WWE Anti-Bullying….Except On Their Own Show

WWE has been trying to promote this campaign against bullying for a while now. The message is there and it is a just cause. It’s just too bad that the WWE themselves don’t believe in it. To much of their stuff almost encourages bullying and it’s to the point where it’s just downright hypocritical. One of the most recent examples took place this past week.

John Laryngitis’ favorite little princess Michael Cole can’t shut the hell up without saying something that is crossing the line. First there was him dropping a gay slur in an ignorant manner towards Josh Matthews before Wrestlemania. He was never punished for it. Then this week, not only does he make a tasteless remark about Lillian Garcia, but he pokes fun at Jim Ross’ health, specifically JR’s battle with bell’s palsy. Jim Ross claims Vince wasn’t there and this was the work of a writer. So, WWE Creative bungles another one and Cole will more likely say he was just doing a character or using a line he was to so say. What are you? Tony Schiavone all of a sudden? No that’s not possible because Schiavone actually knows how to be an announcer.

Momentarily getting off of Monkey Cole for just a moment, you have the whole thing with the Divas. Yes, the “Divas of Doom” and all their attempts at getting divas to cry and their who’s “You gonna cry?” or “Gonna shed a tear?” and even doing the gestures of a tear trickling down. For God’s sake, shut the hell up already. Did Beth Phoenix and Natalya go back to grade school all of a sudden? It was bad enough with Lay-Cool and their remarks like “Glam-A-Man,” “Smelly Kelly,” “Piggy James,” and “Lady Wah-Wah.”. So we go from the bimbo squad to just two bitches that get their rocks off trying to get girls to cry and acting like they’re so dominant. No, dominant would mean you actually win all your matches. Last I checked in terms of wins/losses since forming this bitch squad, Natalya’s track record for wins has sucked and it took Beth Phoenix 3 matches to win the belt from Kelly Kelly. That don’t spell dominance to me and it looks like all talk and not enough action. Except in the case of Beth and Natalya, its more like you see their lips moving but all you hear is “bitch bitch bitch.”

We’ve all had encounters of some kind with bullies in our lives and a lot of what we dealt with is similar or the same as the crap that WWE has been doing with most of their product. How does this promote anti-bullying? You’re having characters like the bitch & moan squad or Monkey Cole instigating it and even encouraging it. Well at least I’m not amongst the higher ups of the WWE who will probably get a bunch of complaints about the remarks made by Cole and like always, WWE won’t do a damn thing and that will only feed monkey boy’s ego. Is there a such thing in the WWE as going too far anymore? Then again, I’m sure that is as big a mystery as if there is a discipline code or if Vince has any kind of moral code. Okay the last one isn’t a mystery because as we all know, VKM doesn’t have one.

Whether you want to say poorly executed, hypocritical or that it’s all a crock, it’s safe to say that WWE’s anti-bullying campaign is yet another good idea that WWE seemed to screw up.


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