Monday Night Raw: A Shelf Life of One Hour

Anybody that reads the news on the internet has a good idea of where Raw is in terms of ratings.  Raw hasn’t been able to break an average of 4.0 and higher ever since the Monday Night Wars came to an end.  Top that off with the fact that for the last couple of weeks ever since John Laryngitis was named as the “interim” General Manager for Raw, the ratings tank by the time the second hour rolls around.  It begs the question as to what is the source/cause of the problem that leads to the ratings taking a nosedive as they do.

The first time that this started to go on was around the time Laryngitis was named GM and fires Jim Ross. Nobody liked it and the chances are that it pissed a lot of people off, especially when you consider the reports that Raw had to be re-written numerous times and THAT was the piece of crap the fans ended up with.  Top that off with the fact that one announcer deserved to be fired and yet it ended up being Jim Ross and not the loudmouth monkey.

The second was the one in Mexico.  This one is pretty cut and dry because the main event was Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole vs John Cena & Jim Ross.  Somebody please tell me why anybody would want to watch this match? We all know that Jim Ross is in his 60s and Michael Cole can’t wrestle worth a damn.  So why are we being subjected to watching this garbage on TV? The only ones who suffered worse in watching that were the fans in Mexico that had to watch this live.

I could go on and on about what were the problems that Raw had over the last couple weeks like the Muppets or the fact that you hype up two things on Raw only to never have them happen and I’m talking about the re-debut of Brodus Clay and that stupid Cole challenge.  I’ve read what people think of the Cole challenge and it lies along the lines of “Let’s just get this goddamn thing over with already.”  And why not? I’m thinking the exact same thing about it.  Either Cole remains and we’re forced to put up with him or Jim Ross returns to the broadcast table where he belongs.  Either way, enough of this already because it should’ve ended months ago.

The key to having a two hour show is that you do enough in the first hour to make the audience want to see more.  Considering that a significant amount of people don’t stick around to see the 2nd hour of Raw, clearly there’s not enough being done in the first hour or at least not in terms of quantity.  Quantity on Raw is not the issue, it’s the quality that’s killing it and that is leaving a lot of people deciding to change the channel as if to say “Oh, screw this!”

You have a “authority figure” who is boring as hell, lacks personality and is nothing more than a backstage body that nobody gives a damn about and nobody wants to know what he has to say nor cares.  You have a guy who is calling the matches and doing so in a tired gimmick that nobody likes and clearly, nobody has the tolerance to put up with for a full two hours, especially when they know that they have a guy who everybody knows is a lot better. Why do I bring up these two problems? Because they play a part in hurting the quality of the product.

Monkey Cole’s announcing skills don’t help to elevate anybody who isn’t named The Miz. Who does he help push that’s in the ring? All he does when he’s at the announcer’s table is argue with Jerry Lawler or Booker T.  His acting as a heel is terrible to the point where it’s not even laughable, much less believable. As for the GM, John Laryngitis doesn’t help move stories along and looks downright uncomfortable trying to get his lines across.  Hell, when you had the face-off between him and CM Punk, Punk chewed him up and spit em out in the promo. The whole general manager role delivers some kind of a presence that leaves its mark.  Each one from either brand has done that in some way. Is anyone really going to remember anything of John Laryngitis as the GM?  If anything, it’ll be the most forgettable of any of the General Managers since the laptop.

It’s funny how Triple H was taken off of his role of running things in the WWE because the roster complained about a “unsafe work environment” on Raw.  Now we go from an unsafe work environment with Triple H to unwatchable TV with John Laryngitis.  Normally in a trade-off like that, there’s usually somebody who comes out on the losing end.  This case, there is somebody who ended up on the losing end of this trade-off: The wrestling fans.


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