My Breaking Point with the WWE

Okay. We all know that tonight was the big 3 Hour Raw that WWE has tried their best to hype it up.   There was once a time where a 3 hour Raw used to mean something.  You used to get 2 hours of Raw that were always good back then and then you added one more hour to it.  That used to be something special, but keep in mind that I said used to.  Tonight started off with the stupid “Michael Cole Challenge” that they delayed for weeks.  This should’ve been a sign that Jim Ross was finally going to be back on commentary.  Instead, we’re subjected to arm wrestling in which Monkey Cole gets beat in 1 second. A dance off (shudders) where JR again wins and then a stupid weight challenge.  So yet again, the WWE teases the fans with something only to screw them over.  The only redeeming point was seeing CM Punk, whose become my new hero, tear up Cole and even put him in the Anaconda Vice and seeing Cole scream, tap and hold his shoulder in pain. All that was needed was to see Cole blubbering like a little bitch and it’d be perfect.

So at least for one match, we get JR and King back on commentary for a tag match with Air-Boom minus the air and Cody Rhodes seeming to be going through a gimmick change and Hunico trying his best to look like a ripoff of Homicide.  Then we have Vickie Guerrero announce Dolph Ziggler on Wade Barrett’s team and we have Monkey Cole in a sling show up with his sugar daddy Johnny Laryngitis.  I’m sure Cole was in the back crying about what Punk did to Laryngitis saying “Daddy, he hurt my arm!”  and then Johnny Boy in his raspy voice saying “It’s okay, Princess. I’ll make it all better.”  I never thought I’d see two people that I would hate more than hearing Vickie Guerrero shriek the words “Excuse Me” at the top of her lungs. I swear to God I couldn’t have changed the channel any faster than I did and it took all the strength I had not to throw my remote into the TV.

I know that a lot of you are going to say that WWE is about entertainment now more than it is about wrestling. Somebody tell me what is so entertaining about what they’re doing.   Having Mick Foley recycle an angle he did almost 20 years ago for John Cena? Two announcers in a stupid circus act of a competition and having JR weigh himself in public? Hyping up a debut to delay it for another week for fear of the guy being overshadowed? You’re on a 3 hour show, you stupid ass!  So far, all I’ve seen of the Johnny Ace regime is hype, delays, and no payoff. In short, consistent screwing of the fans week in and week out.  It looks like a 3 hour Raw, and sometimes a 2 hour one, seem reminiscent of what Monday Nitro turned into during its dying run.

This Raw was to be the last chance that I was giving the WWE.  I was ready to see Jim Ross return to his old spot and for things to FINALLY start to return to normal again.  I was screwed out of that tonight and that is the last time I’m going to let myself as a fan have that feeling of frustration from it.  CM Punk has it right with everything that he says when he drops the pipe bomb.  Raw isn’t fun anymore and every time you think that there is a sign of hope, it just sinks lower and lower and making the goal of having Raw rebound again seem unreachable, even with a guy that speaks what we’re all thinking like CM Punk.  It’s not that I’m not his side because believe I am on his side and believe every single word he says.  I’m just scared that his voice will be treated much like the fans of the WWE who have been screaming for change for the last decade: Ignored.

I will read the results and have friends keep me posted with what is going on with Raw and hearing their thoughts and opinions. The same can be applied for Smackdown but as far as watching either of the two regardless of the guys that are there that I still find to be good wrestlers, I’m done with the WWE just as I am with TNA.  I get that the WWE is all about the entertainment more than it is about the wrestling, but the fact is that nowadays, the WWE is not producing either wrestling or entertainment.  And if you listen carefully enough, you can hear the ratings skydive to the bottom.  I rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. And if the ratings is the key to that, than they’re not getting any help in that department from me.



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