Michael Cole: Ratings Killer

According to F4WOnline.com, WWE Officials had a meeting to discuss the plummeting ratings of Raw.  One of the reasons that they seemed to link to the falling ratings is Michael Cole’s commentary.  They deduced that the fans only care about the guys in the ring and that his continuous burial of everybody who is not named The Miz is turning the fans away.  All I can say about this is WELL DUH!!!!!!!!  The only shocker in this is that it took the higher-ups in the WWE this long to figure it out.  I mean it only took them about a year or two to figure it out.   Have they tried to watch their programming with Monkey Cole doing commentary? The only way to watch Raw or Smackdown as of late has been with the volume all the day down and people are fed up with that because they shouldn’t have to do that.

Cole was a lackluster announcer even when he did his job and called the matches, but at least then I was able to tolerate him.  Now, it’s just too damn painful to the point that I haven’t watched Raw in over two months. The constant burial on commentary of guys like Daniel Bryan, ass-kissing of the Miz or Alberto Del Rio, poking fun at Jim Ross, arguing with other announcers, and going on and on about how he’s some “award winning journalist” like it means something when the truth is we’re all thinking “award winning? You mean they have an award for most annoying and obnoxious?”  The thoughts amongst the fans that somehow find a way to endure and watch Raw are all thinking the same thing about this guy:  “Sit down and call the match. Do your damn job or just sit down and shut your fat freaking pinhole.”  If WWE is all about entertainment, then somebody please tell me what is entertaining about this guy?  He is so inconsistent with his character that it’s too pathetic to even be called laughable. He goes from saying happy holidays in the intro to “oh I hate new years. I hate christmas.” It’s more all over the place than NXT Redemption with the one thing in common that neither his character or that crap show seem to have any signs of an end in sight.

This whole character change started with NXT and one question that had never been answered was why this even needed to happen. Why did Cole have to become this stupid character and what the hell did he ever do to deserve a push?  And don’t tell me that it’s because he’s friends with John Cena. Jim Ross is friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin and they treat him like crap with all their stupid angles and attempts to humiliate the guy.  With most announcers, especially the ones that nobody likes, the normal fan looks at it and thinks “well at least we put up with the guy on one show” but unfortunately, we no longer have that option. Why? Because that shrieking shaved ape is on every single show and every single PPV and no, NXT and Superstars doesn’t count.  And then there’s the times where they actually put that waste of air in a wrestling ring.  His ring attire made him look like something Rick Steiner from the 80’s puked up.  His match at Mania with Lawler went on for a half hour and was considered the worst match of that Wrestlemania.  Let’s face facts, that match made Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar look like Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 3.  Then they had to stretch it on for 2 more PPVs to have Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole to make us all suffer through this 2 months longer and even when Over the Limit took place and that should’ve been the end of it, he still kept it up with his awful character and arguing with announcers and kissing so much ass all around that it’s amazing he could keep track.  They had a chance to finally give the fans a break and take him off of the announcer’s table when Triple H took over, but no they couldn’t give the fans that.

So are the officials on the money with Cole being the problem or at least part of the problem with why the ratings are in the crapper? Of course they are, but the big question is what are they going to do to fix it? Vinny Mac’s senile ass is so delusional that he thinks Cole and Booker T are actually good things for the announce table.  Yeah, that’s why the ratings are bombing because god forbid Vince McMahon would be wrong about something.  Oh wait, he is because if he was right about this, the ratings wouldn’t have fallen under 3.0 for the last month or so.  People don’t need a heel commentator at the announcer’s table.  They just want the two guys to put over the talent and call the action that is going on and not to have the guys at the table like Cole trying so hard to pull the spotlight on himself as if to say “please hate me, I need the attention.” And I know a lot of people are going on, thinking that “oh come on, he’s the best since Bobby Heenan.”  No because that was a different time and this is not the 1980’s and at least when guys like Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Paul Heyman/Paul E. Dangerously, Cyrus or Joel Gertner were doing that type of character, they still were doing their job putting the talent over. The only one that Monkey Cole is putting over himself and pissing on the rest of the talent that is actually doing their job unlike him.  Wise up WWE because this bowel movement of journalism is killing  your ratings.



  1. I personally like Booker T as an announcer he said CM Punk knocked the bricks off Cena when he hit him with the GTS gotta love that.

  2. 1. why did Cena help Mark Henry lose to Ryder? 2. Why does it seem like WWE cant figure out what to do with Cena when he’s not champ? 3. Why does raw still come on with Cena saying the champ is here?, if I was Cm Punk I’d be offended.

    • Those can fall in the same category as why wwe doesn’t have a clue how to end this season of NXT. And you are right about Booker because he has gotten better and it’s imposssible to be worse than Cole. But in the beginning he was tough to listen to

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