Brodus Clay’s Debut: Will It Ever Happen? Does Anyone Care?

It feels like years since WWE started hyping up a re-debut of Brodus Clay. Clay who came into the scene as a behemoth of NXT and came off like an overgrown version of Taz and Samoa Joe mixed. I mean come on, the guy ripped off a Taz line and even went as far as to call himself “The Human Suplex Machine.”. It shouldn’t surprise me since WWE already tried to rip off the tag team of The Pit Bulls once so why shouldn’t they rip off another from the original ECW? Who cares that the guy they’re ripping off was one who worked for them?

The re-debut of Brodus has been one of those things that has been a victim of the constant re-writes that WWE has been doing for the last couple months for Raw. They’re trying to play it off like John Laryngitis wants to get the guy pissed to where he’ll be a rampaging monster. They can cal it that all they want but I call it being stupid, lazy, incompetent and being total morons when it comes to planning out a show and managing the time a lot better.

The biggest side effect to come from this is that the longer you delay it, the more people you have that will just say “who the hell cares?” I personally could care less because whenever I did see the guy wrestle, I was anything but impressed with him. You’d have a better shot at trying to convince me that Alberto Del Rio is a better submission wrestler than Daniel Bryan or that Michael Cole is the best announcer since Gordon Solie. Both I would never say unless I was trying to make a point and even then I couldn’t say either without throwing up in my mouth.

What good does having this guy’s debut delayed really do for him or the WWE? How is this building up anticipation for the debut? WWE did this with that stupid Michael Cole Challenge and with how they’ve handled the potential feud between Kevin Nash and Triple H. There was momentum building up when they first started hyping up this guy. There hasn’t been since they kept delaying it. This once again leads one to question how is this entertainment since we know this isn’t wrestling. Once again, the method of hyping something only to never follow through with it is a typical WCW tactic. I have to say that for a guy that didn’t like Eric Bischoff or the way he did things, Vince McMahon seems to be making the same decisions that Bischoff did and a lot of guys are paying the price for it, including Brodus Clay.


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