Interview with PWO’s own “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice

THE SHARK: This is “The Shark of Wrestling” Sean Williams here. I’m talking to the man who recently made his return to PWO. He is young, metal and ready to attack. I’m talking of course about “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice. Matt, thank you so much for your time. It’s been a while since people have seen you in a PWO ring, how does it feel to be back?

MATT JUSTICE: First off thank you for having me man. It feels great to be back in PWO. I’ve been with PWO since their beginnings in 2007 and it’s amazing to see how far they, well we’ve come, especially with all the doubters out there.

THE SHARK: You seemed to waste no time picking up where you left off in your return with going after Krimson and the Dead Wrestling Society. Would you say that one reason for your return would be unfinished business with Krimson?

MATT JUSTICE: Well naturally it fits the PWO puzzle for me to come after Krimson. We definitely had unfinished business stemming from our encounters earlier in the year so I’d say that my sights our set on Krimson and the Dead Wrestling Society not only for revenge but to prove a point to everyone in PWO and the wrestling community for that matter.

THE SHARK: For those who have yet to see you in action or are just coming to know Matthew Justice, how did you get your start and how’d you come up with the name of “The One Man Militia?”

MATT JUSTICE: I’ve been in this business for going on 6 years now! Started training in 2006 during the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. I had always enjoyed pro wrestling as a kid growing up & having watched it throughout my childhood it was something I always wanted to do. When I found out about a training school in Cleveland run buy a local vet named JT lightning (R.I.P.) it was maybe 25 miles from where I lived so I started going up there a few days a week learning the craft. The name Matt justice was a simple choice for me, basically my real name is Matt, I love Metallica and my favorite album from them is …And Justice For All. Ala Matthew justice. As far as the one man militia moniker goes its fairly new, started using it in PWO right before I got signed. How it came about was I had a friend who was my lifting partner & one day I was sitting there at the gym and he said something along the lines of “you’re like a one man militia”… we were talking about mosh pits at concerts which I highly enjoy… I’m a maniac.

THE SHARK: You left PWO a while back when you signed a developmental deal with the WWE. How would you compare that environment to wrestling on the independent circuit and PWO?

MATT JUSTICE: The indies and WWE are so similar yet so different. It’s weird. In all reality WWE and especially FCW are just like big well structured Independent promotions. FCW and PWO are very similar especially their respective tv tapings. They’re both on regional sports networks and tape 3 weeks worth of tv at one taping. FCW obviously has the backing of a multi billion dollar corporation behind them so in essence their resources are unlimited. Before I got signed I had wrestled 3 matches for wwe at live events: once on smackdown and once on superstars and a dark match at raw. That’s a completely different ballgame.

THE SHARK: Every wrestler has a dream match with somebody past or present that they’d love to have a match against. Who would you say is a dream opponent for Matt Justice?

MATT JUSTICE: That’s easy. Rob Van Dam. He’s my idol and the reason I became a wrestler! (Well anything ECW!)

THE SHARK: Pro Wrestling as a whole has seen the landscape change over the years whether it be the demand of the fans, new moves, the need for creativity increased, how has the landscape changed for wrestling from your perspective?

MATT JUSTICE: Wrestling is always evolving, progressing and sometimes it seems regressing. I think the wwe product has become as some would say “sterile” it’s not what my generation grew up watching & It’s not the same product that made me want to do this. It’s lost its edge IMO. As for the independents. The blue collar of the biz. It’s hit and miss. There’s tons of great promotions out there, there’s tons more shitty ones. I think this is definitely the best times we’ve seen as far as opportunity in a long time. With wwe rolling out their network soon, TNA finding their niche and producing some great tv as of late and ROH taking off and becoming what ECW was to the 90’s, to the now. Btw IPPV is the future. Hmmm? That’s a good question, it’s in it’s infimancy.

THE SHARK: Getting back on the subject of your PWO return, is there gold, specifically the PWO World or TV titles, in your line of sight and if so, is it the world title or considering your past with Krimson and the DWS, would you say that there is more of a personal matter with the TV title being held by Jason Gory?

MATT JUSTICE: Holding gold in PWO has always been one of my goals. I haven’t had the opportunity to capitalize on that just yet but hopefully in the very near future I do. I’ve always had my eye on the TV title. I think I could be what RVD was to the ECW TV title to PWO’s title. At one point the ECW TV title meant just as much if not more than their heavyweight title. That’s my goal. To represent the brand of PWO so I wouldn’t mind taking that title from Jason Gory and the Dead Wrestling Society.

THE SHARK: Now that you’re back in PWO, who are some guys you’re looking forward to working a match with if you could name a few?

MATT JUSTICE: For personal reasons Krimson and his cronies… Other than that I’ve always enjoyed wrestling bobby Beverly and Nickie Valentino, they’re great competitors. Mdogg 20 Matt Cross because he was always one of my Indy idols growing up and if the PWO powers that be ever grow a pair and let me step into the ring with Johnny gargano I’d love the opportunity and challenge that’d present.

THE SHARK: Most characters in wrestling, face or heel, have been called too “cookie cutter” especially in the bigger companies outside of the Indies. In this day and age with pro wrestling, what do you feel is the secret to pulling off the face and heel dynamic just right?

MATT JUSTICE: I don’t even know of I know the answer to this question. It’s not really playing a character anymore. The 80’s are long gone. I think everyone is just an extension of themselves. I know that Matthew Justice is just me turned up to 11.

THE SHARK: Finally for my last question, Coming off of Brawl in the Hall. Now that you’re back, what can we expect to see from you?

MATT JUSTICE: Since Brawl in the Hall has come and gone I believe PWO’s next live event will be February 26th in my hometown of Streetsboro, Ohio. Don’t quote me on that lol. You better believe I’ll be there but who knows what I’ll have up my sleeve for that event. I’m sure it’ll have something to do with my boot up Krimson’s ass though.

Be sure to follow Matthew Justice on twitter: @thrashjustice and on Facebook: Big thank you to “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice for his time and a great interview


Michael Cole: Ratings Killer

According to, WWE Officials had a meeting to discuss the plummeting ratings of Raw.  One of the reasons that they seemed to link to the falling ratings is Michael Cole’s commentary.  They deduced that the fans only care about the guys in the ring and that his continuous burial of everybody who is not named The Miz is turning the fans away.  All I can say about this is WELL DUH!!!!!!!!  The only shocker in this is that it took the higher-ups in the WWE this long to figure it out.  I mean it only took them about a year or two to figure it out.   Have they tried to watch their programming with Monkey Cole doing commentary? The only way to watch Raw or Smackdown as of late has been with the volume all the day down and people are fed up with that because they shouldn’t have to do that.

Cole was a lackluster announcer even when he did his job and called the matches, but at least then I was able to tolerate him.  Now, it’s just too damn painful to the point that I haven’t watched Raw in over two months. The constant burial on commentary of guys like Daniel Bryan, ass-kissing of the Miz or Alberto Del Rio, poking fun at Jim Ross, arguing with other announcers, and going on and on about how he’s some “award winning journalist” like it means something when the truth is we’re all thinking “award winning? You mean they have an award for most annoying and obnoxious?”  The thoughts amongst the fans that somehow find a way to endure and watch Raw are all thinking the same thing about this guy:  “Sit down and call the match. Do your damn job or just sit down and shut your fat freaking pinhole.”  If WWE is all about entertainment, then somebody please tell me what is entertaining about this guy?  He is so inconsistent with his character that it’s too pathetic to even be called laughable. He goes from saying happy holidays in the intro to “oh I hate new years. I hate christmas.” It’s more all over the place than NXT Redemption with the one thing in common that neither his character or that crap show seem to have any signs of an end in sight.

This whole character change started with NXT and one question that had never been answered was why this even needed to happen. Why did Cole have to become this stupid character and what the hell did he ever do to deserve a push?  And don’t tell me that it’s because he’s friends with John Cena. Jim Ross is friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin and they treat him like crap with all their stupid angles and attempts to humiliate the guy.  With most announcers, especially the ones that nobody likes, the normal fan looks at it and thinks “well at least we put up with the guy on one show” but unfortunately, we no longer have that option. Why? Because that shrieking shaved ape is on every single show and every single PPV and no, NXT and Superstars doesn’t count.  And then there’s the times where they actually put that waste of air in a wrestling ring.  His ring attire made him look like something Rick Steiner from the 80’s puked up.  His match at Mania with Lawler went on for a half hour and was considered the worst match of that Wrestlemania.  Let’s face facts, that match made Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar look like Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 3.  Then they had to stretch it on for 2 more PPVs to have Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole to make us all suffer through this 2 months longer and even when Over the Limit took place and that should’ve been the end of it, he still kept it up with his awful character and arguing with announcers and kissing so much ass all around that it’s amazing he could keep track.  They had a chance to finally give the fans a break and take him off of the announcer’s table when Triple H took over, but no they couldn’t give the fans that.

So are the officials on the money with Cole being the problem or at least part of the problem with why the ratings are in the crapper? Of course they are, but the big question is what are they going to do to fix it? Vinny Mac’s senile ass is so delusional that he thinks Cole and Booker T are actually good things for the announce table.  Yeah, that’s why the ratings are bombing because god forbid Vince McMahon would be wrong about something.  Oh wait, he is because if he was right about this, the ratings wouldn’t have fallen under 3.0 for the last month or so.  People don’t need a heel commentator at the announcer’s table.  They just want the two guys to put over the talent and call the action that is going on and not to have the guys at the table like Cole trying so hard to pull the spotlight on himself as if to say “please hate me, I need the attention.” And I know a lot of people are going on, thinking that “oh come on, he’s the best since Bobby Heenan.”  No because that was a different time and this is not the 1980’s and at least when guys like Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Paul Heyman/Paul E. Dangerously, Cyrus or Joel Gertner were doing that type of character, they still were doing their job putting the talent over. The only one that Monkey Cole is putting over himself and pissing on the rest of the talent that is actually doing their job unlike him.  Wise up WWE because this bowel movement of journalism is killing  your ratings.

Kevin Steen vs Steve Corino: When Evil Meets Evil

At Final Battle 2009, Kevin Steen turned against El Generico thanks to the advice and tutelage of one Steve Corino.  At Final Battle 2010, after making Generico’s life a living hell and even snatching the mask right off his head, Steen and Generico fought in a hellacious battle full of emotion and brutality at its finest that led to El Generico reclaiming his mask and Kevin Steen without his spot in Ring of Honor.  A year has past since then and now this year at Final Battle, Kevin Steen will go from losing his career to fighting to regain it, but in order for him to do so, he must go through the man who he once called a friend in Steve Corino in a No DQ match.

Following the events of Final Battle 2010, Steve Corino for over the last year has been on a path of trying to redeem himself and atone for what he has done not just in ROH but for all the wrong he had done in wrestling. Top that off, he’s been doing so with the help of a man who was once the leader of the group known as “The Age of the Fall” and has done his share of damage and evil in ROH and of course I’m speaking of Jimmy Jacobs.  In the path to redemption for these two, Corino sent an open invitation to Kevin Steen, to attempt to follow them on the same path that they were on in attempting to redeem themselves.  Steen showed up at the Best in the World PPV, but he would have none of that as he attacked Jacobs and leveled Corino with the Package Piledriver before being carried out of the arena by security to the sound of a screaming Jim Cornette who swore that Kevin Steen would never be seen in a Ring of Honor ring ever again.  That all came to a head when Steen brought in lawyers and demanded to be reinstated into Ring of Honor.

An ultimatum was reached as Corino had given a warning to Steen that if he had continued on the same path he was on, he would be the same as Corino once was, admitting that what happened with Steen and El Generico was Corino’s fault and that because of that along with a long list of things he had done wrong in the business, he has no friends and people that were looking at him with disgust rather than respect and admiration for any accomplishments he had done in his wrestling career.  Steen would not listen to any of that believing that both Jacobs and Corino have become neutered, even tame, and that Steen himself feels he could never and will never be tamed or controlled by anyone from ROH or anywhere else.  This led to the match set for Final Battle as Steve Corino will fight Kevin Steen in a No DQ match with Jimmy Jacobs as the referee and Jim Cornette at ringside.  The stipulation is that if Kevin Steen should win, he will get his spot back in Ring of Honor.

In the story of Frankenstein, the monster turned against his creator.  Steve Corino accepts the responsibility that he was the one that molded Kevin Steen into what he’s become now ever since Final Battle 2009 and even feels that he himself has created a monster in Steen.  In fighting Steen in a match where there will be a winner whether by pinball, submission or KO, Corino is fighting Steen on a level playing field.  To fight somebody with the mentality, viciousness, and ferocity of Kevin Steen, Corino realizes that he will have to go to some very dark places to stop Steen.  In doing so, Corino has even proclaimed that at Final Battle for one night, Corino will be that evil person again and has said that at Final Battle, “Hell Has No Honor.”  I think it’s safe to say that for Steve Corino heading into this match, he realizes that for what he must do to Kevin Steen to overcome him, there be may be no redemption for it and no redemption for where he must head to get there.  On his path of redemption, this may be one time where he not only is not asking for redemption, but also doesn’t want it for this.

Then you have Kevin Steen, this is a guy who is not afraid of not holding back no matter who he’s fighting.  The guy is hungry and out for blood and he wants his spot back in ROH. He needs his spot back and he doesn’t care if he has to tear through Corino, Jacobs or even Cornette himself to do it.  And all the while as Corino has been fighting to wipe the slate clean and break free from the evil he used to be, Steen is one with his own evil and refuses to part with it.  In an interview I had done with Kevin Steen, he has said that when he’s back in Ring Of Honor, he’s taking EVERYBODY out.  In Steen’s eyes, it doesn’t matter if it’s Corino, Jacobs, Generico or even Davey Richards because Steen is out for blood and in his eyes, everybody is a target.

In Corino’s eyes, he’s aware of what’s at stake in the event that he fails to stop Steen.  If Steen wins and is reinstated, there will be absolutely nothing stopping him.  It would be the bull in a china shop effect and Corino knows this.  That is why Corino feels he is in a position where he doesn’t know how to fail and refuses to learn it because he knows that he must hold nothing back in order to win this match.  It’s one of those times where it’s the unstoppable force meets the immovable object and in this case, it’s Steen’s bloodlust vs Corino’s redemption.  Corino believes that he started all of this back in 09, and that this Friday at Final Battle will be where he makes things right and finishes it.  Both will have to go to very dark places to beat the other, but Steen is already in that dark place and likes it there.  Anybody that’s looking at this and calling it a match needs to forego that thought right now because what this will truly be is a fight and when the smoke clears, only one is gonna be left standing in a battle that will determine the greater of two evils.

Memo to WWE: The Best in the World Isn’t Always Home Grown.

Last night we saw two guys who are considered to be the best in the world.  Both guys themselves have said not bad for two indy guys and you know what, not too bad at all.  Vince McMahon doesn’t get how guys like CM Punk, like Daniel Bryan or even Zack Ryder have gotten over like they have.  Ryder is a different circumstance considering that he made his own break for himself when the WWE wouldn’t give him one.  Guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan made names for themselves long before their WWE days.  Punk wrestled a match with Samoa Joe that is still considered a five star match even today.  Before he was Daniel Bryan and was known throughout the world as Bryan Danielson, he had some of the most memorable matches to date in Ring of Honor with guys like Nigel McGuinness, Austin Aries and even Punk himself.  Fans chanted Danielson’s name and chanted “best in the world” over and over again because they looked at him and looked at what he could do in that ring and they knew that who they were watching was in fact one of the best if not THE best in the world.

The other thing that Vinny Mac can’t stand is that these boys as over as they are were not something he made.  They didn’t start on his playing field and he doesn’t like that. He doesn’t like that something that has become big wasn’t made from his mold.  Bryan got fired after the Nexus debut and people were irate over it and the WWE was looking like a laughing stock over it.  NXT 2 had Kaval, better known as Low Ki, win the competition only to be jobbing to guys and eventually getting fired.  Reason being is still shady, but there was no other way to look at it other than the WWE let go of one of the few guys they had that could wrestle. And there lies in the key word as to why guys like Low Ki, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are as good as they are. It’s because they wrestle and what they believe in is wrestling and not sports entertainment, but pro wrestling.  Vince may have forgotten what that means or is doing his best to make his product something that it isn’t, but these guys haven’t forgotten it. They haven’t forgotten their roots and the history.

Here’s a little lesson for the WWE and especially Vinny Mac and throw TNA in there too, some names if you will.  Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Low Ki, Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Kevin Steen, Samoa Joe, El Generico, Homicide, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Tyler Black, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Frankie Kazarian, and Roderick Strong. What do these guys have in common? They’re wrestlers, not sports entertainers but wrestlers. What they do is wrestle and what they believe in is the craft of pro wrestling. Vince you may have forgotten what that means but they haven’t. Dixie Carter, you may not have a clue what the hell those two words mean, but these guys do.  Somewhere amongst the glamor, the pyro and scripts you constantly re-write at the last second, the message and the core essence of the product got lost.  But in the indy leagues where a lot of these guys compete, they haven’t forgotten it and for a lot of them, they can’t forget it.  This is what they do, this is what they grew up watching and dreamt of doing.

There are a lot of guys who can be deemed as pro wrestling’s future and considered amongst the best in the world. A lot of those names that are mentioned in there not only are amongst that list but deserve every right to be called amongst the best in the world. And they started out in those some indy leagues that some people like Vince or his mouthpiece Michael Cole spit on every chance they get. There is a collective of wrestlers who are amongst the best in the world, and it’s got nothing to do with whether Vince McMahon says so or not.  A lot of guys are a part of that because they earned it, because they let what they can do in the ring speak for itself.  The sooner that Vince remembers what made his product great and that it doesn’t matter where the talent came from, but having the talent in the first place, the better off he’ll be and so will the rest of us because that is when the WWE will reach a new form of greatness that it once had more than 10 years ago.

Breaking Down TLC

I never thought I would see that day again where I would see a WWE PPV and have something positive to say about it.  Last night ended up being one of those rare times and believe me, I’m just as puzzled as you guys when I say it.  Keep in mind that as I’m breaking down TLC, I’m only going to talk about the parts that stood out the most for me.  I knew that Beth Phoenix was more than likely gonna retain the belt, but I’m still not buying into the whole “Divas of Doom” thing considering that last time I saw, Beth Phoenix wins matches while Natalya has gotten to the point where she seems to lose matches (and sometimes extensions) on a regular basis.  Sheamus vs Jack Swagger I didn’t really care about because I am one of those people that just don’t buy into Jack Swagger and that whether as a heel or if he turns face, I don’t see much of that changing anytime soon. Also I’m tired of the blowouts matches for Sheamus. I want the guy to get some competition and maybe have him go after a title belt, whether mid-card or the world titles.  I mean if you’re so worried about Cody Rhodes having competition, than why not put him against Sheamus?  I mean I’m all for Booker T being back in the ring. It can’t be worse than his skills at the announcers table.

The first one being where Zack Ryder beat Dolph Ziggler to win the US Title, something that needed to happen for a lot of reasons.  One of which being that having Ryder not win would do a lot more harm than good. The guy is over with the crowd and whether you like him or hate him, he’s got a following.  I admire about Ryder the fact that he wasn’t getting any TV time or any kind of push for that matter. The WWE was clearly not going to give him a break, so he decided to go and make his own break and it worked.  It led to the following that he now has and getting the exposure on TV that he wasn’t getting months ago.  Ryder wasn’t the only reason why his victory had to happen as the other reason was Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has shown me some things and many are saying that he’s part of the future for the WWE and I’d agree on that. I also agree that he’s gotten too big for the US Title and too big for the mid-card.  It’s time to see what Ziggler can really do and I think he can do it without Vickie Guerrero, but that will happen in time. Solid opener with WWE making the right call for both Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder.  As for Ryder, he’s now got a title belt so let’s see what he can do with it.

I was 50/50 on whether or not Air Boom was going to keep the belts or not against Epico and Primo.  But I am not against them keeping the belts either as how can you have a title change for a match that you didn’t even advertise.  I’m just waiting for the debut of the Kings of Wrestling so that maybe we can get some real tag team action.  It was good seeing Bourne back and Kofi is entertaining as always in the ring.

Triple H vs Kevin Nash, heading into this match I had one thought about this feud: PUT IT OUT OF ITS DAMN MISERY!  Seriously, the feud in terms of its build-up was a failure.  It was poorly executed and really if this is the way they end it with Nash being carried out after Triple H pounds the living crap out of him with the sledgehammer, I’d call that a mercy killing.  I don’t know where Nash goes from here, more likely that was the last active match he’ll do and as for Triple H, hopefully this leads to taking back control and taking back what’s his and enforcing his authority again. Safe bet that as far as the Nash/HHH feud, I’ve got two words for ya: (No not those words and I’m aware of the pun here)  Game Over.

I didn’t find out until earlier in the week about Mark Henry and his injury. All I can say is that is bad timing because this whole push, this whole run for Mark Henry is the best he’s gotten during his whole time in the WWE.  I really thought the guy was going to hold onto the belt until Mania.  If it weren’t for this injury, he might have actually done it.  So long story short, Big Show wins the match and gets laid out by Mark Henry.  Crowd reportedly is chanting Daniel Bryan’s name, probably the crowd wasn’t too big on Big Show with the belt either.  So, Daniel Bryan comes out with the ref and briefcase and pins Big Show to win the belt.  Daniel Bryan is the new World Heavyweight Champion.  As for Cole’s whole thing about Bryan being a hypocrite, all I can say is “Oh Blow It Out Your Ass, Monkey.” Maybe this wasn’t what I wanted to see in terms of how Daniel Bryan won the belt, but I’m happy that it happened all the same. The American Dragon is officially reborn.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz:  Well, did anyone really think Punk was gonna lose this match? Have your biggest merchandise seller and one of if not the top guy in the WWE who is over with the crowd and you’re gonna let him lose the belt after one month?  And to who? A guy who recently had been circling the drain in mediocrity over the last couple months and only became relevant again because he drilled his parter and took out a guy who was already on his way out in the first place? Or to a guy who WWE tried to market as the next big heel but is just not getting over the way that they were hoping for?  Punk is not losing that belt anytime and he sure as hell was not going to lose it after a month to Del Rio or Miz.  Miz still needs some work to get back in the title picture and Del Rio for right now is back to the old drawing board. The guy was pushed too fast and too soon and needs some serious re-tooling.  I’m satisfied with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan standing tall with the world titles.  I’m hoping this is a sign of things to come, for the better.

Interview with PWO’s Jason Bane

THE SHARK: “The Shark of Wrestling” Sean Williams here. I’m talking with the Pro Wrestling Ohio’s own “Most Dominant Man in Wrestling” and the master of the Bane-Line. I’m talking of course about Jason Bane. Jason, I know you’re just coming off of your match with Matt Cross where you lost the world title. I gotta ask you your thoughts heading into that match and now following that match?

JASON BANE: Heading into that match I had an issue with Matt not being dedicated to PWO after leaving and coming back several times. He had recently come back from being eliminated from Tough Enough and strolled in demanding a title shot. I doubted his dedication and didn’t believe he deserved a shot after having one match back at Wrestlelution 4. I realize after the match that I underestimated him and while I still didn’t think he deserved a shot I ended up playing into his plan by trying to match speed with him. I should have grounded him early which would have limited his aireal assault. I won’t make that mistake again!

THE SHARK: I know that you’re looking to get that belt back whether it be from Matt Cross or whoever is holding the belt at the time. Should you face Matt Cross again for the belt, what would your mindset be heading into that match as opposed to the last encounter?

JASON BANE: Like I said, I would make him play my game and keep the match much more mat based wrestling where my strength and size give me the advantage.

THE SHARK: Many wrestlers are asked this question, what got you into the wrestling business and who was a wrestler or wrestlers that inspired you and helped you become the powerhouse that you are today?

JASON BANE: I was at a WWE show around 1997-98 and saw fliers for Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling and went to a couple shows. I contacted the owner James Haase “J.T. Lightning” and asked about training and eventually started training in February of 98. J.T. who passed away back in August trained me to be more of an oldschool worker calling my matches in the ring which has become a lost art. I was a big fan of Flair and the Horseman, Harley Race, Austin, The Road Warriors, Bruiser Brody and the last guy I was really into was Brock Lesnar as far as WWE goes. I try to be similar to Lesnar because he had the total package of size and quickness.

THE SHARK: When you defeated Marion Fontaine to win the very title you’re holding, what was that feeling like to at long last hold that belt after all you’ve been through and the 3 ½ years it took to win that belt?

JASON BANE: It felt incredible, I knew that if I was given a one on one shot at whoever was the champion I could come out on top. To go through all the interference and a hit put on my head was a test of my will to succeed and I smashed through every wall put in my way.

THE SHARK: In wrestling today, for most companies especially the more mainstream, they believe that in terms of wrestlers “The bigger, the better.” Do you find yourself challenged in making your style as the powerhouse that you are, stand apart from most other wrestlers in that category?

JASON BANE: I find it just the opposite in independent wrestling I’m usually twice the size of most of the wrestlers. I think today’s business is more oriented towards smaller acrobatic high flyer types. My size alone helps me stand apart from most of the guys. In PWO, Brodie Lee is the only guy bigger than me, as far as me standing apart from other big guys I try to be more athletic than the average big guy.

THE SHARK: You were part of a multi-main event at Wrestlelution 4, the first internet PPV for PWO. What is that feeling like to have the main event slot on a moment as historic as that night at Wrestlelution 4?

JASON BANE: It’s pretty cool to be in one of the marquis matches at what is basically PWO’s Wrestlemania. I think there was about 1500 people there so It’s definately a time of year where you can’t help but step up your game.

THE SHARK: Regarding your match, the word “hardcore” would be putting it mildly as it featured things from thumbtacks to broken glass. Would you say that it’s easier or harder to do the hardcore matches as opposed to a normal wrestling match?

JASON BANE: Easier because there is a lot more freedom to pretty much do what you want. I personally prefer a wrestling match over hardcore because a traditional wrestling match is way more challenging to get over with a crowd.

THE SHARK: Not only was the match No DQ but it was part of the main event on the card for that PPV. Was there a feeling of pressure for both yourself and Krimson to make sure that this match delivered on every level, especially in terms of the violence scale of the match?

JASON BANE: No real pressure we knew between the two of us we were willing to go balls out and just make it as wild as possible.It’s very easy to just fight it out and go with the flow.

THE SHARK: I asked Aaron Draven this question and with you being a former champion, I felt that it was right to ask you as well. How much of the other companies such as TNA or WWE do you watch if at all and what do you see as the defining difference between the more mainstream pro wrestling vs professional wrestling on the independent circuit?

JASON BANE: I haven’t watched WWE in months and TNA I honestly couldn’t tell you when I watched it last. I think the main difference is in indy wrestling you are free to be who you want to be and say what you want to say. WWE and TNA seem to be far too concerned with scripting every single aspect of it to the point that all the individual creativity has been sucked out. The legends in this business didn’t need everything pre-planned for them, give them a finish and they created the rest on the fly. Pro Wrestling is supposed to be an improvisational art form. How can you work the crowd if there’s no room to improvise if your pre-planned match isn’t working ????

THE SHARK: There are some moves that people consider to be “simple” or “routine” to wrestling such as a backdrop or splash to the corner. Yet, you add the power to the clothesline and make it your own as the “Bane-Line.” In your opinion, what is the secret to take moves like you do with the Bane-Line and delivering with such precision and execution to make the move look so powerful?

JASON BANE: Throwing as much of my body into it as possible and making enough contact to make it look as brutal as possible..

THE SHARK: You’ve fought Raven, you fought Marion Fontaine to become the champ and you fought Krimson to retain the title. Every wrestler has one or two that come to mind, so I want to ask you who is somebody currently in wrestling that you yourself would love to have a match against?

JASON BANE: Randy Orton and Triple H probably. They are the most similar to the oldschool way of working.

THE SHARK: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans on what they can expect in the future from Jason Bane and what we can expect to see out of you heading into Brawl in the Hall?

JASON BANE: In the future you can expect Jason Bane to be much more vicious. I will show everyone why there are “None More Brutal” than Jason Bane !!

Big thank you to Jason Bane for this interview and look forward to seeing him and the rest of the PWO roster in action at “Brawl in the Hall”.

WWE Anti-Bullying….Except On Their Own Show

WWE has been trying to promote this campaign against bullying for a while now. The message is there and it is a just cause. It’s just too bad that the WWE themselves don’t believe in it. To much of their stuff almost encourages bullying and it’s to the point where it’s just downright hypocritical. One of the most recent examples took place this past week.

John Laryngitis’ favorite little princess Michael Cole can’t shut the hell up without saying something that is crossing the line. First there was him dropping a gay slur in an ignorant manner towards Josh Matthews before Wrestlemania. He was never punished for it. Then this week, not only does he make a tasteless remark about Lillian Garcia, but he pokes fun at Jim Ross’ health, specifically JR’s battle with bell’s palsy. Jim Ross claims Vince wasn’t there and this was the work of a writer. So, WWE Creative bungles another one and Cole will more likely say he was just doing a character or using a line he was to so say. What are you? Tony Schiavone all of a sudden? No that’s not possible because Schiavone actually knows how to be an announcer.

Momentarily getting off of Monkey Cole for just a moment, you have the whole thing with the Divas. Yes, the “Divas of Doom” and all their attempts at getting divas to cry and their who’s “You gonna cry?” or “Gonna shed a tear?” and even doing the gestures of a tear trickling down. For God’s sake, shut the hell up already. Did Beth Phoenix and Natalya go back to grade school all of a sudden? It was bad enough with Lay-Cool and their remarks like “Glam-A-Man,” “Smelly Kelly,” “Piggy James,” and “Lady Wah-Wah.”. So we go from the bimbo squad to just two bitches that get their rocks off trying to get girls to cry and acting like they’re so dominant. No, dominant would mean you actually win all your matches. Last I checked in terms of wins/losses since forming this bitch squad, Natalya’s track record for wins has sucked and it took Beth Phoenix 3 matches to win the belt from Kelly Kelly. That don’t spell dominance to me and it looks like all talk and not enough action. Except in the case of Beth and Natalya, its more like you see their lips moving but all you hear is “bitch bitch bitch.”

We’ve all had encounters of some kind with bullies in our lives and a lot of what we dealt with is similar or the same as the crap that WWE has been doing with most of their product. How does this promote anti-bullying? You’re having characters like the bitch & moan squad or Monkey Cole instigating it and even encouraging it. Well at least I’m not amongst the higher ups of the WWE who will probably get a bunch of complaints about the remarks made by Cole and like always, WWE won’t do a damn thing and that will only feed monkey boy’s ego. Is there a such thing in the WWE as going too far anymore? Then again, I’m sure that is as big a mystery as if there is a discipline code or if Vince has any kind of moral code. Okay the last one isn’t a mystery because as we all know, VKM doesn’t have one.

Whether you want to say poorly executed, hypocritical or that it’s all a crock, it’s safe to say that WWE’s anti-bullying campaign is yet another good idea that WWE seemed to screw up.