Kevin Steen vs Steve Corino: When Evil Meets Evil

At Final Battle 2009, Kevin Steen turned against El Generico thanks to the advice and tutelage of one Steve Corino.  At Final Battle 2010, after making Generico’s life a living hell and even snatching the mask right off his head, Steen and Generico fought in a hellacious battle full of emotion and brutality at its finest that led to El Generico reclaiming his mask and Kevin Steen without his spot in Ring of Honor.  A year has past since then and now this year at Final Battle, Kevin Steen will go from losing his career to fighting to regain it, but in order for him to do so, he must go through the man who he once called a friend in Steve Corino in a No DQ match.

Following the events of Final Battle 2010, Steve Corino for over the last year has been on a path of trying to redeem himself and atone for what he has done not just in ROH but for all the wrong he had done in wrestling. Top that off, he’s been doing so with the help of a man who was once the leader of the group known as “The Age of the Fall” and has done his share of damage and evil in ROH and of course I’m speaking of Jimmy Jacobs.  In the path to redemption for these two, Corino sent an open invitation to Kevin Steen, to attempt to follow them on the same path that they were on in attempting to redeem themselves.  Steen showed up at the Best in the World PPV, but he would have none of that as he attacked Jacobs and leveled Corino with the Package Piledriver before being carried out of the arena by security to the sound of a screaming Jim Cornette who swore that Kevin Steen would never be seen in a Ring of Honor ring ever again.  That all came to a head when Steen brought in lawyers and demanded to be reinstated into Ring of Honor.

An ultimatum was reached as Corino had given a warning to Steen that if he had continued on the same path he was on, he would be the same as Corino once was, admitting that what happened with Steen and El Generico was Corino’s fault and that because of that along with a long list of things he had done wrong in the business, he has no friends and people that were looking at him with disgust rather than respect and admiration for any accomplishments he had done in his wrestling career.  Steen would not listen to any of that believing that both Jacobs and Corino have become neutered, even tame, and that Steen himself feels he could never and will never be tamed or controlled by anyone from ROH or anywhere else.  This led to the match set for Final Battle as Steve Corino will fight Kevin Steen in a No DQ match with Jimmy Jacobs as the referee and Jim Cornette at ringside.  The stipulation is that if Kevin Steen should win, he will get his spot back in Ring of Honor.

In the story of Frankenstein, the monster turned against his creator.  Steve Corino accepts the responsibility that he was the one that molded Kevin Steen into what he’s become now ever since Final Battle 2009 and even feels that he himself has created a monster in Steen.  In fighting Steen in a match where there will be a winner whether by pinball, submission or KO, Corino is fighting Steen on a level playing field.  To fight somebody with the mentality, viciousness, and ferocity of Kevin Steen, Corino realizes that he will have to go to some very dark places to stop Steen.  In doing so, Corino has even proclaimed that at Final Battle for one night, Corino will be that evil person again and has said that at Final Battle, “Hell Has No Honor.”  I think it’s safe to say that for Steve Corino heading into this match, he realizes that for what he must do to Kevin Steen to overcome him, there be may be no redemption for it and no redemption for where he must head to get there.  On his path of redemption, this may be one time where he not only is not asking for redemption, but also doesn’t want it for this.

Then you have Kevin Steen, this is a guy who is not afraid of not holding back no matter who he’s fighting.  The guy is hungry and out for blood and he wants his spot back in ROH. He needs his spot back and he doesn’t care if he has to tear through Corino, Jacobs or even Cornette himself to do it.  And all the while as Corino has been fighting to wipe the slate clean and break free from the evil he used to be, Steen is one with his own evil and refuses to part with it.  In an interview I had done with Kevin Steen, he has said that when he’s back in Ring Of Honor, he’s taking EVERYBODY out.  In Steen’s eyes, it doesn’t matter if it’s Corino, Jacobs, Generico or even Davey Richards because Steen is out for blood and in his eyes, everybody is a target.

In Corino’s eyes, he’s aware of what’s at stake in the event that he fails to stop Steen.  If Steen wins and is reinstated, there will be absolutely nothing stopping him.  It would be the bull in a china shop effect and Corino knows this.  That is why Corino feels he is in a position where he doesn’t know how to fail and refuses to learn it because he knows that he must hold nothing back in order to win this match.  It’s one of those times where it’s the unstoppable force meets the immovable object and in this case, it’s Steen’s bloodlust vs Corino’s redemption.  Corino believes that he started all of this back in 09, and that this Friday at Final Battle will be where he makes things right and finishes it.  Both will have to go to very dark places to beat the other, but Steen is already in that dark place and likes it there.  Anybody that’s looking at this and calling it a match needs to forego that thought right now because what this will truly be is a fight and when the smoke clears, only one is gonna be left standing in a battle that will determine the greater of two evils.


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