WWE has gone Twitter-Happy

If there is one word that I could use to describe the raging hard-on that WWE and Vince McMahon have for Twitter as of late, that word would be “desperate.” They realize that their PPVs and the ratings are tanking right now and they’re looking for a quick-fix. Only problem is that as proven with the way they rush through stories and angles, they don’t have the patience for anything short of a quick-fix. That’s a shame because the problems that the WWE can’t be solved with a quick-fix and even if it could, the constant promotion of Twitter is not it.

Also, does anyone else notice that there seems to be more promotion for twitter than there is actual matches? With bringing in people/characters like John Laryngitis, Monkey Cole and Vickie Guerrero and now bringing in the constant promos for twitter and what’s trending, WWE seems to think what is entertaining in their eyes is what seems to pester and annoy.what other reason could there be for those people or for twitter? Boots to asses, huh? In the case of how Raw has become an infomercial for twitter, here’s a trend for you Vinny Mac. It’s something called #rawisgarbage.

So to sum up a lot of WWE but mostly Raw, they seem to enjoy hyping things up and never delivering in them like Brodus Clay. They like to shove Michael Cole and John Laryngitis down our throats and think “so what if they hate them? At least it’s a reaction.” it’s a problem because that your crush on twitter seems to be killing the ratings. And no it’s not because your product is not getting enough awareness. People are aware of your product and just not giving a damn about it. They like a lot of people that the WWE ignores are fed up with WWE going borderline infomercial with twitter, hyping up things only to never have them happen, crappy stories and everything else that consists of the WWE as of late.

Eric Bischoff is a parasite and hates the hell out of the IWC, but at least he’s upfront about it. WWE has taken shots of their own against the Internet, but yet the way they’re kissing ass to twitter is like they’re in their hands and knees in front of the IWC begging and pleading, saying; “Please watch us. Please!!! I always said that they need us a lot worse than we need them. Right now, all the praise and ass-kissing for twitter is proving it right. Vinny Mac should listen carefully because if he does, he will be able to hear everybody else pointing and laughing at the WWE and at him.


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  1. excellent blog I’m a huge Wrestling follower from Germany

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