The State of the WWE (Shark Style)

(Some spoilers mixed in. You’ve been warned)

There have been a lot of people complaining about the quality of the WWE and how they neglect the quality of their own product.  I know this because I’m one of those people that says that.  That being said, last week’s Raw ended up with a lower rating than the previous week and in some ways, it’s lucky that it even got that.  Tonight is supposed to be Raw in Liverpool, England and I’m a little skeptic about that for a lot of reasons.

One reason is because lately, it seems like the WWE seems to love to take a piss on the international fans.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the one they did in Mexico and how John Laryngitis ripped into the fans in Mexico with his promo (horrible as it was).  Another example could be Monkey Cole taking every shot that he can at the Canadian fans when they did WWE TV in Canada, that is of course when he’s not crapping on the announcer’s table and making the broadcast team for both shows and the PPVs look completely pathetic. And lastly, you have tonight with the England show and the hyped up re-debut of Brodus Clay that NEVER HAPPENED!  Why? Because John Laryngitis decided that the England fans “didn’t deserve to see it.”  Way to alienate the international crowds, WWE.  Like you don’t have enough trouble with the fans you have in the states.  Now you have to have the international fans thinking the same thing: That you don’t know what the hell you’re doing anymore with your own product.

You know what’s so great about CM Punk and his promos these days? It’s the fact that he’s saying what we’ve all been thinking.  John Laryngitis is a corporate scum bucket and we’ve seen a lot of guys get released that shouldn’t have been released. And while we’re on the subject of Punk’s promos, where the hell are those damn ice cream bars????? And whatever he’s doing it’s working because right now, he’s selling more than John Cena and you know something else? Vinny Mac doesn’t get it and probably can’t stand it either. Why? Because my guess is that Vince can’t stand that the fans are going crazy over somebody he didn’t put together himself from the ground up.  CM Punk already established a reputation for himself prior to his WWE days.  Why do you think the match between Punk and Samoa Joe in ROH is considered a 5 Star match? Why else in his first pipe bomb promo did Punk give a plug to ROH and a shout-out to Colt Cabana?

My guess on why John Laryngitis is the way he is, it’s because he realized that his legacy is….Oh wait, that’s right he doesn’t have one.  The only thing he ever did was be one half of a tag team that wasn’t that great to begin with in The Dynamic Dudes where he rode on a skateboard and tried to act like a surfer dude but ended up coming off sounding and looking like a jackass. And when you look at it, Shane Douglas did a lot more than he did. Yeah, his tenure in the WWE was lackluster, but he did a lot more than Johnny Boy did.  Won tag team titles in WCW with Ricky Steamboat, threw down the NWA title, kickstarted the revolution of the original ECW.  Is it something that people could compare to the legacies of guys like HBK or Bret? Probably not, but I’d still take Douglas over Johnny Brownoser any day of the week.

Lastly, let’s look at the WWE and their now apparent raging hard-on for Twitter.  You know I find it funny that despite how much they take their shots or try to ignore completely the IWC, the truth is that they need every bit of the fans that they can regardless of the source and they need the fans a whole hell of a lot worse than we need them.  Yeah, the IWC is a good chunk of the reason why a guy like CM Punk is over and why a guy like Zack Ryder is so over with the crowd and whose popularity seems to only get bigger or why people cheer for a guy like Daniel Bryan.  But if you think that with the way the WWE is constantly bombarding us with promos for Twitter is some kind of turnaround or sign of improvement, it isn’t.  It’s a sign of the WWE getting desperate. Poor buyrates for the PPVs and the fact that your last PPV only had an attendance of 8,000 in the arena is a sign of things starting to unravel.  This is a clear example of what happens when you stay the course for too long without changing anything or putting some effort into your own product.  Eventually, people get sick of watching the same crap week in and week out.

So many guys throw out ideas on what would be a better storyline or better booking than what the WWE has put out there lately.  The thing is that the ideas that are thrown out are good ones most of the time and they make it sound so damn easy.  Maybe so, but if it’s so easy, then the question remains as to WHY the WWE can’t seem to do something so easy?  The problems in the WWE are not unfixable.  As a matter of fact, they’re quick fixes that are not that hard to do.  The problem is that the people in charge of the creative team with their lack of effort or anything outside of repetition and lack of creativity is best described as being one thing:  Lazy.



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