Breaking Down TLC

I never thought I would see that day again where I would see a WWE PPV and have something positive to say about it.  Last night ended up being one of those rare times and believe me, I’m just as puzzled as you guys when I say it.  Keep in mind that as I’m breaking down TLC, I’m only going to talk about the parts that stood out the most for me.  I knew that Beth Phoenix was more than likely gonna retain the belt, but I’m still not buying into the whole “Divas of Doom” thing considering that last time I saw, Beth Phoenix wins matches while Natalya has gotten to the point where she seems to lose matches (and sometimes extensions) on a regular basis.  Sheamus vs Jack Swagger I didn’t really care about because I am one of those people that just don’t buy into Jack Swagger and that whether as a heel or if he turns face, I don’t see much of that changing anytime soon. Also I’m tired of the blowouts matches for Sheamus. I want the guy to get some competition and maybe have him go after a title belt, whether mid-card or the world titles.  I mean if you’re so worried about Cody Rhodes having competition, than why not put him against Sheamus?  I mean I’m all for Booker T being back in the ring. It can’t be worse than his skills at the announcers table.

The first one being where Zack Ryder beat Dolph Ziggler to win the US Title, something that needed to happen for a lot of reasons.  One of which being that having Ryder not win would do a lot more harm than good. The guy is over with the crowd and whether you like him or hate him, he’s got a following.  I admire about Ryder the fact that he wasn’t getting any TV time or any kind of push for that matter. The WWE was clearly not going to give him a break, so he decided to go and make his own break and it worked.  It led to the following that he now has and getting the exposure on TV that he wasn’t getting months ago.  Ryder wasn’t the only reason why his victory had to happen as the other reason was Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has shown me some things and many are saying that he’s part of the future for the WWE and I’d agree on that. I also agree that he’s gotten too big for the US Title and too big for the mid-card.  It’s time to see what Ziggler can really do and I think he can do it without Vickie Guerrero, but that will happen in time. Solid opener with WWE making the right call for both Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder.  As for Ryder, he’s now got a title belt so let’s see what he can do with it.

I was 50/50 on whether or not Air Boom was going to keep the belts or not against Epico and Primo.  But I am not against them keeping the belts either as how can you have a title change for a match that you didn’t even advertise.  I’m just waiting for the debut of the Kings of Wrestling so that maybe we can get some real tag team action.  It was good seeing Bourne back and Kofi is entertaining as always in the ring.

Triple H vs Kevin Nash, heading into this match I had one thought about this feud: PUT IT OUT OF ITS DAMN MISERY!  Seriously, the feud in terms of its build-up was a failure.  It was poorly executed and really if this is the way they end it with Nash being carried out after Triple H pounds the living crap out of him with the sledgehammer, I’d call that a mercy killing.  I don’t know where Nash goes from here, more likely that was the last active match he’ll do and as for Triple H, hopefully this leads to taking back control and taking back what’s his and enforcing his authority again. Safe bet that as far as the Nash/HHH feud, I’ve got two words for ya: (No not those words and I’m aware of the pun here)  Game Over.

I didn’t find out until earlier in the week about Mark Henry and his injury. All I can say is that is bad timing because this whole push, this whole run for Mark Henry is the best he’s gotten during his whole time in the WWE.  I really thought the guy was going to hold onto the belt until Mania.  If it weren’t for this injury, he might have actually done it.  So long story short, Big Show wins the match and gets laid out by Mark Henry.  Crowd reportedly is chanting Daniel Bryan’s name, probably the crowd wasn’t too big on Big Show with the belt either.  So, Daniel Bryan comes out with the ref and briefcase and pins Big Show to win the belt.  Daniel Bryan is the new World Heavyweight Champion.  As for Cole’s whole thing about Bryan being a hypocrite, all I can say is “Oh Blow It Out Your Ass, Monkey.” Maybe this wasn’t what I wanted to see in terms of how Daniel Bryan won the belt, but I’m happy that it happened all the same. The American Dragon is officially reborn.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz:  Well, did anyone really think Punk was gonna lose this match? Have your biggest merchandise seller and one of if not the top guy in the WWE who is over with the crowd and you’re gonna let him lose the belt after one month?  And to who? A guy who recently had been circling the drain in mediocrity over the last couple months and only became relevant again because he drilled his parter and took out a guy who was already on his way out in the first place? Or to a guy who WWE tried to market as the next big heel but is just not getting over the way that they were hoping for?  Punk is not losing that belt anytime and he sure as hell was not going to lose it after a month to Del Rio or Miz.  Miz still needs some work to get back in the title picture and Del Rio for right now is back to the old drawing board. The guy was pushed too fast and too soon and needs some serious re-tooling.  I’m satisfied with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan standing tall with the world titles.  I’m hoping this is a sign of things to come, for the better.


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