If WWE is About Entertainment over Wrestling, Who are they Entertaining?

I’ve had tons of people say to me about how the WWE is now about entertainment as opposed to wrestling.   I can’t help but look at the word “entertainment” and wonder about that.  The whole concept of entertainment refers to an audience and a certain crowd that you’re trying to appease as it helps to sell tickets and get people in the seats.  WWE’s job has been to do that with live crowds and audiences that watch on a global scale.  They do believe in the concept of entertainment, but the question remains as to if they are entertaining the wrong crowd.  They’re entertaining an audience all right, but it’s sure as hell not the audience in the arenas or watching around the world.  Unfortunately, the phrase “audience of one” comes to mind and that is exactly what the WWE is doing because instead of putting more of an effort into entertaining the paying customers and consumers, their primary focus is to entertain the boss for his own amusement.

You look at the current WWE product and you can’t help but think that this is entertaining somebody, but it just isn’t you that it’s meant for as it’s for Vinny Mac himself.  Michael Cole’s heel character wasn’t supposed to last past Wrestlemania, but it was Vince’s call to keep it going.  Who is there to blame for making John Boring-itis a televised character? Then of course you have the rising popularity and followings of guys like Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Zack Ryder.  Guys who either made their presence known in the indy circuit or got to their fame via the internet in some fashion.  Vince doesn’t get why they’re popular nor does he like it and why doesn’t he like it you may ask? It’s simple really in that it’s because he can’t stand that something that may be a hot commodity/established current or rising star came to be and it wasn’t something that he built from scratch.  It wasn’t a character that he made or somebody that got their start in Vince’s company. Both Punk and Danielson made a name for themselves to kickstart their careers outside of Vinny Mac’s company and his wallet.  Ryder wasn’t getting a push so he decided to make his podcast show on the net for the sole reason of making his own break even if he wasn’t going to get one from Vince himself.

Eric Bischoff believed that controversy creates cash and still believes that even if it doesn’t work anymore.  VKM seems to have this belief that what pesters, annoys and pisses off the crowd will draw people in.  Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis, Michael Cole, Booker T’s bad job as an announcer, NXT never ending, and Jim Ross’ constant humiliations, all prime examples of things in the WWE that seem to pester, piss off, and annoy both versions of crowds that consist of the WWE fans.  Nobody enjoys watching this or having to hear it, but it’s how VKM gets his rocks off because he thinks just because he likes it, we’ll all like it.  Instead of listening to what the paying customers want, he’s trying to tell them what they want and trying to shove it down their throats in the process. WCW did the same damn thing towards the end and we all saw how that ended up.

The problem here is that if you advertise something, then you make sure you can back it up and that means to not advertise something for weeks even months and then pull it at the last minute. What’s entertaining about that? That’s not what I’d call entertainment, I call it poor selling of your product.   It’s a little thing called consumer confidence, WWE. In other words, if you promote something, then the consumer and paying customers expect you deliver on it.  The more you screw with them and not deliver, the more that people are gonna look at their money and think; “I’ve got other things I can do with this” and will choose not to use up any money on your product.  Especially when you’re considering what people have to pay these days for the PPVs.  People don’t want to pay that unless they’re confident that they’re getting what they paid for with it.

The bad angles, poor stories, constant title changes, characters that draw heat but don’t draw audiences, PPV buyrates or ratings, we’ve seen this happen before. We’ve even seen things promoted by a wrestling company and never delivered once before also and that same company ended up going under.  Yeah I know that I’m making a lot of comparisons with the WWE towards WCW in its dying run. All I can say is that if the WWE wants to stop all the references and comparisons to WCW, then stop acting like WCW did.


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