The Next ROH World Champ?

Davey Richards has held onto the belt since June of this year.  It’s looking like we’ll soon see a rematch between Davey Richards and his former partner “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.  It will be a great match for sure but the question remains as to who will be the next champ? Who will be the one that actually takes the belt from Richards?

Will it be Eddie Edwards? Well he has held the belt before and he did beat Richards once before.  Whose to say that he couldn’t do it again? Edwards isn’t the only guy who could do it though.  There’s Roderick Strong, El Generico, Mike Bennett, and others. However, there is one guy that I think not only can beat Davey Richards, but that I would also love to see win the world title in Ring of Honor. And that would be…… THIS GUY:

Yeah, that’s right. “Mr Wrestling” himself Kevin Steen.  Ever since I had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Steen, my respect for the guy has reached new heights.  The guy is without question  a wrestler and he truly believes in the art of it.  Whether it’s the Package Piledriver, the Sharpshooter, the Swanton Bomb, a Superkick or a Powerbomb, there is really nothing this guy can’t do in the ring.  And that’s just his ringwork, his promos ever since he turned heel have intensity and emotion that is seldom seen in most companies these days.

Steen in my opinion is one of those guys that personify what Ring of Honor wrestling is all about.  You talk about guys that paved the way such as Nigel McGuinness, Homicide, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson as well as others.  Kevin Steen fits the bill on the list of great talent on that roster along with guys like Roderick Strong, El Generico, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.  Some of the best wrestlers are the ones that are able to personify intensity, power, and agility all in one perfect balance.

Though his character falls under the category of heel, the crowd still cheers for him and chants his name. Why? Because of respect. The crowd respects and acknowledges talent when it’s recognized and they have seen this guy wrestle long enough to know that this guy can deliver in the ring and on the microphone.  From the days where he feuded with Generico to now in his promos of how he will not be tamed, not be controlled and will not be molded like he feels Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs have been.

I made a prediction that the All Night Express will be ROH Tag Team Champions.  Right now, I’m making a prediction once again in that Kevin Steen WILL be the next ROH World Champion and will be the one that defeats Davey Richards for the belt if given the chance to do so.  It’ll only be a matter of time before the fans go from chanting “Kill Steen Kill” to “Next World Champ.”


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