CM Punk is the new WWE Champion: The Good and The Bad

There are few people that you’re going to find that watch wrestling that don’t favor the current character for CM Punk, especially with a lot of what he says when he gets the microphone is what many of us have been thinking with wrestling, especially the WWE for the last couple of years.  I happen to be one of those that are in favor of Punk and I’m happy that he is the champion. I happen to think that CM Punk getting the strap is the 2nd thing that the WWE has done right next to giving the WHC to Mark Henry.  I’m still skeptic about Punk having the belt for a few reasons.

The biggest reason being that while having Punk at the top is a good move, you also take whatever you’ve put into Alberto Del Rio and made the two times that he has held the belt be nothing short of a complete waste of time.  Given, I’m one of those that doesn’t get the hype surrounding Alberto Del Rio and anytime that I’ve watched the guy wrestle, I’m just not impressed at all.  Then again, I was never impressed with JBL during his WWE Title reign that lasted a year but that was because I was fed up of seeing guys like Undertaker, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Booker T having to put the guy over. Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of Del Rio’s gimmick, personal ring announcer, promos or his cross arm-bar finisher that doesn’t strike me as anywhere near the caliber of most submission moves.  It’s like trying to make the sleeper hold look like a legitimate hold again (setting aside Dolph Ziggler).

So, in short, WWE has now made Alberto Del Rio’s “Money in the Bank” win more forgettable than when Jack Swagger won it.  Both of Del Rio’s title runs were so brief that I’m surprised that this wasn’t TNA and he wasn’t Ken Anderson.  Not to mention when he actually does wrestle, you rarely see him actually win without interference of some kind.  That’s the biggest problem with when they put a heel as a champion is that with the exception of Mark Henry (setting aside Survivor Series), the WWE seems to be afraid to actually have a heel champion win on his own.  That was the biggest problem when they gave the belt to The Miz and they did the exact same thing with Del Rio because he couldn’t seem to go one match without Ricardo “GOAL!!!” Rodriguez sticking himself in the match somehow.

Back to the subject of CM Punk, one other problem is that the only way for this to work is to let CM Punk actually be CM Punk. Just let him be the pipe bomb and let him do the very thing that got him over in the first place. Because what he does and what he says on the microphone works and you know something else, I want my damn WWE ice cream bar too! But the big question is whether or not the WWE will actually LET CM Punk do his own thing when he gets a microphone.  He can sell it on the microphone, we all know that he can and it’s why he is in the position that he’s at right now.  Unfortunately, the WWE doesn’t like to give full control to anybody, especially with a wrestler who wants full control over his character and how it comes off on TV. It comes down to whether or not Vince has the stones to actually bite the bullet and just let somebody do it their way because it’s the only way that you’re going to have CM Punk keep going up with his character and prove to those that still doubt him that he can be in the main event picture.


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