel, the crowd still cheers for him and chants his name. Why? Because of respect. The crowd respects and acknowledges talent when it’s recognized and they have seen this guy wrestle long enough to know that this guy can deliver in the ring and on the microphone.  From the days where he feuded with Generico to now in his promos of how he will not be tamed, not be controlled and will not be molded like he feels Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs have been.

I made a prediction that the All Night Express will be ROH Tag Team Champions.  Right now, I’m making a prediction once again in that Kevin Steen WILL be the next ROH World Champion and will be the one that defeats Davey Richards for the belt if given the chance to do so.  It’ll only be a matter of time before the fans go from chanting “Kill Steen Kill” to “Next World Champ.”