The Heart of Indy Wrestling

According to Wrestlezone, indy wrestler Gregory Iron, a wrestler who has been featured on PWO Wrestling, is petitioning to get a spot in this year’s Royal Rumble from the WWE. Iron is a pro wrestler who also has cerebral palsy.  With my style of how I write, I’m sure a lot of you would be expecting me to take a shot or two at the guy or saying that he’s wasting his time considering that it’s the WWE that we’re talking about here.  But….I’m not going to do that.  Why? Because I don’t believe that he is.

I admire and respect Iron for what he does in the ring in spite of his condition.  You normally don’t question the heart of a guy that goes out there week in and week out and plays hurt majority of the time.  There’s no way in hell that you can question the heart of one Gregory Iron.  This guy has tremendous heart and a will of iron (so to speak) and keep in mind that the guy is not asking for a spot in Wrestlemania on a silver platter, but he’s asking for a shot at the Royal Rumble.  One spot in that battle royal and probably doesn’t care how long they give him in that ring.  Whether he’s got a belt on waist/shoulder or not, the guy without question has the heart of a champion.

A guy like Iron is one of the things that I’ve come to respect with the indy leagues.  Why? Because most of the time, it’s in places like that where you see guys get a shot simply because they have the heart and the will to do what they believe in.  Iron goes out there and wrestles, even does chops with his limp arm, and not for one second does he let whatever limitation he has stop him in the ring.  Zack Gowen had one freaking leg and yet he did a dropkick and a moonsault that was just as good on one leg as most guys do with two legs.

Problem is that the WWE landscape is easily biased towards certain attributes that they feel define a wrestler.  The sad truth is that because of his condition, there’s no way in hell they’d give a shot to Iron. Hell, Gowen was luck he got the shot that he did when he was there.  Is it right? The hell it is.  Of course it’s not right.  If the WWE was still concerned about what a wrestler could be, they’d have more concern with skill and less with marketable look. It’s why guys like Samoa Joe or AJ Styles or others wouldn’t get much of a shot in the WWE. It’s because in their eyes, you won’t make it if you’re not tall enough or have a muscular physique the likes of Dave Batista, Ezekiel Jackson or Bobby Lashley.

At least in the indy leagues, you find guys that get a chance to prove themselves just like everybody else regardless of height, weight or handicap.  They believe in the fact that if you can go out there and put on a show in the ring, than that is all you’re gonna need.  And you know what, the indy leagues is where we see guys like Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, Gregory Iron, Jason Bane, Matt Cross, Krimson, Aaron Draven and others. It’s not about TV ratings because the only thing close to “ratings” that these guys are focused on is the ones that pay money for their tickets to sit down and watch a good showing of pro wrestling.  Most of the guys swim around in the indy leagues hoping to be discovered. Some get discovered and some don’t.  However, occasionally you find some that are content with that because in their eyes, they look at the mainstream wrestling and see what it’s become and how it differs from the pro wrestling that they believe in.

I give Gregory Iron all the credit in the world for doing what he does and how handicap or not, he still does what he does and goes out there every night to prove that he can wrestle just as well as the rest of them regardless of his limitations.  I hope he does get a spot in the Royal Rumble and I can promise you that should that happen, this is one fan who will be on his feet applauding for getting the very thing that he asked for:  An opportunity.


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