WWE Monday Night Re-Write

Over the last couple of weeks, even months, Raw has been subject to last minute re-writes almost to the point of being considered on an extreme scale. Its lead to a lot of problems with how the final show has turned out, especially considering that you have angles that were advertised weeks before to not happen at all and get delayed if they even happen at all.  The biggest problem is that the ratings suffer as a result as Raw has had the second hour fall in the ratings for over 2 1/2 months.

This begs the question as to why in the hell the WWE is doing all this at the last minute in the first place. It’s not like these guys haven’t done this before.  Some could link this to Vince McMahon being out of touch.  I mean we already know he doesn’t get how Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or Zack Ryder for that matter are over with the crowd.  Mostly, that’s because he doesn’t get or like the internet and yet, he practically is begging to promote Twitter to the point where he’s shoving it down our throats.  Vince McMahon has been called a lot of things, but this is one time where I can remember where I could label this guy as a hypocrite.  For all we know, he has almost as much a disliking for the IWC as much as Eric Bischoff does, but Vince is desperate to get things working again with his own product because there’s absolutely no way that even VKM could know that his product has a problem.

How could anyone not notice the product has a problem?  Revenue is nowhere near what it used to be. The PPVs aren’t drawing the buys that they used to and keep seeming to get lower and lower ever since Mania.  House show attendance is so low that it barely fills half of the arenas anymore.  Hell, a taping for Smackdown at one point had the cameras only facing one side because the other side of the arena was empty. What does that tell you?

Look at the angles that got delayed or never happened on Raw over the last couple months.  You had that stupid Michael Cole challenge hyped up and it took them almost 4 weeks before it actually happened.  You had Jonah Hill advertised to guest host only to  never have it happen.  As stupid as the whole guest host thing has become for Raw, you don’t advertise for something unless you’re actually going to back it up.  And then of course you have Brodus Clay who has still yet to debut and it’s to the point where barely anyone gives a damn anymore if he ever does debut on Raw. The perfect setup would have been to have Brodus beat the living hell out of the departing John Morrison, only to not have it happen. You also delay that whole stable with Hunico, Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendez debuting which is basically WWE trying to rip off Mexican America from TNA, although that group is just a ripoff of LAX.

As bad as TNA is right now and as godawful as WCW was in its dying run, I’m guessing they already had a plan set for the show before taping.  As horrible as the product ends up looking, they still go with it but the amount of re-writing that the WWE puts in for Raw only shows signs of desperation and a lack of confidence in their creative team and/or talent on their roster.  No wonder Stone Cold Steve Austin ripped on the WWE Creative.  If there’s anybody that knows a thing or two about Creative screwing him over, it’s Steve Austin.  Just ask him about the Creative in WCW and why Stunning Steve Austin never took off even when he was part of the Dangerous Alliance and the Hollywood Blondes.

Is this the reason why they keep re-writing at the last second? Or is it maybe because they stick with the same stuff because its there no matter how old and how stale it’s getting or already is to begin with.  Maybe that’s why the Anonymous Raw GM never got a payoff or why we’re still dealing with a heel Michael Cole that is nothing more than the ventriloquist’s dummy with Vince McMahon’s hand up his ass. I know nothing about writing a line-up or stories for a wrestling show, but I do know that you should have everything set to go long before the day of the show’s taping and that if you advertise something, you better back it up.  You know that phrase “good for business,” last I checked false advertising was anything but good for business.  The last company that didn’t learn that until it was too late ended up going under.



  1. Hey hey Sean. PPVs get lower and lower because people can just illegally stream PPVs… plus they cost $40 – $50. Who wants to pay that? And there are more PPVs than months for the WWE alone.

    It doesn’t have the same income because all those fans that watched in the Attitude Era grew up, have kids and families.

    The Smackdown thing is very alarming, but its kind of like MMA where if its not UFC no one cares. Well if its not RAW no one cares. I’d say next draft, put Cena over there, along with Miz to heat things up. Well if Cena is such a draw why not?

    But I also think Smackdown slipped big time because its now on SyFy, which just can’t draw the ratings that UPN or CW could. Just like Spike TV or WGN can’t draw ratings. My best example of this is Wrestling Society X got 2.0+ ratings on MTV. Even UFC jumped in ratings when it went to Fox from the biggest number it ever had on Spike TV.

    Wrestling is dying and its Vince that killed it.

    The Cole Challenge I think was moreso just to make JR look bad for not showing up 4 weeks. The Jonah Hill thing is a little puzzling, but whatever. The Brodus Clay thing I think boils down to they want something big for him and since the RAW supershow is so stacked as it is, he’d get lost. Plus he’s a Smackdown guy anyway… whatever. Ugg…

    As for the Mexican America rip off… eh at least they’re doing something with them. They don’t have to be a Mexican Gang, maybe they can all wear lucha masks and be the Flying Family. Or do what the Super Crazy / Psychosis / Juvi faction did in the WWE. Can’t even remember what their names are. I don’t think Mexican America is a rip off of LAX. They’re similar yes, but different. One was a tag team with a manager. The other just seems like a bunch of people.

    What I find most interesting of all…

    The fact that all of these former WWE creative writers all seem to start up a podcast after they’ve been with the WWE. They berate the product and say what they would have done. Funny because they didn’t do these great things when they were in the WWE. Maybe its just Vince that likes craziness or cuts out things.

    Sorry to rant on your blog, but yes wrestling is dying.

  2. I don’t believe wrestling in general is dying or dead. Pro wrestling is gonna exist somehow. Hell UFC is killing boxing but boxing is not gonna die. Now the WWE as a whole yeah that is dying and Vince is killing it. The guy is out of touch with what is big and what attracts fans. WWE will take a longtime before its demise as opposed to WCW, but it’s getting there. The dwindling numbers are proof of that

    • Yep it will never be dead, just like black and white movies will still get made.

      • I just mean in terms like the Indy leagues or even in Japan, wrestling will still exist in one form or another even when/if WWE falls flat along with TNA

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