Interview with PWO’s own “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice

THE SHARK: This is “The Shark of Wrestling” Sean Williams here. I’m talking to the man who recently made his return to PWO. He is young, metal and ready to attack. I’m talking of course about “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice. Matt, thank you so much for your time. It’s been a while since people have seen you in a PWO ring, how does it feel to be back?

MATT JUSTICE: First off thank you for having me man. It feels great to be back in PWO. I’ve been with PWO since their beginnings in 2007 and it’s amazing to see how far they, well we’ve come, especially with all the doubters out there.

THE SHARK: You seemed to waste no time picking up where you left off in your return with going after Krimson and the Dead Wrestling Society. Would you say that one reason for your return would be unfinished business with Krimson?

MATT JUSTICE: Well naturally it fits the PWO puzzle for me to come after Krimson. We definitely had unfinished business stemming from our encounters earlier in the year so I’d say that my sights our set on Krimson and the Dead Wrestling Society not only for revenge but to prove a point to everyone in PWO and the wrestling community for that matter.

THE SHARK: For those who have yet to see you in action or are just coming to know Matthew Justice, how did you get your start and how’d you come up with the name of “The One Man Militia?”

MATT JUSTICE: I’ve been in this business for going on 6 years now! Started training in 2006 during the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. I had always enjoyed pro wrestling as a kid growing up & having watched it throughout my childhood it was something I always wanted to do. When I found out about a training school in Cleveland run buy a local vet named JT lightning (R.I.P.) it was maybe 25 miles from where I lived so I started going up there a few days a week learning the craft. The name Matt justice was a simple choice for me, basically my real name is Matt, I love Metallica and my favorite album from them is …And Justice For All. Ala Matthew justice. As far as the one man militia moniker goes its fairly new, started using it in PWO right before I got signed. How it came about was I had a friend who was my lifting partner & one day I was sitting there at the gym and he said something along the lines of “you’re like a one man militia”… we were talking about mosh pits at concerts which I highly enjoy… I’m a maniac.

THE SHARK: You left PWO a while back when you signed a developmental deal with the WWE. How would you compare that environment to wrestling on the independent circuit and PWO?

MATT JUSTICE: The indies and WWE are so similar yet so different. It’s weird. In all reality WWE and especially FCW are just like big well structured Independent promotions. FCW and PWO are very similar especially their respective tv tapings. They’re both on regional sports networks and tape 3 weeks worth of tv at one taping. FCW obviously has the backing of a multi billion dollar corporation behind them so in essence their resources are unlimited. Before I got signed I had wrestled 3 matches for wwe at live events: once on smackdown and once on superstars and a dark match at raw. That’s a completely different ballgame.

THE SHARK: Every wrestler has a dream match with somebody past or present that they’d love to have a match against. Who would you say is a dream opponent for Matt Justice?

MATT JUSTICE: That’s easy. Rob Van Dam. He’s my idol and the reason I became a wrestler! (Well anything ECW!)

THE SHARK: Pro Wrestling as a whole has seen the landscape change over the years whether it be the demand of the fans, new moves, the need for creativity increased, how has the landscape changed for wrestling from your perspective?

MATT JUSTICE: Wrestling is always evolving, progressing and sometimes it seems regressing. I think the wwe product has become as some would say “sterile” it’s not what my generation grew up watching & It’s not the same product that made me want to do this. It’s lost its edge IMO. As for the independents. The blue collar of the biz. It’s hit and miss. There’s tons of great promotions out there, there’s tons more shitty ones. I think this is definitely the best times we’ve seen as far as opportunity in a long time. With wwe rolling out their network soon, TNA finding their niche and producing some great tv as of late and ROH taking off and becoming what ECW was to the 90’s, to the now. Btw IPPV is the future. Hmmm? That’s a good question, it’s in it’s infimancy.

THE SHARK: Getting back on the subject of your PWO return, is there gold, specifically the PWO World or TV titles, in your line of sight and if so, is it the world title or considering your past with Krimson and the DWS, would you say that there is more of a personal matter with the TV title being held by Jason Gory?

MATT JUSTICE: Holding gold in PWO has always been one of my goals. I haven’t had the opportunity to capitalize on that just yet but hopefully in the very near future I do. I’ve always had my eye on the TV title. I think I could be what RVD was to the ECW TV title to PWO’s title. At one point the ECW TV title meant just as much if not more than their heavyweight title. That’s my goal. To represent the brand of PWO so I wouldn’t mind taking that title from Jason Gory and the Dead Wrestling Society.

THE SHARK: Now that you’re back in PWO, who are some guys you’re looking forward to working a match with if you could name a few?

MATT JUSTICE: For personal reasons Krimson and his cronies… Other than that I’ve always enjoyed wrestling bobby Beverly and Nickie Valentino, they’re great competitors. Mdogg 20 Matt Cross because he was always one of my Indy idols growing up and if the PWO powers that be ever grow a pair and let me step into the ring with Johnny gargano I’d love the opportunity and challenge that’d present.

THE SHARK: Most characters in wrestling, face or heel, have been called too “cookie cutter” especially in the bigger companies outside of the Indies. In this day and age with pro wrestling, what do you feel is the secret to pulling off the face and heel dynamic just right?

MATT JUSTICE: I don’t even know of I know the answer to this question. It’s not really playing a character anymore. The 80’s are long gone. I think everyone is just an extension of themselves. I know that Matthew Justice is just me turned up to 11.

THE SHARK: Finally for my last question, Coming off of Brawl in the Hall. Now that you’re back, what can we expect to see from you?

MATT JUSTICE: Since Brawl in the Hall has come and gone I believe PWO’s next live event will be February 26th in my hometown of Streetsboro, Ohio. Don’t quote me on that lol. You better believe I’ll be there but who knows what I’ll have up my sleeve for that event. I’m sure it’ll have something to do with my boot up Krimson’s ass though.

Be sure to follow Matthew Justice on twitter: @thrashjustice and on Facebook: Big thank you to “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice for his time and a great interview


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