Breaking Down Survivor Series

Another Survivor Series has come and gone, but I can promise you that a lot of the previous versions had more effort in building up for the PPV than this one did.  Following this past Monday’s edition of Raw, there was very little to expect as those 3 unwatchable hours set the bar pretty low. Nevertheless, it’s November, the PPV has already taken place, so now it’s my turn to give my own two cents on Survivor Series.

-John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler: Was there anybody that DID think that Morrison was gonna win this? Seriously, was there?  I love both these guys and think that they have great skill and a big future if given the right push. But with rumors going around about Morrison being on his way out and that he doesn’t want to re-sign and WWE doesn’t want to re-sign him, this match was only going to help in elevating Ziggler and nothing more.  You had the event in New York, it would have been a better move to give Zack Ryder the shot at the belt.  Yeah I know Ryder came out and laid out Ziggler, but you still could’ve used him a lot better than that.  You’re just delaying the inevitable, WWE. Ryder is over with the crowd and right now, your best option is to give him a mid-card belt and see what he can really do.

-Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres:  Once again, nobody thought Beth was going to lose this one. And making the match a lumber jill match only showed how much the WWE has reduced the Divas division.  I half expected the only ones to be out there to be Natalya and Kelly Kelly with the way that division has shrunk.  Eve has moves and some talent, nobody’s questioning that. The problem is that there’s no build-up and no story here.  And honestly, the obsession that Beth and Natalya have for trying to get either Kelly or Eve or who knows what over Diva to cry, it’s just cheap heat.  Seriously, we go from bimbos with Lay-Cool to bitches with Natalya and Beth.

-Team Barrett vs Team Orton:  I get that the WWE is trying to push Wade Barrett once again after the Corre and the Nexus tanked. I just don’t buy into the guy, I really don’t.  I think his move “Wasteland” is a lame ass finisher. But nevertheless, the reason Team Orton losing is not a bad thing is because Randy Orton has nothing to lose from this.  The guy is not going to lose any momentum simply because he’s the freaking Viper.  All he needs to do is RKO somebody and his momentum is back. Barrett had more to lose from this because if his team lost, it’d be back to square one for Wade Barrett.  I get the reasons why he needed the win, I just don’t get the push.

-Mark Henry vs Big Show: You know, I’m not a fan of the cheap shot DQ victories. You had little to work with considering this was just another normal title match between the two with no stipulations added.  They had to do something that would leave Big Show on top but not necessarily with the title on his shoulder.  This does set up for one last battle between the two, but it has to be something to give closure to it because I can’t see this feud lasting longer than one more month.

-John Cena & The Rock vs The Awesome Truth:  I’ll get to the WWE Title match soon but first I have to talk about this one.  I look at this as a way to shake the rust off of The Rock and in some way having him ready come Wrestlemania.  The biggest drawback with this match is that it makes Miz and R-Truth look weak.  They looked like a threat around Hell in a Cell.  But not anymore, they haven’t looked like one since then.   I think it’s safe to say that “The Awesome Truth” has proven to be an Awesome Disaster.

-Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk:  Look this match in my opinion had lose/lose all over it. Nothing against Punk, in fact he’s one of the few guys I still like in the WWE right now.  If you had ADR win, it makes Punk look weak. However if you have Punk win, you boost your top merchandise seller to the top and can build him up as a heavy fan favorite (not that he doesn’t have a following already) but at the same time, you make Alberto Del Rio look like a complete waste that they ever gave him the belt in the first place. The other drawback is that you have yet ANOTHER title change with the WWE title amongst the several they’ve had over the last couple months since July.  Of the two scenarios, Punk winning was the least bad of the two.

Then there’s Triple H vs Kevin Nash, oh wait that’s right. It didn’t happen because there was nothing built in time for it and for this feud to have some merit, it had to happen at one of the big PPVs and not the gimmick PPV’s.  They could probably have it take place at the Royal Rumble but that’s a long shot. By then, the feud will have been fizzled out and dead if it isn’t already. Survivor Series is basically a sneak peek at what can be expected over the next couple months heading into Wrestlemania.  This PPV was no different, but the end result is about the same as if somebody said in the back “We have some SERIOUS work to do before Mania.”


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